Guest Manifesto: Tax Time

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Guest Manifesto: Tax Time

Yo…get it…yo

Yo, we fortified live, supportin’ allies

The wack is tryin’ to shorten our lives, it sorta waters my eyes

But here is some’n the cryin’ talk about

The verse on that cassette you and cousin fought about

G’s stick together and help each other out by sharing tax advice and tips, and in this Guest Manifesto that’s just what we’re going to do…

As we know, the G can be found in all corners of the globe; late breakfast at Le Cinq in Paris then flight to Hong Kong for dinner at The Felix in the Peninsula before flying out to Macau for a poker tournament; mobile like Bentley drivers, Louis Vuitton buyers, Jet fuel abusers, sippin’ on Pétrus.

What does this have to do with taxes?

Listen up, the first thing you need to know is that you can shake off The Man in your previous country as soon as you officially become non-resident there for tax purposes. In most cases, this means you expatriate for at least 183 days in a given tax year (and really, which G doesn’t enjoy posting up at 183 days in sunny tropical paradises?).

The next thing you need to know is that every nation has different tax rules relating to everything from the income you generate to the amount of that income you remit to a given country, from capital gains on assets, to the bottle of Goose at the bar or the Spa at the Ritz.

This means that you have to Be Informed of your likely taxation burden in your new nation before you commit to it ideally – and certainly get Structures and Solutions in place as soon as possible to ensure you are living, as tax efficiently as possible; keeping it hot like matches and on lock like latches.

Structures: Tropical islands where cost of living is low, but standard of living is high. Found in many 3rd world countries along the equator, places that have never seen a snowflake & girls are tan wearing bikinis year round.

Solutions: Luxury villas owned & operated by your friends/associates who want you to ‘house sit’ or ‘lock down the crib’ while they’re away — perhaps for years at a time. Fly restaurants & the hottest clubs, just so owned by your friend/associates & offer you the menu persona grata where the owners refuse your money.

Add structures & solutions together, and your actual cost for living becomes virtually nil, yet your quality of life is elevated, high like Pete Rock.

Pete Rock – His favorite tracks, the hip hop “high”, samples

As we know from The G Manifesto, G’s deal only in Ca$h, thick bankrolls & pockets bulging like the Himalayas. Dealing in Cash only, you stay off the radar on the one hand & attract model girls on the other; a win-win situation. Don’t think that The Man isn’t watching, he is, you have been warned.

Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.

Many people feel that they are working harder than ever, and paying more taxes than ever, with no real benefit in return. As an Expatriate G you really do have an advantage over Regular Guy ‘back home’ and you need to begin exploring your Manifesto Destiny as soon as possible.

Taxation in America: John Hancock was probably the leading tax evader in Boston, and props have to be given for his oversize signature on the Declaration of Independence — a defiant “buck the system” reminder to the British authorities that America was founded by tax rebels (whose rebellion eventually gave birth to the United States of America.)

Speak to a tax planning company that can take into account your tax history & current financial status, from your countries of residence to your assets protection requirements in order to insure that you make the most of your wealth, your assets are not at risk, that your financial & lifestyle position is secure. Make tax time a leisurely affair, involving Goose Mojito’s (more on that in another Guest Manifesto) and enjoying a tropical sea breeze, seaside & bird watching (and I don’t mean ornithology) i.

This is about getting the best “return on your money” and a higher standard of living for less — the essence of the G Manifesto.

As the People’s Champ says: The rest is up to you…

The Poster Boy

Yo the time is wastin, I use the mind elevation
Dime sack lacin, court pen pacin
Individual, lyrical math abrasion
Psychic evaluation, the foulest nation
We livin in, dangerous lives, mad leak and battered wives
A lifestyle where bad streets is patternized

Chours: I made it like that, I bought it like that, I’m livin like that

Nas – Take it in Blood

Some said HOV, how you get so fly?
I said from not being afraid to fall out the sky
My physical’s a shell
So when I say farewell
My soul will find a even
Higher plane to dwell
So fly you shall
So have no fear, just know that
Life is but a beach chair (chair, chair, chair)

Jay-Z – Beach Chair (Featuring Chris Martin)

i Refer to Bond 007 in Die Another Day

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7 Comments on "Guest Manifesto: Tax Time"

  1. The G Manifesto
    08/05/2008 at 5:10 am Permalink

    Ah…The Felix in Hong Kong. Great memories in that place. Thanks for reminding me as I am stuck here in Malibu.

    The Prawn Cracker-crusted Sea Bass on a Scallion and Shrimp Pillow with a Champagne Beurre Blanc and a Asian Model Girl…Now that is what the g manifesto is all about!

  2. The G Manifesto
    EL MIZ
    08/05/2008 at 5:33 am Permalink

    tafari telling people how it is. you should’ve sent this to wesley s. a few years ago.

  3. The G Manifesto
    08/05/2008 at 8:13 am Permalink

    Phillippe Starck did it right at the Felix. And with Chef Andres (“The Boy Wonder”) mixing it up (lest us not forget G Manifesto Rule on Bases of operation — lock-down the joints with internationally renowned chefs you know — no reservations required for Tafari).

    Foie Gras & bottle of Château Pétrus to get started, followed by the Tasmanian Salmon & parsnip gratin — fly Hong Kong Model Girl with featherweight Versace dress to hang with you for a few hours before your next flight out — and you have the beginning ingrediants for a Magical Night Out.

  4. The G Manifesto
    08/05/2008 at 3:08 pm Permalink


    you really scored a touchdown with this one. This was very timely also as I am thinking of relocating out of the US. I am thinking Mauritius; island paradise. Have you been?


  5. The G Manifesto
    T- Bone
    08/05/2008 at 3:31 pm Permalink

    I like the Wordsworth lyrics. Wordsworth was Lupe Fiasco before Lupe Fiasco, out “Lupe Fiascoed” him.

  6. The G Manifesto
    26/05/2008 at 3:34 pm Permalink

    @el miz
    Actually, Wesley wrote his own Tax Manifesto back in 2005. You can get his full cut from The New York Times here:
    and highlights & discussion here:

    It’s a slightly different take on the situation though; essentially it boils down to this:
    Snipes = Buck the system
    Tafari = Beat the system

  7. The G Manifesto
    26/05/2008 at 3:36 pm Permalink

    They don’t call me the QB for nothing.
    I’ve never been to Mauritius, but it does look dope. There certainly are a bunch of fly islands to pull this move, lemme know how it goes.

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