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Guest Manifesto: Never Regular

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Guest Manifesto: Never Regular

“The more you conform, the less likely you are to be truly interesting.” – MPM

Most people focus on role models, but it’s far more effective to do just the opposite. Find anti-models—people you don’t want to resemble. Now, who’s the ideal anti-model? The average guy. Think about it:

They go home to live in a box; they study by ticking boxes; they go to what is called “work” in a cubicle box: they drive to the grocery store to buy food in a box; they go to the gym in a box; they talk about thinking “outside the box”, and when they die they are put in a box.

The collective status quo (school, jobs, a.k.a. the system) wants to box you in. They want you to blend in with the crowd. They want to strip you of your strength, masculinity, and individuality. It’s gotten so bad in recent years that “fitting into the mold” now means physical, mental, and emotional castration. Do everything you can to avoid this. Don’t cave in to the mediocre and the uninspired.

Instead, make a commitment to excellence. Make yourself a standout and command attention. This has its obvious benefits. First and foremost, it signals that you are a person of exceptional ability and high quality. Second, it shows you to be a tastemaker of resolute individuality. Third, it increases your social standing. People want to be near other people who give off positive vibes; a buzzing, effervescent state of mind can work wonders.

“You have approach girls with snap, swagger and energy. You need to have a purpose and pitch something that is exciting, fresh and unique.” – MPM (The Six Elements of Picking Up Girls)

When you make a commitment to excellence, though, you’ll inevitably run into some resistance. But when you’re facing your “competition”, remember this: What fools call a waste of time is most often the best investment. Most “regular” guys don’t have a clue about things like custom suits, swooping model girls, intercontinental travel, speaking multiple languages, gourmet foods, big bankrolls, boutique hotels, swigging Barolo, and smoking Davidoffs—it’s all a little bit beyond their comprehension because it’s fine living in another dimension. Sure, these things aren’t “regular”, but who cares? A preoccupation with fitting in is the main obstacle to a noble, elegant, and heroic life.

“The finest moments in my life have consisted of a Custom Italian suit, a full-bodied red, a key to a penthouse suite in my pocket, a thick bankroll, a booth in a Michelin starred restaurant, a beautiful girl looking at me, hypnotized, and a lit cigarette dangling from my mouth. Moments like these are what Life is all about (and of course what happens succeeding). The rest is just bullshit.” – MPM (Smoking and Liberty for All: Pro-Smoking Quotes)

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Fabolous – You Be Killin Em

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I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

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Guest Manifesto: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

There’s a famous latin phrase, Caeser pontem fecit, that translates into “Caesar built a bridge”. Of course, Julius Caesar himself did not build a single bridge. But he did have the vision to do so. This is important because his visionary building ultimately led the Romans to unquestioned military supremacy. We’re talking complete and utter dominance across Europe (not unlike your humble author). Unsurprisingly, Caesar was a leader with superior mental aptitude and unparalleled strategic skills. And in the end that’s what counts most, because it is all a mind game. Inner game and getting your mind right are key.

The alpha animal uses his mind to win the game, not just brute force or physical superiority. The lion in the savannah never has a chance if not for his ability to outsmart the prey by getting close. Otherwise, his superior strength is of little use. Same goes for Game. Humans are obviously the best example of mind over physical superiority. The alpha animal in the human world is rarely the strongest, but is almost always the wisest or most cunning.

“Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up what looks like cunning”– Baltasar Gracián (Brazilian Girls, Los Angeles and Custom Suits)

What is cunning? Cunning is taking vampire naps and re-upping while everyone else is paying up–and then coming in for the kill. Cunning is skipping the treadmills of the “corporate” gym (which is just a place of isolation, anyway) and Entering the Dragon round for round. I mean, “When I look at people on treadmills I wonder how alpha lions, the strongest, expend the least amount of energy, sleeping twenty hours a day; others hunt for them.”

Which brings up an important point: trying too hard. Most guys are much too unnatural and over studied. You have to let it flow. Be natural. Unscripted. Smooth as silk. Girls pick up on G’s because they feel the higher value a.k.a. being Sharp, Urban, and International.

But don’t get too caught up in the details. The overall the truth about being an alpha male is simple: if you try to be an alpha male, you will never be one.

Luckily, some of us just Grew Up Not Giving a F*ck. It’s not complicated. “When you don’t give a f*ck everything starts happening and girls come to you. When you don’t give a f*ck you close hard. My brothers, do whatever you can to not give a f*ck.” Real G’s aren’t needy. They stand on their own, going for Dolo.

Simply put, the men who get along best with women are those who can get along best without them. It’s a well documented, almost zen like phenomenon; the less you need them the more desirable you become. Now that’s cunning.

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Papoose – Born to Win

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Guest Manifesto: Enter The Dragon pt. II

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Guest Manifesto: Enter The Dragon pt. II

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There is no better training ground than the real world

Mens sana in corpore sano— a healthy mind in a healthy body– was once the watchword for fitness. But look at what has happened to the way we keep fit: we exercise in windowless basements, ingesting both recycled air and asinine music piped in at a steady feed. The gym is a place of isolation. Just look at a packed gym with all the people hiding in their private worlds of iPods and earphones.

“First things first, you need a place to work out. You don’t want to join the corporate gym that has all new equipment, a juice bar and all yuppie clientele. Join the gym that has boxing equipment and is hot, smells terrible with a felon clientele…Always the top or the bottom, none of that middle of the road, suburban crap…a hall mark of The G Manifesto.” – MPM

But there’s a growing school of thought that, in terms of overall fitness, both physical and mental, the outside world is where we should be looking, not so much for inspiration but for things to actually do. Today, we don’t really push or pull things in our lives any more, and the gym somehow evolved to reflect that. It just isn’t fulfilling—there’s no interaction.

And as the aesthetic ideal for men shifts ever further away from the super-groomed metrosexual to a manlier paradigm, ideal body shapes are being reconsidered.

“You don’t need to lift heavy weights anymore, it’s not the Eighties, and you are not trying to sack the quarterback anymore.” -MPM

Clearly, for this different sort of workout, a different sort of motivation is required. Here is where boxing comes in. It is, after all, the most alpha of manly pursuits: going toe-to-toe in an old-fashioned fight. This is why scores of bankers, lawyers and industrialists (not to mention International Playboy’s on the rise) turn to boxing to boost adrenalin and build muscle. At Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, the 650 white-collar boxers make up more than half the clientele. “It’s a very good way to relieve stress and aggravation,” says Bruce Silverglade, Gleason’s president.

“One of the most important aspects of Entering The Dragon. You need to spar. Get your rounds in. They will pay dividends.”-MPM

On Wednesday nights, money manager John Oden leaves his tailored suit and Hermes tie in the locker room at the New York Athletic Club and climbs into the boxing ring in red Everlast gloves and white high-top sneakers. Much like the boxing greats he emulates, he feeds off the energy in the ring. Self-respect is also a factor. Not getting beaten up in front of your friends and colleagues is a much better motivator than wanting to look good; fighting for your pride is about the best goal you can have.

Relating to the Streets and Making a Comeback

While Oden was writing his book, “Life in the Ring: Lessons and Inspirations From the Sport of Boxing,” he was right in the middle of the financial crisis. The Down Economy was taking its toll. In fact, it was during this period that his I-bank’s investors pulled $44 billion from its funds. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell to 676.53, the lowest level since September 1996.

“It was an awful time,” says Oden, sitting in a 36th- floor conference room overlooking Central Park. “Everyone I know suffered.” But many of the 12 boxers he was writing about, including George Foreman, Bernard Hopkins and James J. Braddock, overcame tougher challenges, he says. “I am talking about growing up in ghettos, having no education or role models, going to prison,” Oden says.

Like the business world, boxing requires “manic” preparation and 100 percent concentration. Before his fights, Oden learned about his opponents and worked out 10 times a week. “The ability to dig down and make a comeback in business is just the same as it is in boxing.”

And there’s a desirable side effect: incredible fitness. This is because boxing is massively aerobic, its constant motion and flexion punctuated by quick, controlled movements provinding an intense all-body workout. Plus, you acquire a skill, and you pick up a lot of confidence–not to mention respect.

“Even if people don’t appreciate the sport, they appreciate and understand the discipline and preparation required to do the sport,” Oden says. “Who wouldn’t want someone who has these qualities, who prepares this way for something?”


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Bruce Lee – The Legend of The Dragon

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5 Key Factors To Swooping Latinas

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Guest Manifesto: 5 Key Factors To Swooping Latinas

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Latinas are a different breed of woman. Latin culture is very macho, the women are very feminine, bubbly, and male and female roles in Latin culture are more strictly defined and understood than what you are use to when dealing with 100% American women.

It’s hard to box all Latin women into generalizations because there are so many different types of Latin Women. You have the Latin women who grew up in your own country (most likely the U.S.A), who may have a mixed upbringing and with mixed Latino-American culture. You have newly arrived Latinas who grew up in Latin America and are in your back yard to visit. And even within Latin America, you have for example the white Argentine women of Buenos Aires who are notoriously tough to seduce, the more easy going Caribbean women who know how, and love to dance to just about anything, and you have more reserved, Latin women of the Andean regions of Latin America. Despite all these differences, if I had to pick the top five factors that will most likely be factors when trying to swoop Latin women, I’d go with this list:

#1: Leading
Machismo is very much alive in Latin America, although the level of this Machismo ranges throughout countries and regions. In general, Latin men are expected to be the bread winners. Men are expected to take charge and lead the interactions. This applies to mixed groups but also to one on one interaction. If a group of men and women go out in Latin America, the men usually chip in for the drinks. The men pick the location and decide where to go and what to do.

In fact, this is so much ingrained in the culture that if you don’t do this, the women will think you’re weak. When I first started traveling and dating women raised in Latin America I actually had women tell me “You’re the man, you’re supposed to decide what were going to do and where to go.” I didn’t just hear it from one woman; I heard it many times before it went through my thick skull. Latin women like to feel that they are with a man that can protect her, get sh*t done, and knows how to take care of things.

So when you’re trying to swoop those fly Latin mamis, remember, don’t be afraid to make the decisions, don’t supplicate, lead through the whole interaction, if something doesn’t go well take responsibility for it, take a deep breath, grab your balls and be the f*cking man.

#2: Language
There’s nothing better than surprising a Latin with even just a few words in her language. The truth is most Americans are too lazy to learn a new language. And since English is the most popular language on the planet, there’s very little incentive to learn a new one. But if you want to get “in” with the Latin women while you’re swooping them, you need to get down at least a few key phrases.

Learning a few words of phrases will help out with Latin women who know English, but if you’re trying to swoop Latin women in Latin America on their own turf, you’re going to need some fluency in most cases. The good news is that there are only two languages spoken throughout all of Latin America. And the even better news is that those two languages are very similar to each other: Spanish and Portuguese.

If you want to go to Brazil, and swoop some fly Brazileiras learn Portuguese. If you want to swoop Latin women anywhere else in Latin America learn Spanish.

You don’t need to become an expert, just get some conversational fluency and you’re all set.

#3 Dancing
Not all Latin women know how to dance, but it’s one of the biggest aspects of Latin Culture. Latinas almost go hand in hand with music and dance, especially if you’re talking about some of the most popular destinations like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Cuba.

Being an American you get a lot more points if you know just the basics.

Also, Latin dances let you get up close and touching even if you just met. Most Latin dances involve hand clasping and an a light embrace which lets you get right up close, exactly where you want to be for the swoop.

Besides the touching and the points you get for knowing how to dance, taking a girl out to dance in Latin clubs and all over Latin America is a great opener, it’s easy and if you hit any bar or club in Latin America your chances of getting shot down are almost zero. Clubs in the U.S. are a bit different, but it’s still really easy to go up to a fly Latina, extend your hand with a smile and tell her “vamos a bailar.”

#4 Looks:
This last one is very touchy and you won’t hear it much from anyone else but it’s the truth. Latin women are in some ways very superficial and looks is one of those areas that can either make or break you. Latin women are the same when it comes to other women in the fact that they like guys who are in shape, lean, muscular etc. Tall guys will also do better. If you’re lean, in shape, dress sharp, and are tall then you have good chances of swooping lots of Latin women.

But the one factor that you cannot control that influences your chances greatly is RACE. The truth is that decent looking Caucasian men have an advantage over all other races in Latin America. The reason for this is that ever since the colonization of Latin America, the ruling class, wealthy and elite in Latin America have been of white European decent. Even to this day, if you go to the poor parts of any Latin city you’ll see a more black and Mestizo population. If you go to the rich parts of town, you’ll see more people that fit a Caucasian description.

If you’re white, Latinas will generally be more attracted to you because of this. Unfortunately the other side of this coin is that black men and men with Mestizo or indigenous features will experience less of this initial physical attraction from Latinas.

Although white guys have the upper hand with many Latinas there are certain regions, cities, and places in Latin America where this isn’t as much of an issue. If you’re white you can go to pretty much anywhere but if you’re black I’d suggest going to coastal cities which usually have a much more diverse population. Also try sticking to Caribbean countries and Brazil.

#5 Financial Stability:
When it comes to swooping Latinas there’s one last thing I’d list in the top five factors and that would be your financial stability. Latin America is a region of the world that has one of the highest income disparities in the whole world. This means that a very few people hold most of the wealth and everyone else gets by on very little.

Because of this Latin women who grew up in Latin America either directly experienced these economic limitations or have family who has. Even Latin women who live in your back yard probably have family back in Latin America with economic limitations.

Because of this, Latinas value economic stability a lot more than most western women. But this doesn’t mean you have to wine and dine her. All a Latina needs to know is that you can handle your finances. If you’re in the U.S. you might need a bit more to show this, but if you’re in Latin America, just the fact that you had enough to buy your plane ticket to Latin America already shows you have some kind of financial stability.

So don’t get me wrong on this. You only need to show that you can handle your finances and not necessarily wine and dine the Latina you’re swopping.

The Final Swoop:
So to sum it all up. Be a man and lead your Latina through the swoop. Learn some Spanish or Portuguese. Learn some Latin dance moves, in fact get a Latina to teach you! If you’re a decent looking white guy you have an advantage with many Latinas but this isn’t make or break if you can compensate with some game and can handle the other factors. Show your financial stability, but you don’t have to spend a lot to do this, especially if you’re in Latin America.

– Dan DeLa Cruz


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Porn Doesn’t Philosophize

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Guest Manifesto: Porn Doesn’t Philosophize

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I take a step back, and look at the dating & relationships industry. Up until recently, it has been dominated by products for women. And now that the same industry is finally building a market around men, I realize that men are falling for the same BS that women continue to fall for. Not to say that it is complete BS, because a lot of the stuff works. However, most of what is marketed and sold in the dating & relationships industry VERY MINORLY improves your chances with the opposite sex.

We all ask the same question: what do women want? And as a result of this very question, we continue to seek answers in the wrong places by turning to products that are marketed to men in the world of seduction. Why is this the wrong thing to do? Because almost all seduction products are built around a philosophy, and when it comes to philosophy, we tend to forget that it isn’t built around fact. Philosophy is nothing more than an educated guess at best, hence, why a very small percentage of men actually see success when they buy a seduction product. How many of you have used a seduction product, whether free or if you paid a price for it, can actually say that you started sleeping with droves of women afterwards?

If I could take a wild guess, I would say that fewer than 10% of men who consult seduction products for advice actually see any real measurable success with them. And that is the fundamental problem with seduction products: no matter what the guru behind the product promises, it is nothing more than a philosophy that may have worked for him, but probably won’t work for most men.

Since that is the case, what should men be turning to for realistic advice on how to sexually attract women? The mainstream female porn industry. Why so? Because the porn industry can’t afford to philosophize and take guesses as to what is going to attract men and women; the porn industry has to make products based on reality. If their products don’t do their job and directly sexually attract their market, then that company will quickly be out of business. However, if a seduction guru promises a certain result, and you don’t achieve it, then they can just say that you’re doing something wrong or that you need to buy another one of their products. In other words, seduction gurus can afford to take you for a ride, but the porn industry can’t.

Let me give you a few examples. A seduction guru can give a woman ten hairstyles that will sexually attract men. If none of those hairstyles work, then something is wrong with the girl and she needs to buy another product. Now let’s look at the mainstream porn industry. They have to go by what men actually want to have sex with: a very fit girl in a skimpy outfit. They aren’t taking any chances, they aren’t guessing, and they aren’t philosophizing; they’re simply going by what is.

Now let’s look on the other side of the coin. A seduction guru can tell men that this line or that line will sexually attract women. If it doesn’t work, then something is wrong with the guy or he needs to buy another product. The porn industry can’t afford that. They know that they can’t just give the men in their porn (usually softcore porn, soap operas, or romance novels) lines or gimmicks to use on women; they know that the guy just has to have great communication skills (that is usually achieved by constantly talking to people of all backgrounds), which is very different than a line or routine. Again, they aren’t taking any chances, they aren’t guessing, and they aren’t philosophizing; they’re simply going by what is.

Knowing this, if you are a guy that is trying to sexually attract women, where should you be getting the bulk of your advice about sexually attracting women? Not gurus, not seduction products, not seminars, and not talk show hosts. If you really want legit advice on how to sexually attract women, then you need to grab a pen and pad, and go directly to the source: somewhere where they can’t afford to take chances or be wrong: the porn industry; it doesn’t philosophize sexual attraction. It simply goes by what is.

By: The Real Assanova


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Las Vegas in May

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Guest Manifesto: Las Vegas in May

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It’s Middle of May and it is 105 degrees in the shade. I wake up wrapped in 1500 thread count sheets and a 5’10 dancer, a nice southern girl, of course. Went a bit too far last night, but damn, what does it even matter. You know I went out suited up and ran the strip from one end to the other. When I’m stepping out of the club with the hottest girl that was there on the way back to my room at the Bellagio, I see you looking. I’m in Vegas and I feel like Tony right after he gets back to his crib… “I gotta get organized”. Montana, not Soprano, minus the blow (for the most part). The suites at Bellagio, Caesars, and Wynn are so huge you can have a 12 person after party without the slightest bit of problem. The suites are equipped with elite furniture that is usually littered with those fly LA girls that I met last night, other bodies, Rose champagne bottles, some other girls tall ass Cavalli shoes, underwear, room service, and other products of a successful sunrise party. I never throw after-parties in my room though; the last time resulted in ejection from a 5-star in Atlanta at 6 in the morning. That’s how I do things.

Anyways, from my perspective, your body begins to shut down by your fourth day out here. You’ve got to pace yourself. I start every morning by sweating out the toxins, i.e. whatever vices I consumed the night before with a 30-45 minute workout at the hotel gym, and I make no excuses. The gym is always the most luxurious I have ever frequented and full of fly models and foreign girls; I really see no problem. There are attendants that bring me water replenishment, which is another key to defeating whatever hit me about the time I walked out of the Spearmint Rhino after strippers had been sweating me all night. And I wouldn’t pay them any attention, they hate that. If they are going to hustle someone for money they really wish it would be me instead of your lameass group of you and your bro friends. Maybe next time I tell them. They still love me. Las Vegas. This place is so electrifying…so sense-heightening…and so fucking addictive.

I always stock up on cloves/cigars before I get into town and everything else I need is always provided for me. I just hit my girl up at the Mirage and she sends me whatever I need (don’t even think I’ll reveal how I got that connect.) I always grab hotel matches and keep them sparking – everyone either uses these or diamond encrusted Dunhill lighters anytime they need heat. Another thing to remember is there is no concept of time here. I watch the sun come up and watch it go down here but that is about as good as it gets for time perception. There are no clocks anywhere and everyday is mine for the taking. I ride in limos and walk a lot and of course my shoes are comfortable because only cheap shoes hurt your feet. The only thought on my mind after walking back from the club right before sunrise is how good the cigar I had with me was going to be and how good the girl I took’s ass looks as I follow her down Las Vegas Blvd.

You wouldn’t even believe the dayclub pool parties here. You probably can’t get in either. The best dayclubs are at Caesar’s, Mirage, and Venetian. You shouldn’t bother with any of the rest of them unless you like a bunch of frat boys with tribal tattoos and Ed Hardy shirts and Oklahoma prom queens with fake purses that think they are a lot hotter than they really are. The girls at my spots have been in movies, magazines, and have a public image to keep up so when they let go partying they don’t want a bunch of nobody’s around that will gossip to their friends and tabloids like a bunch of Midwestern farm hicks that have never tasted the life. The dudes here pull out baseball size wads of money and finance the decadence. No one knows how these guys got their money but their speaking about docking 200ft boats in the Caribbean and running up 5 figure bar tabs. I personally care less what they did to get the cash. Most important for me, I only wear my blacked out Prada shades because if you can’t see my eyes than you can’t see me. I get my pool workout on by using weights, the hotel furniture, and dancer girls I invite to accompany on my little adventures. The DJs are on point at my pools and the party is like a story line: It has a tense buildup, a climax of euphoric fervor, and an abrupt crime scene ending of Patron shot wreckage all set to a fire-orange and crimson-red sunset backdrop.

If you are like me and have a weakness for the green and red felt tables, You really have to prearrange what you are going to do with your winnings or you will spend it on more gambling. I only take casinos money-they never take mine. This usually results in some brand new clothes, show tickets, VIP events, and an ABUNDANCE of drinking money. I don’t drink at tables. I hustle and politic every minute I gamble and I let the casinos thrive on you dumbass bitches that go there at lose $3Gs in a day and then laugh about it. I will never let anyone have my $3Gs. And I never laugh when I lose money. I instead use gambling time to replenish my body with water and save the drinking for pools and clubs. And even then, I don’t go overboard on the drinking because I converse with fly dancers, models, and moneymakers and game spitting requires a clear head. Contrary to advice from the Big Tymer’s, this isn’t the time to drink till you throw-up. She was smashed out of her mind but that wasn’t my problem. Whether I seal deals or not I have an image and a reputation to uphold and extremely expensive clothes. I’m not letting anyone ruin either.

I dress in the best clothes I own. Please try to hit up Tao in a polo or a t-shirt and expect to get any type of respect. You will see me flying past the line and getting the rope opened for me with a clique of people I brought and you will never get in. Which is good, I don’t really want you in there anyways-your game is obviously weak and everyone can see it. You control your destiny and the perception that you portray. Wear polo shirts, you’ll get treated that way. I’m not tempted by the style of all those LA d-bags that wear tees and lame jeans. I let them have that style all to themselves. I can’t begin to tell you how many times women commended me on how nice I looked. I was suited up all nights in a row (except when I just rocked my shirt I got in the French islands with a French cuff, can’t cover up those cuff links) Amongst a sea of print T’s adorned with sequins and whatever else the other side of the street is wearing, a well tailored suit and my blown open shirt really stands out.

Finally, I always eat good food. I don’t do crappy buffets, I only do the Bellagio buffet which looks like each continent put out the best food it has and sat it out for you to eat. I never eat any fast food or hot dogs or whatever else garbage people go for. I can get that stuff anytime back home, even though I don’t. Eat foods that you’ve never had, experience life. I usually hit up Ceasers’ or Bellagio’s spot at like 5:30am and the food and liquored up coffee drinks are unforgettable. It could have been my wonderful waitress Natasha…Or it could have been the fact that I chopped it up with Depp and almost knocked him for one of his lady friends. Unintentionally I might add. This is the time to be a grown-up and channel your inner Bourdain. People that really do things eat real food.

I supplement all this by only drinking champagne, Goose, and Patron; never beer. Once I let a few USC football players getting ready to go pro (athletes get the hookup in Vegas and I have nothing against them, I knew several pro athletes and a few prospects and they are fine people) go into the nightspots and order beer and clean up the Vegas sluts so that there were only quality drinks and women left for me to swoop. I’m automatically systematic like that. Never say “What happens in Vegas…” or “Vegas Baby!” I guess that works at the lameass Palms Hotel where everybody is wearing beanies and muscle shirts and is coked out of their mind but that don’t even try to pull that type of shit at the places I go. People will look at you weird and some owner or VIP will probably get your ass kicked out for showing ignorance at their parties. And don’t try to fight me. I know the girls that you like wherever we may be are sweating me like a coke bottle on a hot day, but fighting someone in Vegas is never something you want to do. Last fight that happened when I was there, one of the guys got lead poisoning. As in, 2 shells in the back of the head. And that was before he got thrown in the million dollars landscaping by a secret entryway in the back of Caesars. How impressed do you think the girls were with him after that? Watch yourself; you don’t know who you are dealing with.

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Lastly, if you can’t do it big in Vegas, don’t do it. No one cares about your money problems there and you will end up across the street with the rest of the lames that are trying to ball on a budget. So here’s some advice if you don’t want to go all out in Vegas: stay drinking beer at your hometown 2-for-1 Chili’s night with your polo shirted frat brothers and talk about how great that keg stand was at your college party.

I’ll be somewhere a bit more engaging.

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Cam’ron – What Means The World To You

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Sharp, Urban, and International

» 22 February 2010 » In Guest Manifesto, Guide, Style, Travel » 10 Comments

Guest Manifesto: Sharp, Urban, and International

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Trends for 2010: The next decade will be won with custom suits, urban adaptability and international mobility.

“You might not always be the smartest, richest, or best looking person in a room—but you can be the Sharpest Dressed. Work on the things you can control. Believe me, if you know my Tailor you can be the best dressed in any room you step into.” – MPM

The custom suit can play many different roles and, chameleon-like, can mean different things in different situations. Retro or futuristic, subtle or outrageous, the suit is the ultimate in adaptability. Movie stars and rock stars, heroes and villains, philanthropists and gangsters – all these men and many, many more have dressed to impress.

Going suited down is the best way to avoid blending in with the “casual crowd”. Wearing a hand-rolled Borrelli tie or a flashy, flagrant and far from low-key pocket square by Etro will always separate you from the status quo. They say you never judge a book by its cover, but you do take someone more seriously when they are suitably attired. “If you are wearing a suit and tie, doors open for you. If you show up casual, you aren’t going to get into certain places.”

This trend is ripe for 2010. Adam King, co-owner of the bespoke suit company King & Allen in London, says he has seen a twenty per cent increase in first-time customers: “People who wouldn’t previously have worn a bespoke suit, or even a suit at all, are coming to us because they want to sharpen their image.” Custom shirts by Charvet and Tmoro Benson Leather shoes by Tod’s never hurt anyone, either.

Urban Environments

Economic growth depends on productivity, and the most productive people are often the most mobile. Every country, region and city is engaged in a global battle for talent. The most creative people can live more or less where they want. They therefore tend to pick places that offer not only material comfort but an upbeat atmosphere as well. This makes life more fun. It also fosters progress. When clever people cluster, they can bounce ideas off each other. This is why rents are so high in Manhattan (it is also why there has been a population surge in Singapore). Robert Lucas, a Nobel economics laureate, argues that the clustering of talent is the primary driver of economic growth By almost any measure, the larger a city’s population, the greater the innovation and wealth creation per person. This is unlike small town America, where low-density sprawl and unsophisticated employees suffocate the postindustrial economy. Place still matters in the modern day—and the competitive advantage of the world’s most successful cities is growing, not shrinking. This is a trend that’s on the rise.

A crucial contributory factor to the development of global cities is the arrival of new talent to replenish their energy (never underestimate the need to replenish: Always Drink Fresh Blood). In short, cities’ diverse economic and social structures are the true engines of growth.

The jostling of many different professions and different types of people, all in a dense environment, is an essential spur to innovation—to the creation of things that are truly new. And innovation, in the long run, is what keeps cities vital and relevant. Remember, if you don’t adapt you become extinct.

Internationalism at its finest

“You want to be “Worldly”. Know about current events. Get “inside information” Everyone, and I mean everyone, finds Travel and Foreign lands interesting. At least anyone you want to get to know.” – MPM

While there are no hard numbers, more Americans seem to be trying to qualify for additional passports. They want to make sure they have two passports based on nationality because there are numerous benefits. Among those is the ability to work without restriction in various countries, particularly with passports from countries in the E.U. Dual nationals are doing better than ever, especially now that the E.U. has grown in size and scope. Multiple passports are also a way of hiding where one has been, which has obvious advantages.

Anyone considering dual passports should think first of the tax consequences, though–you can get certain exemptions because you’re a U.S. citizen. However, given the high tax rates in the U.S., a full-blown conversion to another nationality wouldn’t be such a bad idea. International mobility goes hand in hand with capitalizing on urban environments, making travel a priority.

This leads to the Five Flags Theory (think of it as the original “4-Hour Workweek“). Perpetual travelers are those who live in such a way that they are not considered a legal resident of any of the countries in which they spend time. By lacking a legal permanent residence status, they seek to avoid the legal obligations that accompany residency, such as taxes on income. Macao is an innovative move, and Buenos Aires is an opportunity waiting to unfold.

Le Parvenue

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Papoose – You Made Your Choice


Spinners – I’ll Be Around

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For the People Pt. II

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Guest Manifesto: For the People Pt. II

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Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7″ Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)


Hope all is well. I dropped a guest manifesto in Q3 2009, but would cherish the opportunity to provide your readership with some additional insight into my lifestyle. For example, the itinerary below represents a typical night in the life of a certified, card-carrying G, and for that matter, a typical night for me.

8pm: Break bread at Don Peppe in Ozone Park. Table for one. Sleeves rolled up. Wearing my napkin like a bib. The linguini manichiatta can shut down Rao’s. Lead walls make the cell reception tough. Fed bugs in the walls make my cell phone unnecessary.

9:30pm: Push the Vantage into Manhattan. I’m driving 40 in the fast lane. They can wait. Bumping Built Only 4 Cuban Linx. I’m in no rush.

10:30pm: Throw down chips at Cips downtown. Upstairs getting dap from select clientele (sheiks, shoguns, heads of state, high-ranking NATO officials, others). Don’t think I’ve ever even been downstairs.

10:35pm: Pour out a little Screaming Eagle for my lost soldiers. We miss you, Giuseppe. Come home soon.

12am: Catch mad texts from club-going elite. Avenue is apparently the spot tonight. But Real G’s don’t do champagne sparklers. Flickering lights make me think of squad cars.

12:20pm: Ultra-luxury subterranean poker room/gentleman’s club/cigar lounge located at [UNDISCLOSED] with Russian oligarchs and other high net worth bauces. Negotiating/bartering with Chris and Nick Candy for their spot in the Monaco. I want to close before Grand Prix.

12:45am: Play some poker. Catch the homie Oleg (Deripaska) on the river. I have some shorting to do on Monday.

1:30am: Dip to a lower east side (authentic) hipster nightspot and efficiently scoop a fly Asian bartender that I have been casually twisting for a few days.

2:30am: Black car into Brooklyn. Catch dome on the way. Driver doesn’t mind. Park and wait outside the park at PS 117 at Franklin and Willoughby. Have the driver fetch a quarter water, while a Sotheby’s night watchman delivers blueprints and briefs me on various security measures.

4:30am: Black car back to my Tribeca trap. T-bone steak, cheese, eggs, and Welcher’s grape. Actually, more like something from Eric Ripert. Or that pistachio and rosemary shrimp from Shun Li. And no Slugger, you’re not gonna find that one on the menu.

5am: Burn Swisher Sweets with the oriental in the rooftop jacuzzi. She looks like Chun Li from Street Fighter.

6am: I be digging her out

6:15am: I be kickin her out

7am: Count both blessings and ten crack commandments before laying head on trillion count Egyptian cotton. Burner under the pillow. Sleep with one eye open.

Rinse and Repeat.

King Jaffe

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Raekwon – Criminology

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Lessons from a Legend: Jim Rogers

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Lessons from a Legend: Jim Rogers

December 09, 2009
By: Matthew Bradbard

A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing

Last night I took a trip down to Miami to visit with Jim Rogers at a book signing for his most recent book entitled: “A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing.” After speaking briefly about his 3 year tour around the globe he spoke a little about the aforementioned book and took questions from the audience.

These are the general themes I took away in no particular order:

Jim said numerous times he is a terrible market timer, he went as far to say he’s not the worst in the room but the worst in the world…very humble.

While Jim’s primary residence is in Singapore he also has a dwelling here in Florida, what I found interesting is that he rents and does not own his home here in Florida. The fact that he sold a lavish residence in New York before the real estate crash and rents here in Florida may be that his timing is better in real estate.

Though he waited later than most, he stated one of his proudest accomplishments was having children. For one of the most successful investors in our time that speaks volumes about the father he most likely is.

Not only did he move his family to Singapore but his two daughters will be fluent in Mandarin and Spanish.

He did not go into specifics about his bank accounts but his two daughters have Swiss bank accounts, not accounts denominated in US dollars. What does that say about his feeling on the US dollar?

He has no short exposure in US Treasuries, currently he thinks the multi-decade long bull market in this complex is over and he believed he would be taking a hefty short position at some time in the future.

Jim Rogers: Audit the Fed, Then Abolish It

One of the questions from the audience pertained to getting an MBA. Jim’s response in so many words was that it would be a complete waste of money and time. He suggested traveling around the world would be a more valuable experience. He went as far to say that sitting in a hot tub in Boston one could learn more than going to some of the prestigious universities there.

Jim had little good to say about the current choices Central banks are making and implied serious inflation is all but inevitable. He expects rates to be much higher but gave little time frame. He said jokingly we may run out of trees if the printing presses continue to run at their current pace.

The only real estate advice I recall him saying is buying a farm in the Mid-west to take advantage of the boom he expects in Commodity prices.

Bull cycles in commodities in the past have lasted between 18 and 20 years. In his view we have another decade or so in the current cycle.

As a commodity trader, what I found most interesting was that in his jacket pocket he had a gold and silver coin and a sugar packet. This was probably to prove a point but it really hit home with me and other audience members.

Globe “Overdue For a Currency Crisis”; Why Jim Rogers Is Buying Dollars

Perhaps one of the most staggering things to me was how little of the general population was in that room, the US and around the globe that are investing in commodities. It will change and I believe those that exercise discipline in the next 5-10 years stand to deeply benefit.
Find attached some historical pricing on several commodities to put things in perspective on how low and how high prices have been in the past and where we sit today. These figures are not adjusted for inflation. Being Rogers is a terrible market timer he suggested looking at buying when prices are depressed and selling when prices are elevated.

You draw your own conclusions.

A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing

MB Wealth Blog

Risk Disclosure: The risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options can be substantial. Past performance is no guarantee of future trading results.

What Recovery? America’s Problems “Getting Worse, Not Better,” Jim Rogers Says

*Note: Video’s are my edit. – MPM

Jesse Livermore: World’s Greatest Stock Trader (reading currently)

Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Day Trader

Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit From the Economic Collapse

Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders

And my personal favorite (life changing in more than just investing):

The Zurich Axioms

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Guest Manifesto: Generation G, The Lost Generation

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Guest Manifesto: Generation G, The Lost Generation

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By: Alpha Dominance

September 2008, the credit markets freeze up and the world economy enters a tailspin. Here in the states we are stricken with the sharpest economic decline since the great depression. Job creation dries up as companies simultaneously engage in vigorous cost cutting (read headcount reduction). A year later the Fed speaks of green shoots and a jobless recovery (is this an oxymoron or what?). Our present official unemployment rate hovers around 10% but this figure excludes those who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits, those who have given up the job search, and those who never broke into the job market in the first place. Enter Generation G, the Lost Generation. This article shows how youth are disproportionately suffering the effects of the decline in the job market and highlights the lasting effects this can have on their professional lives.

By Peter Coy

Bright, eager—and unwanted. While unemployment is ravaging just about every part of the global workforce, the most enduring harm is being done to young people who can’t grab onto the first rung of the career ladder.

Affected are a range of young people, from high school dropouts, to college grads, to newly minted lawyers and MBAs across the developed world from Britain to Japan. One indication: In the U.S., the unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds has climbed to more than 18%, from 13% a year ago.

For people just starting their careers, the damage may be deep and long-lasting, potentially creating a kind of “lost generation.” Studies suggest that an extended period of youthful joblessness can significantly depress lifetime income as people get stuck in jobs that are beneath their capabilities, or come to be seen by employers as damaged goods.

Equally important, employers are likely to suffer from the scarring of a generation. The freshness and vitality young people bring to the workplace is missing. Tomorrow’s would-be star employees are on the sidelines, deprived of experience and losing motivation. In Japan, which has been down this road since the early 1990s, workers who started their careers a decade or more ago and are now in their 30s account for 6 in 10 reported cases of depression, stress, and work-related mental disabilities, according to the Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development.

Only 46% of people aged 16-24 had jobs in September, the lowest since the government began counting in 1948. The crisis is even hitting recent college graduates.

Most analyses of youth employment focus on people aged 16 to 24, which includes everyone from high school dropouts to wet-behind-the-ears college grads. But in this era of rising educational requirements, some people don’t start their careers until their mid or late 20s—and these young college grads are taking it on the chin as well.

According to a BusinessWeek analysis, college graduates aged 22 to 27 have fared worse than their older educated peers during the downturn. Two years ago, 84.4% of young grads had jobs, only somewhat lower than the 86.8% figure for college graduates aged 28 to 50. Since then, the employment gap between the two groups has almost doubled.

It seems strange at first blush that young people are the biggest victims of the current economic slump. One could easily imagine that companies in a recession would prefer to hire young people, who are cheap, and slough off older workers, who are expensive. But both employers and older workers are sitting tight, taking as few risks as possible in an uncertain environment. With no openings, employers are refusing even to look at the résumés of those on the outside looking in.

The sense of stasis in many Western countries is reminiscent of Japan, where talk of a lost generation has been around since as long ago as 1995. Some 3.1 million Japanese aged 25 to 34 work as temps or contract employees—up from 2 million 10 years ago, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Many Japanese blame the young people themselves, saying they are spoiled, alienated “freeters”—a term meaning job-hopping part-timers. But economist Souichi Ohta of Nagoya University argues that a big part of the problem is Japanese employers, who value long experience at their companies—which newcomers by definition don’t have.

Europe offers different lessons about what to avoid. In Spain, employers generally put older workers on long-term contracts that are hard to break. When demand slumps, they get rid of the younger workers, notes Alfredo Pastor, an economist at Spain’s IESE Business School and former Spanish Secretary of State for the Economy. That’s one reason Spain’s unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds is a sky-high 39%. The rate is 24% in France and 19% in Britain.

Economists in several countries have studied the damage such high unemployment can cause. Kahn of Yale found that graduating from college in a bad economy has a long-lasting negative effect on wages. For each percentage-point rise in the unemployment rate, those who graduated during the recession earned 6% to 7% less in their first year of employment than their more fortunate counterparts. Even 15 years out of school, the recession graduates earned 2.5% less than those who began working in more prosperous times.

As we see here the negative effects of unemployment on youth entering the ostensible job market are both damaging and long-lasting. Their elders may scoff that they have no responsibilities or dependents, they aren’t approaching retirement, they don’t have seniority and should just suck it up. What they are saying in effect, is that they don’t matter, but they fail to realize they are creating a monster: disaffected youth. Youth are impressionable and their experiences at this phase of life can set them upon a path they will follow even when the job market improves. If there’s one thing we should recognize about humanity it’s that empathy is fostered only by reciprocity. Turn your back on this subset of the population and they will return the favor in kind. The fresh faced youth who enters the job market today might get a job and become a productive member of society. Theymight on the other hand experience months or years of rejection and poverty and hunger. Their optimism crushed and their sense of opportunities to come abolished, they will turn to crime to meet their needs. After all, it is well known that incidence of crime, particularly crime with financial motives is related to poverty and unemployment:

From 1979 to 1997, federal statistics show the inflation-adjusted wages of men without a college education fell by 20 percent. Despite declines after 1993, the property and violent crime rates (adjusted for changes in the country’s demographics) increased by 21 percent and 35 percent respectively during that period.

Weinberg said the strongest finding in this new study is a link between falling wages and property crimes such as burglary. However, the study also found a link between wages and some violent crimes – such as assault and robbery – in which money is often a motive.

The weakest relationship occurred with murder and rape – two crimes in which monetary gain is not usually a motive.

“The fact that murder and rape didn’t have much of a connection with wages and unemployment provides good evidence that many criminals are motivated by poor economic conditions to turn to crime,” Weinberg said.

The theory behind why crime increases in the wake of falling wages is simple, he said. “A decline in wages increases the relative payoff of criminal activity. It seems obvious that economic conditions should have an impact on crime, but few studies have systematically studied the issue.”

National crime rates rose from 1979 to 1992, when wages for less skilled men were falling. Crime declined from 1993 to 1997. This decline in crime corresponded to a leveling off and slight increase in the wages of unskilled workers across the nation in that period, Weinberg said.

Even for the gainfully employed the payoff is plummeting and the relative economic benefit of the thug life is increasing. We work harder and are more productive but compensation is flat to negative. These forces too will push more youth over to Generation G. (Click on Image below).

Add to this the widespread assimilation of thug culture, unprecedented access to guns and drugs, and it’s little stretch to see this time as the crucible forging a whole new generation of G’s. Our legion brethren are out there now, getting their knocks and exploring their alternative sources of income. Many of us already are leading double lives, chameleons by day if we are gainfully employed, but donning our G colors when dusk falls and hitting the streets in search of a better life and a little fun in the process. What’s not to love after all? The ladies love a G. Who wouldn’t love the easy money, the finer things in life and the unshakable respect that comes with being a cold-blooded G? It all adds up to a winning proposition compared with hunger and a life on the government dole begging for a shitty job at McDonald’s no?

People have always feared youth. They act differently, they don’t have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and the accepted social order. They are faster, more technologically adept, better educated and stronger. Now they are being actively denied entry into this domain. Now there is good reason to be afraid of turning a generation of youth into a lost generation, Generation G. Be afraid, be very afraid: The G is gonna get you. Our ranks are growing by the day. Watch for Generation G coming soon to a block near you.

Happy Halloween all you Tricks and Treats

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AZ – The Essence Ft Nas

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