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Porn Doesn’t Philosophize

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Guest Manifesto: Porn Doesn’t Philosophize

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I take a step back, and look at the dating & relationships industry. Up until recently, it has been dominated by products for women. And now that the same industry is finally building a market around men, I realize that men are falling for the same BS that women continue to fall for. Not to say that it is complete BS, because a lot of the stuff works. However, most of what is marketed and sold in the dating & relationships industry VERY MINORLY improves your chances with the opposite sex.

We all ask the same question: what do women want? And as a result of this very question, we continue to seek answers in the wrong places by turning to products that are marketed to men in the world of seduction. Why is this the wrong thing to do? Because almost all seduction products are built around a philosophy, and when it comes to philosophy, we tend to forget that it isn’t built around fact. Philosophy is nothing more than an educated guess at best, hence, why a very small percentage of men actually see success when they buy a seduction product. How many of you have used a seduction product, whether free or if you paid a price for it, can actually say that you started sleeping with droves of women afterwards?

If I could take a wild guess, I would say that fewer than 10% of men who consult seduction products for advice actually see any real measurable success with them. And that is the fundamental problem with seduction products: no matter what the guru behind the product promises, it is nothing more than a philosophy that may have worked for him, but probably won’t work for most men.

Since that is the case, what should men be turning to for realistic advice on how to sexually attract women? The mainstream female porn industry. Why so? Because the porn industry can’t afford to philosophize and take guesses as to what is going to attract men and women; the porn industry has to make products based on reality. If their products don’t do their job and directly sexually attract their market, then that company will quickly be out of business. However, if a seduction guru promises a certain result, and you don’t achieve it, then they can just say that you’re doing something wrong or that you need to buy another one of their products. In other words, seduction gurus can afford to take you for a ride, but the porn industry can’t.

Let me give you a few examples. A seduction guru can give a woman ten hairstyles that will sexually attract men. If none of those hairstyles work, then something is wrong with the girl and she needs to buy another product. Now let’s look at the mainstream porn industry. They have to go by what men actually want to have sex with: a very fit girl in a skimpy outfit. They aren’t taking any chances, they aren’t guessing, and they aren’t philosophizing; they’re simply going by what is.

Now let’s look on the other side of the coin. A seduction guru can tell men that this line or that line will sexually attract women. If it doesn’t work, then something is wrong with the guy or he needs to buy another product. The porn industry can’t afford that. They know that they can’t just give the men in their porn (usually softcore porn, soap operas, or romance novels) lines or gimmicks to use on women; they know that the guy just has to have great communication skills (that is usually achieved by constantly talking to people of all backgrounds), which is very different than a line or routine. Again, they aren’t taking any chances, they aren’t guessing, and they aren’t philosophizing; they’re simply going by what is.

Knowing this, if you are a guy that is trying to sexually attract women, where should you be getting the bulk of your advice about sexually attracting women? Not gurus, not seduction products, not seminars, and not talk show hosts. If you really want legit advice on how to sexually attract women, then you need to grab a pen and pad, and go directly to the source: somewhere where they can’t afford to take chances or be wrong: the porn industry; it doesn’t philosophize sexual attraction. It simply goes by what is.

By: The Real Assanova


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