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Montreal: Restaurants Data Sheet

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Montreal: Restaurants Data Sheet

Now before I went to Montreal for the summer, I checked the Internet for any decent Data Sheets on restaurants there. There is some ok info on the Internet, but nothing really comprehensive. So I decided to put together the dopest Data Sheet on Montreal restaurants on the Internet, For The People, of course.

Keep in mind, I would have paid someone 30k for this info before I went, so more than anything, I am happy to put this together for myself before I go next time. Hell, I just saved myself 30k.

L’Atelier d’Argentine – This place is a legit Argentinian restaurant in the Old Port. Great on a Thursday night. Plenty of action, two bars and fly girls.

Juni – Real dope sushi joint. I had this place on lock down. Juni is cool as hell. Good to package with a cocktail at Baldwin or with Lemeac. One of my favorite hoods to go out in. Better for a date or Dolo than for swooping.

Le Filet – Hands down the best restaurant I ate in Montreal. And this is no small feat. Actually, I would say the best restaurant I ate in 2012. I ate here three times in a row when I first ate here. The chef is a Japanese cat, but he runs it like a French kitchen. The seafood and cooked oysters are mindboggling. I even took my parents here. I had the entire place on lock down. I probably could have shanked someone in the middle of the packed restaurant and still gotten away with it; that is how locked down I had it. I also love that you can make reservations at the bar, which is something pretty unique to Montreal.

Tokyo Sushi – Not bad for take out. Not great like Juni, but does the trick in a pinch. People are cool as hell here too. In Old Port.

Le Club Chasse Et Peche – This is the other restaurant owned by the people from Le Filet in Old Port. Real good. Not as good as Le Filet though. And a little more expensive if my memory serves me correct.

Dunn’s – Good late night grinds. Smoked meat will set you straight after a night downtown or waiting for an Exotic Dancer to get off work.

Garde Manger – In Old Port across from Santos. This place gets real high marks, and has some girls, but I don’t really feel it.

Mai Xiang Yuan – Epic dumplings in Chinatown. Cheaper than Qing Hua Ravioli Chinois but not as many options.

Qing Hua Ravioli Chinois – Also epic dumplings in Chinatown. More expensive but more options than Mai Xiang Yuan. The sea urchin (Uni) dumplings are off the cord. So are the pork with coriander.

Olive et Gourmando – Good lunch grind in Old Port. The place is popular though and packed with tourists and locals alike.

Pintxo – Unreal Spanish joint in Montreal. This place is on par with some of the best restaurants I have eaten in Spain, which in and of itself is mindblowing. It is in a little old house type building which is cool, but kind of sucks because the bar is small. Gets real busy so get resos. You can also get resos at the bar. I love this joint. Took my parents here also. Probably my 2nd favorite next to Le Filet. The Cola de langosta a la parilla is insane. So is the Foie gras a la plancha, Terrina de foie gras con su cebolla confitada and Higo relleno de jamón serrano y queso mahon. In fact, I just had a girl text me a picture from the place and we ate there together 6 months ago.

Holder – Real solid French bistro in Old Port. Real functional, good bar, some fly girls. A staple you can count on.

Moishes – Somehow I never made it to this old-school steakhouse. I know I would have loved it though. On The Main.

Toque – This was one of the best restaurants I ate at in 2011. But in four months in Montreal, I never stepped back in. And I lived super close to it too. Don’t ask me why. It remains a mystery to me. And I don’t mean that guy with fuzzy hats and black nail polish, either.

Au Pied du Cochon – Foie gras go off to the brain. Nuff said.

Le Locale – I love this place. I used it as the base of my operations at the beginning of the summer. Great crew that works here. Great food although it’s no Pixtos or Le Filet. Swooped mad girls out of here on dates. Package with Hambar.

Maestro SVP – Cool oyster joint on Saint Laurent. The girls who work here are real sweethearts and they gave me great intel on Montreal. It was almost empty when I went. Which is strange, because the place is pretty dope.

Roasalie – I never really ate here, just partied here. I heard the food and the pizza is good though.

Boris Bistro – Good brunch spot to eat with a girl post-swoop. Get’s busy at lunch too, but I never went during lunch.

Merchant Boef – Flashy place in Old Port. Good food, good energy and some fly girls at times. Not a bad spot. A little over priced. Kind of a touristy crowd as well.

Joe Beef – I am kind of embarrassed to say I never ate here. I think I was just too afraid of the KO punch for going out later. I will hit this spot up like an Everlast punching bag next time for shez.

L’Assommoir – Good duck tartare. Cool atmosphere. But they play some really wack tracks sometimes. One time, I heard some track, could have been “Moves like Jagoff” by Buffoon 5 (not sure, I blocked it out), and I had to leave before I could order my drink.

Restaurant Ora – Never went here. On my list.

Accords – Somehow never went here either. Heard good things.

Lemeac – This place is dope as all hell. A fly French Moroccan girl turned me on to this place, and in turn, I have turned many fly girls on to it. Met a fly Model girl smoking on the outers also. So the place is mad fly all around. They serve late too.

Bice – High priced but pretty dope. I defeated George St. Pierre here.

Buonanotte – Never ate here, but I have explained the club before.

Le Chien Fumant – Super dope, low-profile hipster joint. Epic. I love this spot. Ate here with three of my droogs on a no-holds-barred go off for the ages on a Sunday night.

Le Comptoir – Love this joint. Real hipster though. But the sweetbreads are beyond mindblowing.

La Sale A Manger – Need to hit up this place more. But I liked what I saw.

Vallier – Not bad, not great. But good. In Old Port. Not worth a trip, but not bad if you are in the area and are in a pinch. I was. I like Holder more. And Le Locale way more.

Casa Galicia – Good traditional Spanish. Nowhere near Pintxo, nor does it try to be. The owner is cool as hell.

Mikado – Decent sushi. It is no Juni or Park though.

Le Pois Penché – Kind of tries to be like Balthazar in NYC, although it doesn’t compare. Met a fly waitress girl here though. I still dig the spot.

Jardin Nelson – Get’s high marks from a lot of people, but is kind of touristy. I would never eat there. Although, I would get a cocktail.

Ferreira Café – High priced downtown fare. Not bad, but overpriced. Met a fly bartender girl there, so I can’t hate.

F Bar – Carlos Ferreira’s of Ferreira Café, pop up bar on Rue Jeanne-Mance. Good during Jazz Fest.

Brasserie T! – Normand Laprise of Toque’s pop up bar on Rue Jeanne-Mance. Good during Jazz Fest. I like Brasserie T! more than F Bar in case you are wondering.

Mikasa – Never ate there but was recommended to me by a fly Russian girl. But you know how serious I take sushi recs from fly Russian girls, right?

Park – This place is legit. Antonio Park is cool as hell. Top notch sushi. Defeated a Hollywood Celeb here too. Clear cut KO. Park does all sustainable fish, so don’t look for Toro up in this piece. In Westmount.

Les 400 Coups – Dope spot.

Baxo – Never ate here, but cool spot for a cocktail. Met some fly girls here.

Bistro L’express – Now this place is right on time. Serves real late. Favorite French bistro in Montreal along with Lemeac.

Ginger – Always wanted to check this little spot right off Saint Laurent. Looks dope. I would go more for the scene than the food.

Café Melis – Place looks dope. Never stepped.

Chez Victoire – Real dope. Need to go more.

Rotisserie Romados – You want chicken for lunch? This place rips the mic cord. And I don’t even like chicken that much. Real legit. Can be a pain in the *ss line though.

Schwartz – Hell yes on this mother*cker. Long lines but the smoked meat will make you see angels. I f*cks with this joint, yo. Real old-school. An institution.

And there you have it. The dopest Data Sheet on Montreal restaurants on the entire Internet. Any questions?

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Michael Porfirio Mason
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Summer Breeze – The Isley Brothers

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Montreal: Georges St-Pierre VS Michael Porfirio Mason

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Montreal: Georges St-Pierre VS Michael Porfirio Mason

Part I

First night in Montreal:

I was going to meet this fly girl that I met at Cavalli on my earlier trip. She is mad fly; blue eyes, dark haired Québécois girl. She actually spent the time and found my apartment for me. What a sweetheart. And I haven’t swooped her yet.

I take a cab over to Bice. It is not my choice, it was hers, but I have been to other locations, and I know they have good although pricey food. The girl found my apartment for me, so I figure to give her a little rope and let her choose the joint that I will swoop her from.

The weather is perfect in Montreal, but I am so cold when I hit the street many people froze. I meet her outside the joint and we enter. We are walked through the outdoor terrace past a bunch of tables to the best seat in the house. We pass by a bald-headed cat with his date who looks familiar and he gives my girl and I a smile. You know, one of those “Game Recognizes Game” type situations. I don’t pay it much mind, as I am about to dazzle this girl over a meal and some Vino.

The dinner is going great. The bald headed cat looks our way again, and I can’t place him, which is killing me, so I ask the girl I am with, “Do you know who that cat is over there? He looks familiar.” She replied, “Yeah, that is Georges St-Pierre. (In a heavy French accent)”

I said, “Who?” as my ear has not adapted to the words “Georges St-Pierre” in French. (Trust me, it sounds way different when you say it in French, I wasn’t trying to Play Dumb, although that move is know to be effective).

She said again, “Georges St-Pierre”

I replied, “Oh, Georges St-Pierre” (In a heavy American accent which made her laugh).

Georges St-Pierre actually happens to be one of the few MMA fighters that I have ever posted on The G Manifesto. Mainly because I like his style. And because I can’t stand Matt Hughes. I guess he won recently also.

I also always respected Georges St. Pierre because he understands like we do over here at The G Manifesto that all the best athletes are heavy smokers and partiers.

Joe Rogan: “So you don’t do strength and conditioning as far as like hitting tires with sledgehammers?”

Georges St-Pierre: “I never did it in my life. I remember I had a Muay Thai instructor from France, that I even brought on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. The guy smoked, I don’t know how many packs of cigarettes a day. He’s always drinking alcohol. He’s a real character, and he’s completely out of shape, but when he spars with us in Muay Thai, he kicks everyone’s ass. The reason is because he is more efficient than we are.


It is kind of funny; my first night in Montreal, and I am eating next to one of the few famous people I know from Montreal. This summer is on.

I look over and notice that the girl I am with is way more fly than his.

At the conclusion of a phenomenal meal (although not mind blowing, mind you), my girl and I roll to my crib so I can show her my apartment.


Michael Porfirio Mason – 1, Georges St-Pierre – 0.

Part II

It is July. It is Wednesday night. I decide to roll to Rosalie as it is dope on Wednesday’s and I haven’t been yet.

I have only been on Saturday, and I have an undefeated record there and have all the key people on Lock Down.

I roll in, Custom Suited Down, of course. The place is popping like corn.

Mad fly French girls. And who do I see again? Georges St-Pierre.

The place is mad crowded though and it is tough to Post and Chop. Hell, it is kind of hard to get a drink.

I do heavy battle that night, but can’t seem to swoop. Kind of strange. Maybe I am a little off my Game because I have been partying too much (not an excuse).

I actually take a little break and go for some Street Game, as Street Game is known to pay dividends in Montreal. (Not unlike buying and holding some AT&T stock).

When I walk back to Rosalie, I see Georges St-Pierre leaving with two girls. He gives me a “thumbs up”.


I step back in Rosalie for a “Hail Mary” punch and miss. I get “timed out”. I hate 3am last call on nights like these.

Georges St-Pierre – 1, Michael Porfirio Mason – 1.

I never saw Georges St-Pierre the rest of the summer.

So the record stands at 1-1.

The guy has mad heart and is a true International Playboy. Let’s throw him in The G Manifesto Hall of Fame while we are at it.

You could “technically” give Georges St-Pierre the edge because in our first “bout” I won a clear cut unanimous decision. In the rematch, he pretty much TKO’d me.

Still, not bad all in all, to draw with Georges St-Pierre on his home turf.

The “rubber match” next summer. Stay tuned.

Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho RIP

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

George “Rush” St. Pierre Highlights

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Hollywood Restaurant and Nightclub Data Sheet

» 01 November 2012 » In Boxing, Dope, Food, G Manifesto, Guide, Travel, Wine » 5 Comments

Hollywood Restaurant and Nightclub Data Sheet

“I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re beautiful. Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” – Andy Warhol

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.” – Marilyn Monroe

Let’s breakdown one of my favorite West Coast hoods:

3 Clubs – I have been going to this place since I was a little kid. In fact, it used to be my Base of Operations back in the day. I have swooped mass girls out of this piece. I still dig it.

El Floridita – Great spot to get your Cuban grind on if you haven’t been to Miami in a while. Salsa dancing on Mondays. Which is legit because the place holds fly girls like:

Wild Card Boxing Club – One of my favorite on Earth. Not just Boxing Gym’s, one of my favorite places on Earth. This place is it. Nowhere do I feel more comfortable and in my element than Wild Card Boxing Club. Straight up love this place. Data Sheet Here: Wild Card Boxing Club, Hollywood, CA: It Ain’t Easy

Los Balcones – Good spot for a little Peruvian grind. Can be some girls here. Hit or miss on that front though.

Bodega Wine Bar – I actually just checked, and it closed in Hollywood. That is ok though, this place was hyped on the Internet, but I think that it really sucked.

Wood and Vine – Not a bad spot to take a girl for a little vino. Food doesn’t blow minds, but this place is A-OK when my AK sprays when I say my ABC’s in my book.

W Hotel, Hollywood – Place is pretty weesh. But then again, I hate all phony boutique hotel chains like The W.

Katsuya – Every moron props this place. It sucks. Chefs are retarted. Overpriced hack job. Maybe if you are from Ohio you would think it’s dope. Typical weesh SBE Entertainment crap.

Cleo – That being said, Cleo is by SBE also and is kind of decent. The bar can be good for swooping. I have swooped a few Armenian girls out this piece.

Hollywood Roosevelt – Didn’t go here on this trip. But believe it or not, my MOM stayed here recently. She even had a hook up on a discounted room!

Musso and Frank – Old school. I got this place on lock.

Supper club – I don’t feel this place.

Pizzeria Mozza – I am down with this spot. Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich running the show.

Go Burger – Good spot to get your burger on.

Bliss Café – Real Wimpster spot. I don’t really step to this spot, although I would under the right circumstances.

Magnolia – Not bad for a casual grind.

Sabinas – Good cheap spot for a lunch grind.

Off Vine – Good spot to take a fly girl. Food is decent, not mindblowing.

L’Scorpion – Tequila bar. I don’t step here.

El Pueblo Viejo – Decent Mex.

La Numero Uno – Good Salvadoran grinds. Closes too early though.

The Redbury Hotel – Houses Cleo mentioned above.

Lexington Social House – This was my spot back when I stayed in Hollywood last time. Defeated a bunch of weesh Actor guys and swooped heavy. Door guy can be a pain, unless you have him on lock. Thankfully, I do.

Beso – I don’t step here.

Xiomara – Not a bad grind for dinner to mix things up.

Doomies – Vegetarian grind. Pretty good too.

Sushi Hiroba – Ok. Not really feeling it. Not a top notch sushi joint.

Cactus Taqueria – This place gets high marks all around, but is not that great Mex. Doesn’t compare to San Diego Taco Shops.

Philly Steak out – Always wanted to hit this place up.

Flaming Patty’s – Never hit up.

El Dorado Peruvian – Another spot I have my eye on.

Click Here for Roosh’s Day Bang: How To Casually Pick Up Girls During The Day

Click Here for The G Manifesto’s Free Gentleman’s Club Report

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Doc Hollywood – We Run LA

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I Would Vote For Governor Mitt Romney If He Wasn’t a Mormon

» 29 October 2012 » In People, Wine » 7 Comments

I Would Vote For Governor Mitt Romney If He Wasn’t a Mormon

Just playing.

I really don’t care if he believes he is going to The Planet Kolob while wearing magic underpants or whatever Religion he wants to believe in. Good for him.

But I do have a problem with a potential President of The United States that doesn’t drink booze, smoke or drink caffeine.

Think about it.

All the great Presidents of our country were either drinkers, smokers, drank coffee, smoked weed, or did all of the above.

Andrew Jackson, James Madison, Ulysses S. Grant (20 Cigars per day), Chester Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Andrew Jackson, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama etc etc etc were all heavy smokers.

Hell, even Richard Nixon who sucked smoked cigars.

John Adams, Franklin Pierce, Martin van Buren, James Buchanan, Ulysses S. Grant, Chester A. Arthur (mad Champagne), Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy etc etc etc were all heavy boozers.

Hell, even George W. Bush, boozed. And he was the weeshest President ever.

Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, James Monroe, Franklin Pierce, Zachary Taylor, George Washington etc etc etc all puffed heavy weed.

Teddy Roosevelt even drank tons of coffee as a boy.

Have you ever met a cool person in your life that didn’t drink or smoke? Of course not. They don’t exist.

Personally, I would like a President that has the ability to slug down a double espresso if he encounters a late night of decision making.

Or pour himself a strong drink to loosen up at the end of the day.

Or spark up a Chronic Jay to “trip” on some global situations.

But maybe that’s just me.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

The Coup – Laugh, Love, Fuck

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The Best Hangover Cure For International Playboys

» 29 July 2012 » In Dope, G Manifesto, Girls, Guide, Nightlife, Style, Wine » 53 Comments

The Best Hangover Cure For International Playboys

So after years of un-official case study, I am going to tell you about The Best Hangover Cure For International Playboys. And when I say “Hangover”, I am not talking about that weesh movie where Mike Tyson was the only saving grace either.

Well it is more of a “Hangover Prevention” than a hangover cure, but that is neither here nor there. The outcome is the same.

But first a little context:

Over the years, I have messed with every hangover cure or hangover prevention out there. Hell, I meet a complete stranger on the street that has a hangover cure, I give it a shot.

I have even tried Robert Mitchum’s, Frank Sinatra’s and Jim Morrison’s favorite hangover cure: The Ramos Gin Fizz. (a mix of gin, egg white, orange flower water, lemon juice, lime juice, sugar, cream, and soda water.)

None of them work.

I also want to give you an idea of what kind of drinker I am, because there are a lot of fools out there that claim to be “drinkers” and they only throw down 6 drinks per night and they are crying in the morning.

Where I come from and the circles I roll in, we drink. Heavy. I have typically 4 heavy duty Vodka, Sodas with Lime before I even leave my crib for dinner.

Then at dinner, I usually wack down another 3-4 Vodka, Sodas with Lime and another 2-3 Glasses of Vino Tinto.

So I am anywhere between 9-11 Drinks deep before I have even really rolled out into the night.

And then I start to really get live. I usually push into the 15-20 drinks in a night level by swoops end.

At The Del Mar Race Track, it can get beyond that. And since I am in A State of Grace With Alcohol And Fitness, I am almost sober. Well, acting sober anyways.

I may stumble, but I still don’t lose. Now I’m dressed in the county blues.

Keep in mind, I do this 3-5 nights per week. Non-stop.

So what I am getting at is this is a legit Hangover Prevention move.

Here it is:

When you get back to your crib with a fly girl at 3:30-4am or so, drink a big glass of water with one of these:

Take one of these Playboy: Now Foods, ADAM Superior Men’s Multiple Vitamin

You will never get hungover again. If I was over at Now Foods, I would repackage these as a “Hangover Cure” instead of a Multi-vitamin, they would probably make more dough.

I even started giving these to girls so they feel good in the morning as well and so they are ready for some heavy duty morning sessions.

Side note:

Dean Martin said his hangover cure was to “Stay Drunk”.

That has also been known to work.

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Diana Ross – Love Hangover, Live on The Midnight Special 1976

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Shrimp and Linguine Swoop Move Recipe

» 28 May 2012 » In Dope, Food, Game, Girls, Guide, Style, Wine » 8 Comments

Shrimp and Linguine Swoop Move Recipe

RooshV who you may know from such books as Bang: More Lays In 60 Days, A Dead Bat in Paraguay and Day Bang: How To Casually Pick Up Girls During The Day recently had a post on swooping girls at your crib while cooking for them called The Home Dinner Date Move.

This is a topic I am not at all unfamiliar with. In fact, cooking and swooping is a mainstay for me, especially when I am in places with weak nightlife like The California Police State. California also has the benefit of great ingredients for cooking, so it works all the way around.

Roosh busts out a little step by step:

1. Execute the move only on date two or beyond. A girl will most likely not accept you dinner date offer after only talking to you for an hour at the bar. For her to have a date in your house, a minimum of two face-to-face interactions must be achieved before she’ll want to come over.

2. You must have at least kissed and slightly groped her at the previous meeting. The move is done when the next logistical step is sex, which usually falls on date two or three. Otherwise what will happen is you waste the move to get no more than a kiss.

3. Pre-sell the date. If you’re at the end of a first date where kissing and touching has happened, say, “How about next time we do dinner at my place? I just learned how to cook a new dish.” She will be noncommittal, which is fine, because you’re just planting the seed so that she begins to accept the idea of coming over. There’s no need to iron out the exact time or date. Contact her in a couple days to make the plan.

4. Don’t start cooking until she arrives. There are two reasons for this. First, you want the cooking process to help you put in “face time” where she gets comfortable in your home. Second, you want her to start drinking while her stomach is empty so the booze (usually wine) has maximum effect. After eating, the alcohol will barely make a dent in her decision-making apparatus, so get her drinking as much as you can before the meal. Therefore it’s good to have meals that take at least one hour to prepare. To encourage drinking, try to stock your house with her booze preference, which you should know from your previous meetings with her.

5. Cook something you know. Don’t make the mistake I made several years ago by planning an elaborate three course meal that had me more focused on the food than the girl. It also showed that I was trying to impress her, which causes most American girls to lose attraction. Instead, cook a basic meal that is edible. If it’s pasta with Ragu sauce, then so be it. I usually cook rice with chicken and vegetables, a light meal that alcohol can punch through like a bulldozer. If she makes fun of you for such a simple dish, sarcastically apologize that you’re not a gourmet chef.

6. After dinner, get her on a surface where sex can occur. I like couches. It’s not hard to start banging there and then move to the bedroom. Many guys make the mistake of suggesting to watch a movie after dinner, but by the time it’s over she will have sobered up. Instead, put on The Weeknd, sit on the couch, talk, and then start kissing. After a bit of this, when you’re sure she’s aroused, get her straddled on top of you and start taking off her clothes (shirt and bra first). Have a condom already in your back pocket so that you don’t need to disturb the action by getting up to retrieve one. If you don’t have a couch, give her a “tour” of your room and put the music on there.

Click here for full breakdown.

I generally agree with this formula.

However, I don’t really “Pre-sell” the date. I just tell girls whats up. I call them up and tell them to come over because I am cheffing up a masterpiece. I always tell them to wear high heels as well. For aesthetic purposes.

Also, the whole “I usually cook rice with chicken and vegetables…If she makes fun of you for such a simple dish, sarcastically apologize that you’re not a gourmet chef.” doesn’t really fly in the circles I run in.

Maybe some free-range Roasted Chicken a la Zuni Cafe in San Francisco but that’s about it.

But here is what I bust out when I want to swoop fly high-end girls, The Shrimp and Linguine Swoop Move Recipe:

1. I usually start by popping a bottle of Spanish Red and bust out a quick Caprese Salad. (No need for the recipe here. Just get some fresh mozarella or burrata from the little Italian market down the street and some heirloom tomatoes, Sea Salt and fresh Basil. I usually use Grape Seed Oil in the place of Olive Oil for style points. You should look into it). I also usually strip down to the wife beater, for old-school style points, and I don’t want to splash any Olive Oil on my Custom Suits.

2. Make some Fresh Linguine. Save some of the Pasta Water. Throw on an old-school G Italian Track (for symmetry) to set the mood:

3. While the water is boiling for the Fresh Linguine, crisp up some Pancetta, Capicola or some Prosciutto di San Daniele. Or all three. Put it off to the side. Maybe throw on a Latin Track and dance with her for a minute so she feels the vibe:

4. By this point, she is probably ready to be swooped. And many times, I swoop girls at this point. If I want to “carry” my opponent a few more rounds, I will do this: In a pan, heat up some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, crushed Red Pepper and freshly minced garlic. Let it work it’s magic.

5. Throw in some Lemon Zest and let it infuse into the oil.

6. Throw in some Jumbo Shrimp. Now when I say “Jumbo Shrimp”, I don’t mean that wack Jumbo Shrimp they have in your hood. I am talking about Shrimp way bigger and fresher than you can get. The Shrimp I get, you have to have connects direct with local fisherman. Work on your connects and you can get to the level you need to be someday.

7. Rip up some Organic Basil and throw that into the mix holmes. Smell it. Enjoy an elegant high, fly pelican fly.

8. Spark up a smoke and take a big glup of Vino.

9. Toss in the Fresh Linguine you have already cooked with a little Pasta Water you saved from earlier.

10. Add a little Salt and Pepper to taste.

11. Throw it on a Plate.

12. Decorate plate with some more ripped Fresh Basil for color.

13. Crumble up the Pancetta, Capicola or some Prosciutto di San Daniele all over the Pasta and Shrimp. The colors are straight up Bellisimo.

14. Add a little Olive Oil.

15. Grate a little Fresh Parmesan.

Knock out punch.

If you make this dish and you can’t swoop the girl you are trying to swoop, Next her, because there is no way you are going to swoop her.

This Dish is Undefeated.

16. Throw on some swoop tracks and Swoop.

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Michael Porfirio Mason
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The Guide to Getting More out of Life

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The Best Nightclubs in Bogotá Colombia

» 14 March 2011 » In Food, Game, Girls, Guide, Luxury, Music, Nightlife, Travel, Wine » 5 Comments

The Best Nightclubs in Bogotá Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia-

Anyone who reads The G Manifesto knows I don’t get impressed easily by modern day nightlife in general or modern day nightclubs in particular. Especially in America which has been on a heavy downward slide (in fact, if I was the owner of even some of the best American nightclubs I would commit suicide because of the pathetic product they are serving up). In Bogotá however there are a couple of places that impressed the hell out of me:

Andres Carne de Res

The New York Times called Andres Carne de Res “profound, spellbinding, beautiful, tumultuous, confusing and fattening all at once“. I am not sure about the “fattening” part, but it’s a pretty accurate description. Andres Carne de Res does that thing that seems to be impossible to do in America: combining a great restaurant with a great nightclub. Even more amazing is that is does both at the same time.

Here is how the place breaks down:

– Five or Six floors with a couple of “half floors”
– holds 1200 people ( I did some math in my gulliver and the place is clocking un-Godly dough)
– Way more girls than guys
– Insane meat grinds
– Great Service (It is incredible that this place even functions with all the mayhem and food service, but it does)
– Open super late
– Mindblowing energy levels
– Performace art
– Everyone, and I mean everyone is dancing non-stop

Fly girls, steaks served at all hours, crazy dancing? I think I found heaven on Earth.

(Side note: the original is outside the city in Chia. I didn’t go, but it is supposed to hold 3000 people. I can only imagine how dope that place is.)

Salto del Angel

Kind of similar to Andres Carne de Res only smaller and the food isn’t quite as good.

Insane Vibe, dancing and fly girls though.

Your life wouldn’t be complete without at least 20 nights in each of these places.

And swooping mass amounts of fly Colombianas while you are at it.

My life is complete, Oh my brothers.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Plan B – Si No Le Contesto

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Brazilian Girls, Los Angeles and Custom Suits

» 14 December 2010 » In Game, Girls, Guide, Luxury, money, Nightlife, People, Style, Wine » 21 Comments

Brazilian Girls, Los Angeles and Custom Suits

“Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up what looks like cunning”– Baltasar Gracián (Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer), 1601-1658

“Winning comes down to two things: Taking advantage of your opponents mistakes and perfect timing” – Michael John Mason VI (Father to son boxing advise when I was a young amateur)

This year, when I haven’t been traveling, I have been spending a bunch of time in Beverly Hills, working on some big “heists”, so to speak. So after Entering The Dragon at The Wildcard and a beautiful day at the Getty, I find myself at a Private Club in West Hollywood for dinner and drinks.

Here are the attendees at the dinner:

• Entertainment CEO, who I have never met
• Oscar nominated Producer, who I have met
• My friend in the Horse world and girlfriend
• My friend who works at big corporation putting it all together
• Some young Hollywood Actor, who I don’t know
• Hollywood stylist guy (British), who I don’t know
• Two Brazilian model girls, who came with Producer guy
• And Your humble author, AKA Your favorite International Playboy’s favorite International Playboy

It promises to be a pretty vague affair, and I have no real purpose being at the dinner, I was just invited by my friend, the corporate cat. It’s a meet and greet with a little biz on the agenda. You know, your typical Tableaux de mode turning into a Fête galante with potential to be a Bacchanale.

It should be noted that I feel slightly un-centered, possibly because of the fact that I completely out-gunned (so to speak) at this dinner, as almost everyone, save the girls, are more accomplished than I am (at least in a mainstream sense) and have longer dough. And it doesn’t exactly comfort me when I start having flashbacks of knuckle-ups “on the cobbles” with big Russian guys with bald heads and leather jackets, from a few weeks prior, either. It also should be noted that I have been increasingly been finding myself in these types of situations as I move up The Layer Cake of life.

However, I am dressed in a sick Custom Suit: jet black, peaked lapels, one-button, side vents and interior so crimson that if we were in South Central you might have thought I was Brim or Piru. Pocket Square the color of Colombian Blow.

The conversation at the table starts off cordial and loosens up as vino consumption is increased. I stay in the cut, and only add comments where necessary and when I can add value as I am well versed in many subjects these days (not bragging, just keeping it solid gold like 1oz American Eagle coins for you). Doing this keeps an air of mystery around me, and the table really starts coming around. Entertainment CEO double takes after I drop a few gems and asks me, “What is it that you do again?”

The Brazilian model girls take notice, which, of course, is not lost on me. Also, what is not lost on me is that the weesh Young Hollywood actor guys starts hating on me. Which, of course, I ignore and continue to stay in the seam.

Surprisingly, it is actually shaping up to be a great dinner; Entertainment CEO guy is running the show and is actually super cool, Oscar nominated Producer guy spins some good tales, my horse world friend and his girlfriend drop dimes, Stylist guy busts some hilarious tales that everyone loves, the Brazilian Girls are having fun and my corporate friend is gluing it all together. It is one of those rare occurrences: The whole table is gelling.

Well, maybe not Actor guy, as he is trying to “close talk” one of the Brazilian model girls (which is a weak move) but I notice her “body languageing” him away as I am busting out a story. I spit out a little Portuguese which the Brazilian Model girls love and the actor boy hates as he does not speak any.

Feeling good now, I drop some good lines:

I use the phrase, “like that guy from Wikileaks” multiple times, and even drop this one: “Oh you mean, Rahm Emanuel’s brother?” to check everyone as the discussion topics are a little too Hollywood-centric for my liking.

I also get involved in this one:

“…just got back from Latvia”, I say




“Latvia. Kind of near Estonia”.

Since there is a lot of name dropping (albeit legitimate name dropping) going on, I comtemplate busting out my Wesley Snipes Story, but decide against it.

When Entertainment CEO guy asks me what I think of his favorite wine, I reply, “It is rich and decadent with seamless overtones of violets and homemade country jam, and it really has a Harmonious finish…” which sends the crowd wild. (Little did everyone at the table know, save my corporate friend, is that I always use that response when asked about the wine at dinners such as these.)

Hollywood stylist guy, throws out, “Who made your suit? It’s phenomenal…”
Entertainment CEO even shoots out a, “OK, that’s it, this is the best dinner I have been to all year!” after Stylist guy, who is a true raconteur tells another hilarious story (and I am not talking about those cats that made that dope movie Cocaine Cowboys either, or maybe I am).

“Camilla” the flyer of the two models, a true Beauty of monumentality and vulnerability, follows me for a smoke when actor boy is in the bathroom.

It’s on.

She starts asking me questions as I tell tales of Mediterranean courtyards and terraces and her vibe goes from romantic expectation to dreamy absorption to erotic playfulness quicker than a Samba dance at Carnaval.

I bust a Double Cigarette Light Move, I kiss her and notice the tactility of her Brazilian curves.

We roll back to the table and the dinner is still frolicking along at a decent pace. Some owner and GM type cats roll by as well as plenty of West Coast style Hipster/Douchebag fusion types that Los Angeles is leading the world in producing these days. They are probably actors if I am hard pressed to guess.

Actor guy, vanquished, leaves in discomfiture with a couple of Hipster/Douchebag fusion types, I am presuming in search of Beaks.

Entertainment CEO has to go home to the wife and kids and the extravagant meal kind of breaks up. Some go to smoke weed, some merge with other tables, Camilla and I split for a drink.

Back at my dope hotel (which my horse world friend hooked me up at a discounted rate, I may add), Camilla plays the part of a young girl defending herself against Eros.

I play the part of Mischief and Repose.

Camilla and I sip a glass of wine and admire the sensuous textures of my suite: marble, fur, tile, silk, flesh…

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Disclaimer: Some of the above characters are merged and/or changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty. But then again, if you have a brain, you knew that already.

Ya Boy & Dr. Hollywood – We Run La( with lyrics)

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Bars Restaurants and Nightclubs with No Cell Phone Service Move

» 20 August 2010 » In Game, Girls, Nightlife, Wine » 9 Comments

Bars Restaurants and Nightclubs with No Cell Phone Service Move

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The Modern Day, International Playboy is wise to learn which Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs have no cell phone service.

The Benefits:

Recently, I was at a Charity Gig during the Summer Blitz and separated a fly Mexican Girl dip with pretty lips and hips from her amigas as we were walking to the next venue. I popped my head into this dope lounge bar that I have on lockdown and saw one of my friends spinning that ill old-school soul and hip-hop sh*t on vinyl and suggested we stop by for a drink.

This move was two-fold: 1) We could hear some dope beats and enjoy some pro-bono cocktails and 2) I knew that the lounge had no cell phone service so when the friends of the fly Mexican girls were calling, they were going straight to voicemail.

This in turn, bought me a lot of time to spit Game and Swoop. Smooth.

Another benefit of knowing “no cell phone service” places is when you take a young American “text bonkers girl” to a restaurant, you can actually enjoy your Vino and apps (and I don’t mean Iphone apps either) in peace without the girls constantly Facebooking, Tweeting, BBMing or Texting.

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Keep it moving in the nightspots like white tops.

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Camron – Ohh Baby

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The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2009

» 02 January 2010 » In Boxing, Crime, Dope, Food, G Manifesto, Game, Gentleman's Club, Girls, Guide, Luxury, money, Nightlife, People, Style, Travel, Wine » 17 Comments

The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2009

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(Here is my Facebook, New Twitter and The G Manifesto Facebook Page)

Here are the 2nd G Manifesto Awards. The 1st G Manifesto Awards, are here: The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2007. I missed 2008 as I was busy swooping girls and had a little street War to contend with at the time. (Also check out the Outlook for 2008, where I was like the Nouriel Roubini of this Game s*it, of sorts).

Again, these Awards are places or things that I have been to or experienced in 2009. So don’t get itchy if your local nightclub in Cleveland doesn’t make the list.

Best International Nightlife City: Buenos Aires. Sure the place is slightly overrun by Bankers and everyone is starting to go there, but the nightlife, fly girls, hours of operation, Vino and steaks make the place worthwhile.

Best US Nightlife City: New York City. Hands down. Honestly, though, it is more by default. Still, I have never been on VH1, but I Love New York.

Best Gentleman’s Club City: Las Vegas. Where else can you pull three fly exotic dancers out of a club before the ice starts melting in your first Goose and Soda?

Personally, being Beyond Undefeated in Las Vegas doesn’t hurt my opinion of the place. Notwithstanding, the Ed Hardy shirts, which is saying a lot.

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Best Comeback City: New Orleans. My love affair with New Orleans is well documented. This year was the first year since Katrina where the swagger seemed to return. Do as a G does; visit often and drop CASH.

Best High-Action City: Tijuana, Mexico. I wouldn’t exactly call it a love affair with Tijuana, but I have spent mad time there and turned mad dollars there. The place is actually a lot safer now than the papers would lead you to believe.

Best Gentleman’s Club: The Rhino. Still the Idol, the highest title, and numero uno like Special Ed.

Best Day Game City: Buenos Aires. The volume of fly girls for Street Game makes it hard to ignore.

Best Beach Locals: The Somali Pirates. These guys made the boys from The North Shore and The Bra Boys seem tame. They made mad dough, raged hard, protected their coast, swooped mad girls and even caused real estate bubbles in other countries. Hell, I have been seriously considering rolling down there and joining the fun. I wonder if there are some un-crowded points to be had to the brain?

Best International Restaurant: Restaurante Arzak in San Sebastian. Spain is really kicking out the best grinds right now. And Restaurante Arzak is top rank. I am frothing at the mouth thinking about it. Will be there again in May.

Best US Restaurant: Galatories. The best goddamn restaurant in America. I love how they even make President’s wait for a table.


I get top tier service.

Honorable Mention: Gramercy Tavern. I have to include this spot because of the first class treatment, pro-bono wine pours and the sweet breads. Nothing about it the meal was “so-so”, more like “fabuloso”. Additionally, I was politicking with this fly chick and digging her moves because she smooth and she choose to pay dues.

Best International Hotel: Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France. Decadence since 1928. I really like the indoor pool surrounded by tromp l’oeil murals of the Versailles gardens.

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Best US Hotel: The Waldorf Towers, New York. The one bedroom Grand suites with the separate entrance are style and elegance defined. They are not cheap (about 5k), but they really do pay for themselves.

Best Fight: Juan Manuel Marquez VS Juan Diaz. Marquez proves once again how he is The G in a come from behind devastating knockout of an 80’s baby.

Also worth mentioning: Marcos Maidana destroying Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto’s gutsy win over Josh Clottey and Manny Pacquiao’s defeat of Miguel Cotto (fight was more competitive than many would believe).

Most Masterful Performance: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. VS Juan Manuel Marquez.

Best Blog: Roissy in DC. I would have said The G Manifesto, but that would have seemed rigged, right? In all seriousness, Roissy kicked out gem after gem almost every day of the year and truly transcended.

Best Forum: RooshV Forum. If you like traveling and swooping fly foreign girls, then this is your forum.

Best Blog to Book: “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” by RooshV. Here is the review: Roosh V’s New Book: A Dead Bat in Paraguay

Fighter of the Year: Manny Pacquiao. Nothing really else needs to be said.

Upset of the Year: 4-1 Underdog Sugar Shane Mosley’s destruction of Antonio Margarito. Shane fought a perfect fight, great jab, perfect straight right over the top, fought dirty and fought at the perfect distance. Ring Generalship personified.

Greatest Loss: Arturo Gatti. Alexis Arguello. Vernon “The Viper” Forrest. Sol Price. Rest in Peace.

Best Movie: Rise of the Footsoldier. Best movie of the Decade, in fact.

Best Hip-Hop Album: Four way tie. Wale’s Attention Deficit, AZ’s Legendary, Clipse’s Til the Casket Drops, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II

Best Hip-Hop Track: I Hate My Job, Cam’ron. Nothing captured 2009 better than Cam’s “recession rap” track when most American’s were coming out with a pitiful rookerful of money.

Funny too.

Ayo I’m lookin’ for a job, ain’t nobody hiring,
Then I ask the boss, “when y’all doin’ firing?”

Great sample from Barbara Mandrell’s “Sleeping Single In A Double Bed”.

Best Break out Hip-Hop Artist: No, not Asher Roth or Drake. It’s Black Milk. “Losing Out” was enough to do it.

Best Soul Track and Album: Maxwell – Pretty Wings and BLACKsummers’night. The cat was gone for eight years. No wonder this decade was terrible. Come to think of it, anyone seen D’Angelo?

Side note: Keep an ear out for Sade’s Soldier of Love on 2010.

Best Artist: Doze Green. Reach out to me, I want to hook some pieces.

Best Actor: Mike Tyson in The Hangover.

Best Actress: Not sure. Probably some P0rn girl.

Best US Race Track: The Del Mar Racetrack. Once again, The Del Mar Racetrack is Southern California’s saving grace.

Best Heist: The Dinnertime Bandit said it best, “Without a shadow of a doubt, the $65 million heist in London in August. They weren’t the most intelligent criminals, but for absolutely balls, and thinking big, they get the rewards.”

Woman of The Year: Ashley Alexandra Dupré. It is truly amazing how this girl has kept her mouth shut (so to speak) for the entire year. She deserves all the props in the world, and a shining beacon of hope for her self-absorbed peers of her generation.

Honorable Mention: Sonia Sotomayor

G of the Year: Joaquín Guzmán Loera. No one did it bigger in 2009 than “El Chapo”. Untouchable like Elliot Ness. Hell, he even came in at #701 on Forbes’ list of richest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $2 billion. A low estimate if I have ever seen one.

Till next year.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

The Greatest Trade Ever: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How John Paulson Defied Wall Street and Made Financial History

Man Oh Man-Curtis Mayfield &The Impressions-1965

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