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Montreal: Restaurants Data Sheet

» 12 February 2013 » In Food, G Manifesto, Guide, Luxury, Nightlife, Travel, Wine » 7 Comments

Montreal: Restaurants Data Sheet

Now before I went to Montreal for the summer, I checked the Internet for any decent Data Sheets on restaurants there. There is some ok info on the Internet, but nothing really comprehensive. So I decided to put together the dopest Data Sheet on Montreal restaurants on the Internet, For The People, of course.

Keep in mind, I would have paid someone 30k for this info before I went, so more than anything, I am happy to put this together for myself before I go next time. Hell, I just saved myself 30k.

L’Atelier d’Argentine – This place is a legit Argentinian restaurant in the Old Port. Great on a Thursday night. Plenty of action, two bars and fly girls.

Juni – Real dope sushi joint. I had this place on lock down. Juni is cool as hell. Good to package with a cocktail at Baldwin or with Lemeac. One of my favorite hoods to go out in. Better for a date or Dolo than for swooping.

Le Filet – Hands down the best restaurant I ate in Montreal. And this is no small feat. Actually, I would say the best restaurant I ate in 2012. I ate here three times in a row when I first ate here. The chef is a Japanese cat, but he runs it like a French kitchen. The seafood and cooked oysters are mindboggling. I even took my parents here. I had the entire place on lock down. I probably could have shanked someone in the middle of the packed restaurant and still gotten away with it; that is how locked down I had it. I also love that you can make reservations at the bar, which is something pretty unique to Montreal.

Tokyo Sushi – Not bad for take out. Not great like Juni, but does the trick in a pinch. People are cool as hell here too. In Old Port.

Le Club Chasse Et Peche – This is the other restaurant owned by the people from Le Filet in Old Port. Real good. Not as good as Le Filet though. And a little more expensive if my memory serves me correct.

Dunn’s – Good late night grinds. Smoked meat will set you straight after a night downtown or waiting for an Exotic Dancer to get off work.

Garde Manger – In Old Port across from Santos. This place gets real high marks, and has some girls, but I don’t really feel it.

Mai Xiang Yuan – Epic dumplings in Chinatown. Cheaper than Qing Hua Ravioli Chinois but not as many options.

Qing Hua Ravioli Chinois – Also epic dumplings in Chinatown. More expensive but more options than Mai Xiang Yuan. The sea urchin (Uni) dumplings are off the cord. So are the pork with coriander.

Olive et Gourmando – Good lunch grind in Old Port. The place is popular though and packed with tourists and locals alike.

Pintxo – Unreal Spanish joint in Montreal. This place is on par with some of the best restaurants I have eaten in Spain, which in and of itself is mindblowing. It is in a little old house type building which is cool, but kind of sucks because the bar is small. Gets real busy so get resos. You can also get resos at the bar. I love this joint. Took my parents here also. Probably my 2nd favorite next to Le Filet. The Cola de langosta a la parilla is insane. So is the Foie gras a la plancha, Terrina de foie gras con su cebolla confitada and Higo relleno de jamón serrano y queso mahon. In fact, I just had a girl text me a picture from the place and we ate there together 6 months ago.

Holder – Real solid French bistro in Old Port. Real functional, good bar, some fly girls. A staple you can count on.

Moishes – Somehow I never made it to this old-school steakhouse. I know I would have loved it though. On The Main.

Toque – This was one of the best restaurants I ate at in 2011. But in four months in Montreal, I never stepped back in. And I lived super close to it too. Don’t ask me why. It remains a mystery to me. And I don’t mean that guy with fuzzy hats and black nail polish, either.

Au Pied du Cochon – Foie gras go off to the brain. Nuff said.

Le Locale – I love this place. I used it as the base of my operations at the beginning of the summer. Great crew that works here. Great food although it’s no Pixtos or Le Filet. Swooped mad girls out of here on dates. Package with Hambar.

Maestro SVP – Cool oyster joint on Saint Laurent. The girls who work here are real sweethearts and they gave me great intel on Montreal. It was almost empty when I went. Which is strange, because the place is pretty dope.

Roasalie – I never really ate here, just partied here. I heard the food and the pizza is good though.

Boris Bistro – Good brunch spot to eat with a girl post-swoop. Get’s busy at lunch too, but I never went during lunch.

Merchant Boef – Flashy place in Old Port. Good food, good energy and some fly girls at times. Not a bad spot. A little over priced. Kind of a touristy crowd as well.

Joe Beef – I am kind of embarrassed to say I never ate here. I think I was just too afraid of the KO punch for going out later. I will hit this spot up like an Everlast punching bag next time for shez.

L’Assommoir – Good duck tartare. Cool atmosphere. But they play some really wack tracks sometimes. One time, I heard some track, could have been “Moves like Jagoff” by Buffoon 5 (not sure, I blocked it out), and I had to leave before I could order my drink.

Restaurant Ora – Never went here. On my list.

Accords – Somehow never went here either. Heard good things.

Lemeac – This place is dope as all hell. A fly French Moroccan girl turned me on to this place, and in turn, I have turned many fly girls on to it. Met a fly Model girl smoking on the outers also. So the place is mad fly all around. They serve late too.

Bice – High priced but pretty dope. I defeated George St. Pierre here.

Buonanotte – Never ate here, but I have explained the club before.

Le Chien Fumant – Super dope, low-profile hipster joint. Epic. I love this spot. Ate here with three of my droogs on a no-holds-barred go off for the ages on a Sunday night.

Le Comptoir – Love this joint. Real hipster though. But the sweetbreads are beyond mindblowing.

La Sale A Manger – Need to hit up this place more. But I liked what I saw.

Vallier – Not bad, not great. But good. In Old Port. Not worth a trip, but not bad if you are in the area and are in a pinch. I was. I like Holder more. And Le Locale way more.

Casa Galicia – Good traditional Spanish. Nowhere near Pintxo, nor does it try to be. The owner is cool as hell.

Mikado – Decent sushi. It is no Juni or Park though.

Le Pois Penché – Kind of tries to be like Balthazar in NYC, although it doesn’t compare. Met a fly waitress girl here though. I still dig the spot.

Jardin Nelson – Get’s high marks from a lot of people, but is kind of touristy. I would never eat there. Although, I would get a cocktail.

Ferreira Café – High priced downtown fare. Not bad, but overpriced. Met a fly bartender girl there, so I can’t hate.

F Bar – Carlos Ferreira’s of Ferreira Café, pop up bar on Rue Jeanne-Mance. Good during Jazz Fest.

Brasserie T! – Normand Laprise of Toque’s pop up bar on Rue Jeanne-Mance. Good during Jazz Fest. I like Brasserie T! more than F Bar in case you are wondering.

Mikasa – Never ate there but was recommended to me by a fly Russian girl. But you know how serious I take sushi recs from fly Russian girls, right?

Park – This place is legit. Antonio Park is cool as hell. Top notch sushi. Defeated a Hollywood Celeb here too. Clear cut KO. Park does all sustainable fish, so don’t look for Toro up in this piece. In Westmount.

Les 400 Coups – Dope spot.

Baxo – Never ate here, but cool spot for a cocktail. Met some fly girls here.

Bistro L’express – Now this place is right on time. Serves real late. Favorite French bistro in Montreal along with Lemeac.

Ginger – Always wanted to check this little spot right off Saint Laurent. Looks dope. I would go more for the scene than the food.

Café Melis – Place looks dope. Never stepped.

Chez Victoire – Real dope. Need to go more.

Rotisserie Romados – You want chicken for lunch? This place rips the mic cord. And I don’t even like chicken that much. Real legit. Can be a pain in the *ss line though.

Schwartz – Hell yes on this mother*cker. Long lines but the smoked meat will make you see angels. I f*cks with this joint, yo. Real old-school. An institution.

And there you have it. The dopest Data Sheet on Montreal restaurants on the entire Internet. Any questions?

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Three Point First Date Swoop Move

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Three Point First Date Swoop Move

Here is a near full proof, 3 Point plan to swoop girls on first dates:

So you met a fly girl out the other night. You have set the meeting with water tight Phone Game. So how do you make sure you won’t need a second date to swoop? Keep reading.

1. Restaurant for drinks

The first step is to have the fly girl meet you at a restaurant you have on lockdown. And when I say “on lockdown”, I really mean on lock: you know everyone there; the owner, his wife, the manager, the bartenders, the waitresses, the busboys, the chefs, the sous-chefs and the valets. It very well could be your Base of Operations.

As you enter with the fly girl, slap five with valets, give “two kisses” greetings to owner and his wife, shake hands and give “back slapps” to the waiters/busboys and a high five to the bartender and settle in to a couple of cocktails. If you have done your groundwork correctly, the place should kind of “go wild” when you enter and the feeling should be somewhat “electric”. Introduce your girl to the owner and his wife.

By this point, all but the most difficult girls are usually cooked and ready to be swooped. But we will “carry” them a few rounds a la Manny Pacquiao.

Pay for drinks with a Big Bankroll or if you got it smooth, get them “on the arm”. I shouldn’t have to tell you that this move must be done while Custom Suited Down.

If a girl asks you as soon as you sit down, “What is it that you do again?”, then you know you have done the first step correctly.

2. Restaurant (Sushi)

After a couple of drinks at the restaurant bar, have your driver slide up and take you a few blocks to the Sushi spot. Make the same entrance as the first spot, and bust a little Japanese to the hostess and slide into the crowded Sushi bar next to the #1 Chef. Everyone should be excited to see you as well.

From here, let your Sushi homie work his magic. The fresh Uni should be the closer Get a cold clear sake and enjoy the delicate high, fly pelican fly. Kanpai.

3. Lounge cocktails (optional)

The duck is cooked, but let’s just close the show right. Have your driver slide you to the dope lounge a block from your crib. Say “what up” to the hipster owners and managers give a “two kisses” to the hipster waitresses (even if it throws them off, as they are typically not accustomed to that greeting), slide to the bar, slap five with the bartender and cheers your drinks. Careful that she isn’t too buzzed up. Maybe get her a water for insurance purposes.

Polish them off and roll to crib while looking at the view of the city. Spark up a celebratory smoke. Put the key in the lock and make sure she doesn’t rip any buttons off your Custom Made Shirt before the door closes.

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Top Ten South Beach Miami Mistakes

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Top Ten South Beach Miami Mistakes

Miami Beach is a very intoxicating place; the ocean, mad amounts of fly girls (easily the most highly concentrated of any place in America), high heels, dresses, short skirts, drugs, late nights, succulent Comida Cubana, etc. It can also be a godforsaken cesspool. But one place can’t have it all, right?

However, as we have mentioned before, South Beach has been many a player’s “Waterloo”. Top ranked players from NYC end up looking like dorks on the beach because they rock wack beach gear. And as a result, they end up filleted. Top tier California playboys get put through the wood chipper since they are not used to the late nights, late dinning hours, rhythms of the night, and smoking in bars in South Beach (they can thank the Gov and the Police State California has become for that). Even top foreign G’s get battered and bruised.

Lucky for you, the reader, your humble author has one of the greatest track records of all time in South Beach.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes I see guys constantly making in South Beach:

1. Not wearing Custom Suits – South Beach is definitely Custom Suit turf. Amazingly, not that many cats bust them. Which in turn makes it more effective. If you dress in tight jeans or glittery Ed Hardy shirts, expect to get blanked in South Beach. However, on the plus side, you should find plenty in common with about 99% of the guys in America. So you will never be at a loss for friends to go out to the local sports bar and eat “Mondo Nachos” and “Jalapeño Poppers” with.

2. Not Street GamingStreet Game is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for swooping in South Beach.

3. Going into clubs “Cold” – Here is the thing with South Beach: the nightclubs are pretty difficult to swoop girls at. You need to have girls cooking before you roll to the club and use the club as a closing tool. If you understand this, you understand South Beach.

4. Not rolling to the restaurants – Sure, most South Beach restaurants are overpriced and the food is kind of wack. And it’s hard to get some decent sushi. But the restaurant bars in Miami are literally, Bolivian gold mines for swooping (and we all know where the price of Gold is today). Roll in Custom Suited Down and slide up to the Colombiana and Cubana in high heels and short skirts at the bar. Proceed accordingly.

(Side Note: I have thought for years that if someone opened up a legit traditional Sushi place in South Beach you would print money. Key words here being “legit traditional”. As a matter of fact, maybe I will talk to some of my Sushi guys when I get back to California.)

5. Not going after locals only tourists – Sure the tourists are easier to swoop on a one night basis, but the local Miami girls way more fly. Check out Brickell; and prepared to have your mind blown.

6. Not smoking – Choosing not to smoke is a horrible move in South Beach. By being a smoker, you get mad free leads. Plus, the health benefits from swooping tons of fly Latinas will easily counter act the “potential” risks from the inhalation of tobacco smoke.

7. Not having SwaggerWe have talked about Swagger in South Beach before. If you come light in South Beach, prepare to get nothing. If you come heavy, the blimp reads “The World is Yours”. It’s really that simple.

8. Not getting your rounds in – Hit up the recently re-opened Legendary 5th Street Gym.

9. Not speaking Spanish – You are going to need to speak at least little Spanish and hold a conversation in Spanish if you really want to come up Aces in South Beach. Other languages help as well. I would say I typically speak about 40% English – 60% Spanish (and other languages) when I am in Miami.

10. Not Dancing – You are going to have to dance if you want to close in South Beach. Here is the Salsa Swoop Move.

11. Being undercapitalized – Sure, you might be able to swoop girls in South Beach if your Game is super tight and your broke. But why make it hard on yourself? South Beach girls love that Young, Handsome, Dashing, Rich, International Playboy in the Custom Suit with the big Bankroll. Why do it any other way? Anything less would be uncivilized.

The other advantage is you can really be a “bully with the bucks” in South Beach. So you really might as well hit hard like Camacho and Vargas and peg the market.

12. Doing Drugs – Bad move. It’s too hot and you will get too tweaked.

If you didn’t know, now you know. And if you do any of the above mistakes, you only have yourself to blame.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
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AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
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