Street Game…It’s kinda like The Crack Game

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Street Game…It’s kinda like The Crack Game

“Yo she took me out my stinkin’ Asics, to the pinkest bracelet
Face it, the basics, no way you could think I’m racist
Got a white girl, tell you that she’s quite thorough
Borough to borough, move me through this white world (from what?)
From Columbia, then she moved to Canada
Now she live in Harlem, right, and you could say I manage her
Met her in ’90, Jeru was the Damaja
I wasn’t understanding her, that everyone was a fan of her
That was confusing her, they was abusing her
That wasn’t new to her, bought me a Luger brah
Of course, of course, never had intercourse
Of course, of course, without her wouldn’t of been a boss
I would flip for my mama, got me getting them commas (get it?)
Paid for my 1st va-kay, a trip to Bahamas (YES!)
Swam in the ocean, I was ditching pirannas
That’s my girl girl, yup, so give her some honor”

Solid wordplay and metaphors By Cam’ron on “White Girls” (I met her in ’88…)

Cam’ron – Rush Rush (Get tha Yayo)

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Street Game is the ability to Swoop girls “cold” off the street, Cold. Many people think that because I am so effective at swooping girls in Nightclubs, Gentlemans Clubs, and High-End restaurants, that my skills are limited to those spots. In actuality, Street Game is the Foundation of all my Game. Many players today, lack a good Street Game foundation. You will often see West Coast Players lacking good Street Game Style. (Too much time spent in Cars not enough time on Corners).


Back in the Day when I was a younger Prototype G, my crew was involved in the Powder Game. The Barons in our neighborhood didn’t let us “Shovel Snow” in our hood so we went to a neighborhood that was neutral turf. This was a great neighborhood, lots of clubs restaurants, college jerkoffs, Snow Bunnies, professionals, etc. Business was good. We were like some kind of Powder Get fresh crew and we primarily worked the clubs. We were Snow Men on the Rise. We had fools who couldn’t feel their faces. SnowBlind. Puro. There was another crew that worked the side streets, alleys, and parking areas. They were the Crack Rock Crew. Both crews co-existed in a very delicate balance. We worked the clubs they worked the Streets. As the streets heated up, both crews were pushed to the brink until it was like two Scorpions in a Bottle. I had to negotiate a treaty with their leader who we will call “Jaheed”. After the treaty was settled I became good friends with Jaheed, a true Prince of the Streets. He truly worked the streets, the streets didn’t work him. He had mad style and an ill crew behind him from Muscle to runners to lookouts. He had his Game, his Cain, his Cane, and his limping together. Peeled shortys right off the Ave. I often used to chill with him on his stoop and philosiphize about The Game. It was in these days that I was working on perfecting my Street Game which is very similar to The Crack Game.

The Post Up

You need to have the proper post up. You need confidence, swag, sway and presence. Ready for anything. You need to be aware of your surroundings. Like the flipper is aware of customers and Five-O, you as the G need to be aware are girls in every direction. Be creative with your post ups. Maybe post up by a Ferrari and pretend its yours. Post up on the street near a College, a girls Clothing strore, a Modeling Agency, or around the beach. Very important to protect your turf. Dark parking garages are obviously terrible places for Street Game. Too Scary. High-End shopping districts are the best. Madison Avenue in NYC, M Street and Wisconsin Ave in DC, Avenue Foch and Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Rodeo and Melrose in LA, Bond street and Regent Street in London, Shibuya in Tokyo, The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Grafton Street in Dublin, Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Bloor Street in Toronto, Las Mercedes in Caracas, Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, Via Montenapoleone in Milan and Via Mazzini in Verona. I scuffed my tim’s on many International streets. And I have done it like Penny and Anfernee…The Hardaway…..


Style always wins over technique. Just like with Graffiti Burners. Resort Style is always good. Wife beaters and winter beaters were king in the mid 90’s (and I am not talking about TI’s album KING either) depending on the weather. Also Tims, baggy jeans , Helly Hansen jackets, and G-Town Jerseys were chainsaws in the Shower for Street Game in those days. Today, Sneakers like BAPE Stas, BAPE, BBC, Ice Cream Sneakers, Black SB’s could be fresh if you’re a young and up and coming prototype G. Planet of the BAPES. I consider Nigo a contemporary and a peer. You want to seem like you have dough (even if you don’t). If your twisting Caine you want to seem successful. Same thing if your Street Gaming Girls. You want to look fresh. It’s like marketing. I prefer a custom tailored Dior Homme Suit by Heidi Slimane with a Blood Red Duncan Quinn shirt (black cuff interior) blown open with pearl cufflinks and Prada loafers. Mad Rakish.


Very important. Show me someone who does not smoke, and Ill show you some that hasn’t mastered Street Game. One, smoking makes you look like you are doing something. Two, Smoking Cures boredom between strikes. Three, Smoking give girls an excuse to talk to you and ask you for a smoke or a light. Four, it looks cool as f***. If your somersaulting Pebbles or Snowballing you want to seem like you are doing anything but somersaulting Pebbles or Snowballing….Right?


When you are spitting Street Game, you need to have quick reactions. Talk to every girl that rolls by. If you don’t you are going to be kicking yourself that you didn’t. And if you wait too long it will you can seem kind of shady and un-natural. Make Heads-up plays. A Model girl dropping her portfolio book is a perfect time to strike. Approach quick. The Brick Pitcher has to have quick reactions also. Always has to watch out for Homicide, DEA, Swat Cops, Squalie, turncoat Snitches and murderous rival crews. If you’re slow at Gunplay you don’t get to play slow.


You want to give off a non-threatening vibe when you spit Street Game at girls. Smiles, happiness, you are having the best day ever, etc. You don’t want to be intimidating at all. This is not the same Vibe that you throw out when you are robbing a Underground Poker Game full of Pimps (and when I say “Pimps” I mean Pimps in the Urban sense, like a guy who makes money by putting girls to work on the AVE, you know, Goon Hands, Cadillacs, fresh vines, icy demeanor, and heated coat hangers and such. Not “pimps” in a Suburban sense, like some skippy who gets girls every now and then, hair gel, 2 Door BMW’s Banana Republic Gear, Humor from Will Ferrell movies, corner cubicle, and the “coolest” guy in the office). And its not the same Vibe that you use to Extort some scumbag Pornographer either. Quite the opposite. The Fiend Leaner has to throw out a Vibe that is not soft but not too hard that the Lawyer in the Lexus is too scared to cop rocks. Jaheed was a master of the Vibe.


When your floating Street Game your goal should be to Number Crunch. And think volume. You want to move “product”. Street Numbers also have a high conversion rate. I have done an unofficial Case Study and I have found out that Street Numbers convert at a much higher rate than say Nightclub Numbers. You want stacks and stacks of Numbers. The Street Pharmacist Needs to move Volume as well and also wants stacks and stacks. He needs to stay on the grind like clockwork. Keep that block work rolling. Fiends buying like clockwork. Hotter blocks are the best.

Street Game Close

The Rosetta Stone of Street Game is you need to pitch a lot of girls and don’t hesitate. You are always going to run into girls that are clueless and faithful to their dorky boyfriends. Those are not the girls you really want anyway. (News just in, girls that date dorks are dorks themselves. These types of girls don’t really make good sparing partners, are going to be relentless about hassling you for smoking cigarettes, will say that everything is like “So Random” like 500 times in an hour, and best case scenario they are going to think you are a complete psycho). After a good Number Crunching section look for a girl you can close. Always pitch a girl for some future date i.e. “Lets go to (insert shitty nightclub that she thinks is “really cool”) for my friends birthday party, Vip, DJ Zero Skillz, Bottle Service, blah, blah, blah, it doesn’t really matter, just get her number. It doesn’t even have to be a real gig.

Once you can pick up a girl off the Street and swoop her to a hotel (or yours or her crib) within 45 minutes of saying “Hello, do you have a light? Thanks. My name is Michael Mason…..” consider yourself a black belt at Street Game. Just so you know, I am Black Belt Seventh Degree…..The Rest is Up to You…….

Email of the week (un-edited) in regards to: Platinum Diggers

“Dear Champ,

Nice write up testicles tingle. I love gold diggers as well, especially on their backs. Although one of my mortgage broker friends was in Vegas and got hustled for his high end rollie by a couple of strippers whom he thought he was going to get a fresh tossed salad from. I was in Bel Air this weekend after reading your Manifesto all tipped over on exotic beans from Morocco and I met this high end actress who thought my game was tight. She proceeded to tell me what she expects out of her men, I made up more stories than Walt Disney about my net worth and houses across the world (I think I even convinced her I had a 3000 sq foot ocean front villa on Mars at one point), got her drunk of Dom and popped it in her pooper at 3am, stole her purse and some jewelry and just sold it on Ebay for a half a stick. The life of G couldn’t be better, all thanks to you Champ!!!”

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Yeti
AKA Snow Man
The Guide to Getting More Out of Travel

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Grandmaster Flash – White Lines

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  1. The G Manifesto
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    No one has ever compared picking up girls to slinging crack! is this some next shit or just some other shit?

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    china white, mother of pearl, ivory white!

  3. The G Manifesto
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    Good stuff. Thanks for that. Was one of the more interesting things I’ve read

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    Pimp of the year
    23/01/2007 at 1:36 am Permalink

    you really need to do more with this, write books, tv shows, etc.

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    26/01/2007 at 2:23 am Permalink

    Do you have the lyrics to Keith Murray You Ain’t No Gangsta?

  6. The G Manifesto
    16/04/2007 at 9:57 pm Permalink

    you should do a g manifesto about picking up girls in dog parks like LAUREL CANYON DOG PARK or in grocery stores

  7. The G Manifesto
    27/11/2008 at 12:18 pm Permalink

    Read Off the Hook, the Street Game and Crack Cocaine. I am the author. Let’s turn this into a movie? What do you say??

  8. The G Manifesto
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    i love my cool bathing apes

  9. The G Manifesto
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    Street game is easier. women are off gaurd. and ALONE. no bitchy friends.


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