Platinum Diggers

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Platinum Diggers

“So what if I’m slinging those thing, things
I’m doing what I gotta do to maintain

Respect my Hustle
Don’t be mad at her cause she’s stripping for cash
Y’all be in the Club trickin for ass

Just Respect my Hustle

Don’t be mad at him if he stickin em up
He should take it if they givin it up

Respect my Hustle

Long as you buying I’m supplying
Long as you buying I’m supplying”

–Sick lyrics from Papoose’s “Respect My Hustle”, ill beat, sample, and flow…..

A lot of people hate Gold Digger Girls. I like them. Many times they are more up-front, honest, and real than Civilian Girls. I actually look at them as a distant female cousin of The G. Think about it, like James Brown (RIP James) said, “It’s a Man’s World”. Sure women have more options than they did even 10 years ago, but there are still so many obstacles for the upwardly mobile woman. Who can really blame her for trying to move up in society by hustling and Marriage. The reason I really like them is because many times Platinum Diggers are Beautiful and Fly. Ex-Fitness Models, Ex-B-Movie Actresses, Catalogue Models, and fly Divorces of all types make for Great Platinum Diggers. I have been doing an unofficial Case Study and I have been able to track a Sharp increase of Platinum Diggers coming on the Market. Investment tip for 2007…go Long Platinum Diggers. I think it has to do with the increase of reality TV, the increase of girls Posing in Photos that reverse the efforts of the Women’s Movement, and Everyone wanting their 15 minutes of Fame. Once that 15 minutes is over (its more like 2 minutes these days) these girls find themselves in the very competitive Entertainment world (I should have been a Hollywood agent instead of a HeistMan….oh well, we all make mistakes). There simply is not enough room for all these girls. This is when the Digging Starts. There is a whole population of Girls out there who all think they deserve the good life. Maybe they do. This isn’t the place for that philosophical discussion. This is The G Manifesto. This is about how you Swoop Platinum Diggers:

Location and Timing

Real Estate is all about Location, Location, Location (its really not, as Donald Trump says, you can have a great location but if you overpaying for it, it is still not a good deal). Options trading is all about Timing, Timing, Timing. (Any commodity is a good trade, as long as you time it right.) To Target Platinum Diggers, you need to have Location and Timing right. So you could say that swooping Platinum Diggers is more complex and Real Estate Investing and/or Options Trading. Top Notch Platinum Diggers actually follow a “Tour” that follows money. Its not unlike The G Manifesto Tour (which follows the best weather, girls and Nightlife scenes). Posting up in wealthy communities like Palm Beach Manalapan, Bel Air, Bev, Greenwich, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar, La Jolla, Parts of SF and the Bay Area, and of Course NYC are going to put yourself in the Kill Zone for Platinum Diggers. High-End Restaurants, Hotels, Charity Balls, Society Functions, Boutique openings, Fashion Events, Gallery openings, Art Museum Gigs are the cornerstones of swooping Platinum Diggers. But the timing needs to be right. Aspen, Vail, St. Barts, the Caribbean, early winter and Palm Beach and Miami Beach late winter. Spring in Los Angeles, SF, Paris, and Southern Spain. Late Spring into Summer South France, NYC, Sardinia, Monte Carlo, The Hamptons, Ibiza, Pais Vasco. Fall in London, NYC, Paris. We will Break down Legs of The G Manifesto Tour Later.


When Swooping Platinum Diggers you need to dress sick. High end suit brands; Brioni, Armani, Kiton, and custom Suits will always get Platinum Diggers attention. Platinum Diggers always keep an eye on the smaller details like shoes and watch. John Lobb custom shoes from 9 St. James’s Street London should do the trick. As far as watch goes, make sure its something expensive. Patek Phillipes, Cartier, etc. Rolex’s work well also, especially to un-sophisticated Platinum Diggers. The advanced ones will think your un-original.

Side Note:

Unless I am targeting Platinum Diggers, I typically don’t wear a watch. I grew up in a city where people will kill each other for $5.00 so I have never really felt comfortable with wearing something on my wrist that costs $25,000 (Hell, I’ll John Doe you for ten five). Let the Cryst Pop, but always keep an eye on your wrist watch!

Back Story

Obviously, to get a Platinum Digger’s attention in conversation, you need to be rich. Make sure you have an air-tight Back Story. For instance, if your last name is Johnson, maybe say you’re an heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. Classic American companies always work well. They are recognizable to Platinum Diggers. Maybe get a fake ID with the last name Wrigley and say you’re the Great Grandson of the Gum King. Get the whole story straight, do research, know how the company started, where it started, the major players involved etc. It really can help to have a good Running Partner corroborate your story. Talk about family. I have done an Un-official Case Study, and most Platinum Diggers come from mediocre family environments. I am lucky and came from a great family nucleus. I have literally made many Platinum Diggers, shed tears of joy when listening to me speak of the love in my family….Supreme technique…

The High- End Theory

Your whole attitude has to be High-End when you are dealing with Platinum Diggers. You need to remove the language of the Pimp, the Hustler, and the Street out of your lexicon. Discuss topics of the Sophisticated and the Rich. Maybe talk about how you prefer the firm texture of Breton Lobsters as opposed to North American Lobsters and you frequently have them shipped in from the picturesque fishing Village of Guilvinec. Or how you prefer Iberico Ham to Prosciutto Di Parma even though its illegal in the United States, and how that hasn’t stopped you from Smuggling a shipment in every month.


When pitching Platinum Diggers you really have to “Sweep them off their feet”. Really turn on the Class and romantic stuff. A good technique is “Sand Castling”. Sand Castling is when you create a beautiful future for you and the Platinum Digger. Like telling Platinum Digger you want to retire soon with a Penthouse apartment in NYC and a Mansion in St. Kits. You are the Prince and the Platinum Digger is the Princess. Very powerful stuff. Play the Dream Catcher Game. Specialize in Futuristic Mental Picture Painting.


The Champagne Close is the Top Rated Close to Use on Platinum Diggers. Works every time. Caviar Closes are great for style points and Rankings. The most experienced Platinum Diggers won’t want to sleep with you right away and will want to “hook” you long term. Also be very careful with protection. The Platinum Digger’s “Pregnancy Close” is her Top Close. Many G’s have fallen Victim. Don’t become a fallen G. The Rest is Up to You…………..

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA Your Favorite Player’s Favorite Player
AKA Your Favorite G’s Favorite G
The Guide to Getting More Out of Life

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This is one of the Sickest Hip-Hop Tracks ever, Jeru The Damaja, “Ya Playin Yourself”. If you don’t know it, you don’t know about Hip-Hop. Cop this album.

Papoose Respect My Hustle

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    I love gold diggers also

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    I was looking for the lyrics for papoose’s respect my hustle.

  3. The G Manifesto
    EL MIZ
    09/01/2007 at 6:43 am Permalink

    st kitts, if you didnt know it now you do ya HEARD.

    swooping on gold diggers, i love how the G always turns conventional wisdom around 180 degrees.

    word is bond.

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    nacirema dream
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    you are the nacirema dream son

  5. The G Manifesto
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    Ok, question for The People’s Champ:

    I got game. And I got some cash. But I ain’t rich. That said, is it ok to pretend I’m rich, as long as I know what I’m talking about and got Class?

    Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    you need to do a comprehensive guide on south beach miami

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    The Wrath of the Math….

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    Jamon Iberico Bellota is the bomb


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