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Increasing Your Bankroll Online: A Guide for the Modern G

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Increasing Your Bankroll Online: A Guide for the Modern G (Guest Manifesto)

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Whether you want your site to be the world’s homepage like Google, Facebook, etc.; run a less popular website and sell high cost products with a large profit margin; create many smaller websites that generate a total profit larger than the biggest sites; or any combination of these, you have many options for your bankroll to blow up like Lindsay Lohan’s mind on powder.

As you can see online business is very similar to offline business, but there are a few key things that separate the two. One of them is the tremendous potential for movers & shakers. Sites can go from nothing to the top of the internet overnight as with Microsoft’s Bing, which shot like a Beretta from zilch to the 10th most popular site online in little over a week according to With social sites like Digg and Twitter as well as blogs, forums, or news sites, it is very possible that if you come up with a revolutionizing idea for a site that it can climb the ranks of the internet to the top in a matter of months. Like Twitter itself did, which brings me to my next point.

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At least once per year there is a new site that revolutionizes the internet. YouTube, Facebook, RapidShare, and Twitter are all recent examples. If you happen to notice a rapid upward growth of a site before it reaches anywhere near the top sites on the internet, you will have a chance to capitalize on its innovation by putting a twist on its idea and publishing your own site. All the excitement of a heist, but yet legal if it’s only the idea you’ve stolen. After that, 99% of the time it is not worth it to try to make a site just like it because there is too much competition and there is no reason for anyone to use a site that accomplished the same function when it is miles behind the original. When FaceBook became popular it seemed like every webmaster wanted to be Mark Zuckerberg and create their own social site as if FaceBook was the limit of innovation. But then guess what? Twitter came out. The point is there is always another idea just waiting to burst to the top of the internet. Your objective should be to find it when it is on the brink of bursting in popularity and put a twist on it.

This is where my concept of juicy content, not to be confused with juicy couture, comes in. Whatever it is that your site does to make it unique from the crowd of 9 billion other sites, whether it’s providing a service or selling Audemars Piguet watches, Beluga caviar, custom suits, Davidoff cigars, or Enzo Ferraris, emphasize it and make it easily accessible. If there is nothing unique about your site, no juicy content, your site will be going down down baby Nelly-style.

In building the site you are going to want to add all that Web 2.0 jazz that everyone talks about these days, however, don’t overdo it. Too much JavaScript and Ajax can not only be annoying, but can cause the site not to function properly on certain browsers. While we’re talking programming languages here I’ll also mention that my favorite web language is PHP, the other alternative is Microsoft’s ASP. Running a site on a Linux box with PHP and MySQL should be sufficient for almost any site – it’s what Wikipedia uses.

Now if you would prefer someone write the site for you, you can outsource a freelance coder from a site like to make it exactly the way you want it or buy an already made site from Make sure they know how to SEO (search engine optimization) the site because you may get around half your traffic from search engines, mainly Google. Whether or not you are programming the site yourself, you may still want to buy a template from depending on what type of site you’re making unless you’re the Banksy of Photoshop. Whatever you do, do not use any standardized content management system, ie. PHPNuke, or anything that was not written specifically for your site unless it is an additional feature of the site. There are some exceptions for sites that are only blogs, forums, wikis, etc.

After you get your site established, you are most likely going to want some advertisers if it is more of an entertainment site. If it is a company website that sells a specific product or service like a bank, you obviously don’t want to divert your traffic. TribalFusion, Adsense, Burst Media, GorillaNation, and Casale are top tier advertising agencies that will help you monetize your inventory. My advice is to stray away from popups, cpv ads, or anything that is too intruding. Your visitors will stop coming back with these kinds of ads and building a loyal customer base is absolutely vital to your success.

I’m going to end this Manifesto with a tip on one of best things you can do to DOUBLE your income on a site. It is to offer some type of membership with recurring billing. This can easily be handled through PayPal. 99% of the time people will forget to cancel it and leave it going for at least 6 months — maybe even years if you are lucky. I don’t think I have to further explain what this can do for your business…

Cheers and best of luck to your online success!


AKA The Internet Dominator
AKA The Message

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Guest Manifesto: Las Vegas in Summertime

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Guest Manifesto: Las Vegas in Summertime

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Carmex lip balm…check. Visine… check. Cash…check.

It’s the middle of July and it’s 105 degrees in the shade. I’m drained but none the less I’ve got to Enter the Dragon. Went a bit too far last night, but damn, I looked good doing it. Picture this; bone white Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo jacket with red silk pocket square, crisp white Gianni Versace couture button-down with black bow tie and tailored jet black slacks tickling the uppers of my Cole Haan mocs with the Nike Air sole. Stacy Dash… I see you lookin. I’m in Vegas and I feel like Tony right after he gets back to his crib… “I gotta get organized”. Montana, not Soprano, minus the blow. The Bella suite at the Venetian is perfect when you need an extra bed for your new found friends to sleep on. From my perspective, your body begins to shut down by your fourth day out here. You’ve got to pace yourself. Start every morning by sweating out the toxins, i.e. drugs, beer and liquor with a 30-45 minute workout at the gym in your hotel. No excuses. Water replenishment is another key to defeating the monkey that jumped on your back at about the time you strolled out of Spearmint Rhino with your pockets turned inside-out. This is the town that has the potential to spit you out with your shoestrings holding your pants up; remember Bell from Willie Dynamite?

Like The G Manifesto said, make sure that you’ve adequately stocked up on supplies before you arrive. Get your gum/altoids, Aleve, Visine, lip balm and cigarettes/cigars before you get into town. Your Zippo should be full of fluid. Time is yours to control as best you can. Also pack plenty of T’s, boxers and socks because you will sweat a lot. Good comfortable shoes are a must as you will be doing lots of walking. As a G you should be wearing comfortable shoes anyway because only cheap shoes hurt your feet. Steve Madden’s will be the death of you in Vegas.

With all of the wild summer pool parties going on, your day game has to be up to snuff. You should be confident enough in your appearance that taking your shirt off is not going to leave you feeling vulnerable and weak. Push-ups, crunches and pull-ups will help. If you’ve got weights, use em. I’ve even seen one G use hotel furniture (benches, coffee tables) to prep for the pool scene, its that important! The resort pool scene is the time to stack your lady count, or as I like to call it your kill score. Trust me, it’s very possible to pull a hat trick during a Vegas weekend; I’ve seen it happen. The dj’s will be spinning mostly top hits, but it’s your job to show off original dance moves. Listen to me. Learn from me. I was not the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd and you will win your freedom. – Proximo, Gladiato

If you are like me and you have a weakness for the green and red felt tables, you’ve got to do things to yourself so that you don’t ruin your life. Leave at least 200-300 dollars cash hidden either in your car parked at the airport or at your crib so that you have money once you get home. This prevents you from overspending what’s in your bank account. Limit your drinking at the tables. Casinos thrive on drunken gamblers, instead use this time to replenish your body with water and save the drinking for the clubs. And even then, don’t go overboard on the drinking, you have to be able to carry on a conversation with a fly honey and game spitting requires a clear head. Contrary to advice from the Big Tymer’s, this isn’t the time to drink till you throw-up. She will prolly be smashed out of her mind but that’s not your problem. Whether you bang it out or not you’ve got an image and a reputation to uphold. You’ve also spent too many chips on your gear to ruin it with vomit— be it yours or someone else’s.

Dress yourself in the best clothes you own. You can’t hit up Tao in a polo or a t-shirt and expect to get any type of respect. If you’ve got crappy gear, pack light and re-up at the Forum Shops (Caesars), Via Bellagio or the Grande Canal Shoppes (Venetian). You control your destiny and the perception that you portray is that of a G. As tempting as it may be to go with the common theme out here, you’ve got to stay in your lane—- no flashy T’s! Let them have that style all to themselves. I can’t begin to tell you how many times women commented on how nice I looked. I was suited for four straight nights! My game was on hyperdrive because of the Brock Lesnar/Frank Mir UFC title fight. Amongst a sea of print T’s adorned with sequins, bobby pins and safety pins, a well tailored suit really stands out.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Boise beauty queens or the Tallahassee trailer tramps, you can easily find a money pro honey sitting at the hotel bar. Trust me, it ain’t hard to tell. No real G will judge you for spending 2-3 hours with a Jessica Alba clone and her girlfriend. We don’t have to know that you blew last week’s paycheck on ass. Take a Polaroid picture of them, not with them and stash it away in your sin box.

Finally, you’ve got to eat good food. Avoid the buffets and venture beyond crappy hot dogs and cheeseburgers. You can get that stuff anytime back home. Eat foods that you’ve never had, I ordered the Eggs Benedict at the Grand Luxe Cafe and I’ll never forget that experience. It could have been my wonderful waitress Natasha or it could have been the fact that I chopped it up with Suge and almost knocked him for one of his lady friends. Unintentionally I might add. Suge, got much love for you big homie. This is the time to be a grown-up and channel your inner Anthony Bourdain. Real G’s eat real food.

DMV till I die

Very respectfully,

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Wale Ft. Gucci Mane – Pretty Girls

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Guest Manifesto: For The People

» 27 July 2009 » In Dope, Guest Manifesto, Nightlife, Style » 2 Comments

Guest Manifesto: For The People
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Another Manhattan summer is upon us. But I don’t dip for the Hamps.
There’s something about the concrete jungle that keeps me comfortable.

Red ribbon players give off a doubtful vibe. No worries. I know the competition is tapioca.

Been a busy summer at the High Line, thus far. I’m posted, naturally. Swagger drippin. Gettin that brie. Curb servin like American History X. Carryin the 8 like Jon and Kate. Sockless. Purple Label because Ralph’s a friend. Rubber band money clip keepin me grounded. My equity givin haters heartburn. And no, these aren’t Tums I’m bundlin. Brushing up on RICO precedent. The pre-paid cell keep the Feds panties in a bunch. Startac. I’m so retro. Shielding risk like a fideicomiso. Look it up. My LLC’s LLC’s got LLCs. They’ll send your lawyer back to undergrad. His public school undergrad.
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Ahhh…NYC summers. Humiliating wannabes who “heard Shake Shack burgers are sweet”, and “have boys who can get us into TenJune”. Meanwhile, I “have boys who know your PIN number”, and I “break bread with U.N. security personnel”. Twisting up lavender fauna on the hour. Puffin those Barney farts. I maneuver best when I’m over levered. Like Linens N’ Things. Summertime, so I keep things in the linen. Pulling fire alarms at Soho House. Bending flat brims on hipsters’ 90′s Starter caps. Bet they can’t name one Charlotte Hornet. Morimoto is a hack. Lunching down the block at Son Cubano with a third-stringer
that’ll make your Dad leave your Mom. And then tell her “keep the kids”.

Enjoy the sharehouse, Neil. I’m at the Core Club. Ask for me.


King Jaffe

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NaS H to the omo freestyle (Jay-Z Diss)

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Guest Manifesto: Latin’s Guide to Gaming in Lima, Peru

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Guest Manifesto: Latin’s Guide to Gaming in Lima, Peru

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(LatinStylez wrote a great Guest Manifesto about swooping girls in Lima, Peru. Check out his blog for great travel tips and tips for swooping girls in foreign countries:

Lima, Peru was featured as my top city in my Top 3 Destinations for South America and my field reports section has been high on my hit count. With the encouragement of The G Manifesto, I have decided to post a guide to running pick-up in this beautiful city overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The women are exotic and friendly. They have a real warmness to them which makes Peruvian women very special in my opinion. Go in the summertime where the sun shines non-stop. A coastal fog blankets the city after the summer.


When Bolo and I arrived to Lima earlier this year, we had no idea what to expect. Leaving Ecuador, which didn’t have many attractive women, Lima was a big question mark. In retrospect, this guide is focused on the Miraflores area since this is where Bolo and I gamed extensively.


Not everyone will be on a budget, but we were during our trip to South America. My plan, when I go back to Lima, is to get a monthly rental near the beach with a few wings and game non-stop for a month. Since we were on a budget, there were logistical issues we would have to deal with. However, the hostel workers where I was staying were cool with me bringing back HB’s. They let me run my game.

Here’s a list of some hostels:

Inka Lounge- We stayed at the one about a ten minute walk from the park area and near the clubs. Looking back, I would have rather been in the action!

Flying Dog Backpacker’s- This hostel is in a perfect location. It is in Parque Kennedy and near some bars. It is known as a party hostel.

Day Game: (Parque Kennedy)

Lima had the best day game out of all the cities I went to in South America. Go to the Parque Kennedy area during the day. I bounced so many sets from this location. And guess what? There are hundreds of bounce locations you can take your targets to: lots of coffee shops and restaurants. There’s no doubt in my mind that SNL’s can happen from there.

There is a shopping center in the park area as well. I was able to bounce a set from there to the park… Make sure to go out there ahead of time to pick out your venues you will bounce your targets to. Open with something casual like “Como se llama este parque?” “ Que es un lugar bueno a comer por aca?”

Then after opening, you can roll from there. Just a heads up, Peruvian girls are very friendly compared to their other Latina sisters. They were very compliant via text message.

Night Game: Barrancos, Larco Mar

The night game wasn’t the greatest in South America. However, there are some good spots. Things really get going on the weekends. If you’re looking for classy good looking girls check out Larco Mar. There are a lot of trendy bars and clubs in this area and the majority of the women there can speak some English.

If you’re looking for a fun party, check out Barranco’s. This area is filled with tons of bars and lots of college students looking for a good time. There are some other night spots around the Parque Kennedy area.

Internet Game:

If you are interested in doing internet game, there are some sites you can check out Plenty of Fish and Okcupid to name a few. I ended up pulling an SNL from it. We only exchanged a couple of messages and we set up a meeting a couple days later. It was a 2 hour close. Logistics were in my favor. Refer to the LR on my blog.

Social Circle:

This is something I wish I had the chance to do more. Just a heads up, the Peruvian guys didn’t seem to have their act together like the Colombian guys. However, there are some ways to get into social circle in Lima. This can be very beneficial in a number of ways. First, you will be introduced to hb’s through the social circle. Second, you will be able to open many other sets when you are out with your social circle. The Peruvian guys I met were friendly and were up for meeting foreigners. Use social circle and you will see results from it.


Next time I go to Lima, I would like to enroll in some classes to meet some people. We didn’t get a chance to do this. Many of the girls we sarged during our trip were university students studying in Miraflores. This is also something else to look into.

Google maps link to Universities in Miraflores


Come join me on my journey in Pickup.

Keep updated on my blog.

Jaime Guardia – Madrecita Linda

Alvaro Ernesto – La Ciudad (Original Mix)

César Miró – “Todos Vuelven”

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General Investment Themes from Barron’s Roundtable

» 15 June 2009 » In Guest Manifesto, money » 1 Comment

General Investment Themes from Barron’s Roundtable

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A Dead Bat in Paraguay

Weekly Commentary
For June 15th– June 19th 2009
By: Matthew Bradbard

Barron’s roundtable did not disappoint as some of the most influential financial minds were interviewed on what has happened and what is to come, oddly enough we agree with most of what was said. The general themes were: gold should be in your portfolio, a correction in equities is coming, the paltry returns in Treasuries do not justify an allocation, at some point the Fed will be forced to raise interest rates, and finally, the actions by the government should cause inflation if not hyperinflation. Sounds to me like a recipe for a continuing bull market in commodities.
To find out exactly how we are positioning our clients in commodity futures and options, Contact us today at 1-888-920-9997. Don’t forget to tell them The G Manifesto sent you.


The DOE said crude oil supplies were down 4.4 million barrels, supplies of gasoline were down 1.6 million barrels and heating oil supplies were down 800,000 barrels. August crude oil closed up $3.95 to trade to the highest level in seven months. Prices have traded higher now 7 out of the last 8 weeks, talk about a trend. Last week’s high at 73.90 should serve as resistance, followed by 75.00 with support at the 9 day moving average of 70.40. This level has acted as support since prices closed above the 9 day moving average on 5/18. August heating oil traded higher by 7.90 cents last week. Resistance is seen between 1.90/1.92 with support at the 9 day moving average at 1.8325 followed by 1.76. August RBOB gained just under 9 cents to close above $2 for the first time since mid-October. After reaching that landmark we would expect some profit taking. Support comes in at 1.88/1.90.

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A Dead Bat in Paraguay

The DOE said underground supplies of natural gas were up 106 billion cubic feet last week. August natural gas closed up 1 penny on the week. A triple bottom at 3.85 should act as solid support with resistance coming in first at 4.40 followed by 4.70. Prices were higher by 25 cents last Thursday on very good volume; almost 3 times the average volume of late. We advised clients to cover at least a portion of the recent fence position at a $1600 profit being we could get some spillover weakness from Crude. Our recommended trade currently is to buy the September $4.50/5.50 call spread near $2,200.

August live cattle were higher by 65 ticks last week as movement of late has been like watching paint dry. This scenario has played out well for one of the livestock CTA’s that we work with as they typically write “out of the money” options. Support is seen at 80.50 with resistance at the 20 day moving average at 82.35. Trade idea: buy August live cattle/ sell October live cattle at -550.The widest this spread has been is -650, our target is to pick up 200-300 points. August feeder cattle were higher by 1.225 ticks closing 320 ticks off their lows. Support is seen at 96.90 followed by 96.00 with resistance at the 20 day moving average at 99.00.

Demand for pork continues to suffer, hurt by the world’s reaction to the H1N1 virus. Last week the World Health Organization declared a flu pandemic due to the spread of the H1N1 virus. In spite of assurances from numerous health organizations that eating properly cooked pork is safe, the hog industry continues to suffer. August lean hogs closed down .325 ticks having closed lower now for the last 4 weeks. Last week’s low at 57.785 should support while we see resistance at 61.50.


Stocks: Not only are we seeing less upside but the volumes have shrunk considerably, both signs of an interim top. The S&P added just 6 points last week registering its 12th positive week in the last 14 to close slightly below 950. The Dow ended the week up 36 points to 8799 finally making its way in the black for the year. The NASDAQ rose for the 13th time in 14 weeks adding only 9 points to 1859. We don’t suggest celebrating the 40% rebound for too long as a correction should be just around the bend. As investors recognize the quick recovery and increased growth that has been priced in will not be realized, expect profit taking. Moreover a sell-off is forthcoming being the fundamentals don’t match Wall Street’s perception. Friday we were buyers of July 875 ES puts for clients for $575.

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A Dead Bat in Paraguay

To view our full commentary which includes the sectors of energies, livestock, currencies, financials, grains, softs, and metals, subscribe to our 4 week free trial by visiting this link:

Risk Disclosure: The risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options can be substantial. Before trading MB Wealth recommends that you should carefully consider your financial position to determine if commodity trading is appropriate for you. All funds committed should be purely risk capital. Past performance is no guarantee of future trading results. There are no guarantees of market outcome stated, everything stated above are our opinions.

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Wimpster: Word of The Day

» 09 June 2009 » In Guest Manifesto, People, Style » 2 Comments

Wimpster: Word of The Day

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n. pl. Wimpsters

1. Feminine male hipster who is also a wimp.

2. Style of dressing and acting that is half hipster-half wimp, very popular in 2009.

Example 1: The crash of the economy and the death of the striped shirt mortgage brokers has given rise to the Wimpsters.

Example 2: New York City and Sand State nightlife is now overrun by Wimpsters.

Example 3: The masculization of Females (sleeve tattoos, promiscuity, rejecting traditional male-female relations and not dressing in high heels and dresses etc) and the feminization of Males (tight jeans, pandering to a woman’s every desire, being a completely annoying chump, and rejecting European/Latin male-female relations etc) has created a culture of Wimpsters.

You have been warned…..

Guest Manifesto by Coby

Click Here for lastnightsparty: Where Were You Last Night?

B.o.B. – Hip-Hop Aint Dead (The Future)

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Guest Manifesto: Notorious: The Rise of American Gangster Chic

» 19 May 2009 » In Guest Manifesto, Style » 6 Comments

Notorious: The Rise of American Gangster Chic

Guest Manifesto by Alpha Dominance

Post Soundtrack: Wolves at the Door ~ Outlaw Bones

Audio Source: Wolves at the Door ~ Main Street Is Empty

You have to admit: American’s love their gangsters. Robin Hood, Billy the Kid, Bonnie & Clyde, Al Capone, “Lucky” Luciano, Snoop Dog and La Cosa Nostra all speak to some part of the American Ethos. We love the celebrity Outlaws and Gangster stories and follow their exploits with rapt attention. We emulate them with Gangster Chic. We celebrate this archetype in movies like The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, American Gangster and Natural Born Killers. Yet these individuals are criminals, murderers and all around not so admirable individuals, so why is this?

I believe it is an outgrowth of the rugged individualist ethic combined with our penchant for celebrity worship and the populist American Dream of the little guy making it big. Think about it for a moment. The Outlaw/Gangster is his own man. He bows to no authority and does for himself. His exploits make for great media copy and he become infamous thereby. He’s the natural bootstrapper, rising from ignominious origins to attain wealth and respect, albeit often by way of the gun. He’s unapologetic seeking the approval of no-one, yet he gets it in spades and when he goes out, he goes out big in a blaze of glory. He has a taste for the finer things in life and he’s going to get them by hook or by crook. He is the everyman with a dream writ large. He is the American Bad-Boy seasoned with the Hickory smoke of danger. We men all want to be him and the gals all want to do him. This den of thieves, of players and pimps, of hustlers and outlaws each personifies the darker side of American Alphas, and like the battered wife, we keep coming back for more.

This article describes three American archetypes, the Star, the Born-Again Sinner and the Gangster. I think it makes a good case:

Most interesting of all, however, is to speculate about what a contemporary version of Rourke’s book might include. If a Rourke of 2031 were to use popular culture to identify our most common archetypes, what would she find? First of all, I think, would be the Star, a type unknown in 1830 but absolutely central today. The Star is our secular, consumerist version of the Greek god: The pinnacle of aspiration and the focus of fantasy, he or she gets to enjoy what the rest of us only dream about. The Star—whether he is an actor or singer or sports figure—is not simply admired for what he is done; he is worshipped for who he is, gratuitously. The intensity of our worship and need also gives rise to the subcategory of the Fallen Star, from Marilyn Monroe to Kurt Cobain. The Fallen Star allows us to mix pity with our envy, reassuring us that, while we may dream of becoming one, the Star is best seen from a distance.

If the Star is the American triumphant, the Born-Again Sinner is the American repentant. The Sinner can be born again in the literal, Christian sense—this has been a common American experience ever since the 1820s, though Rourke only touches on religion in American Humor. But the posture of repentance, with the corresponding expectation of forgiveness, has transcended its evangelical origin, and today it shows up just about every time an American does something wrong. Bill Clinton’s lip-quivering apology for the Monica Lewinsky affair is the most famous recent example. On the other hand, Martha Stewart was widely blamed, after her conviction, for not giving a better performance as the Sinner—for failing to break down and ask forgiveness, as the archetype demands. Whether such contrition is genuine hardly matters; the archetype is so powerful that simply to act like a Born-Again Sinner is almost a guarantee of absolution.

Finally, there is the latest incarnation of an ancient American trope: the Gangster, whose ancestors are the backwoodsman, the cowboy, and the pirate. What defines him is not just his criminality or his violence, but the way he puts these things at the service of his own defiant moral code. The Gangster exalts personal loyalty and masculine power, in opposition to what he sees as an inhumane and hypocritical mainstream culture. Americans like to see the Gangster punished, in the end. But we want him to be killed, not imprisoned—his ending should be as outsized as his life. The Star, the Born-Again Sinner, and the Gangster account for a great deal of today’s American culture. But they are notably less comic than the archetypes Rourke found in our national psyche; after 200 years, perhaps America’s youthful high spirits have turned into something darker and more resigned.

The author also recognizes that the Outlaw/Gangster exudes masculinity. Power, danger, wealth, intrigue, loyalty, competence, intelligence, charisma and individually-determined morality: these are the traits that make men great. Interestingly these masculine traits naturally occured in Sicilian immigrants due to their unique history:

Just as the founders of our nation united to throw off the oppression of a parent government, the original Mafia was formed in medieval Italy and Sicily by peasant groups, “families” whose efforts were aimed at subverting the despotic and repressive rule of the Bourbon regime’s overlords, corrupt politicians, and land barons. Their code of ‘Omerta’ signified “manliness,” which included non-cooperation with authorities, self control in the face of adversity, and the vendetta in which any offense or slight to family must be avenged, no matter what the consequences or how long (it might take to avenge the victim)”

Frank Richard Prassel details the American penchant for the Outlaw in his book “The Great American Outlaw” as follows:

Deep within American folklore rides a mysterious and significant figure. He comes to us through mists of fact and fiction, an incarnate mixture of right and wrong. On the one hand, this ever-changing image represents crime, violence, and fear. On the other, it represents fearlessness, independence, and dedication. The figure poses a number of contradictions, including the true meanings of justice and freedom. Surrounded by legend, the outlaw endures as an enigma in our heritage

Click Here for The Great American Outlaw: A Legacy of Fact and Fiction

Like a moth to a flame we both love and hate the power and independence that defines a man’s man. As men in America have lost much of their former independence and so many have succumbed to the civilizing influence of PC culture, his Outlaw nature has been subsumed by a material culture where the affectation of hardness and steely resolve has supplanted action in at least suburban America. The decline of man has left a void in young men everywhere and given rise to the widespread acceptance of street culture and music, safely filtered through the corporate apparatus: the rise of the pretender. Lacking any expression of their own masculinity, legion angst ridden youth have co-opted street culture with the aid of their corporate handlers, mindlessly aping what they see on MTV. An industry rose up to satisfy this new need with expensive sneakers and jerseys becoming the haberdashery of choice and Gangster Chic was born.

This attire however is based on the corporate logo-splashed bastardized version of the Original Gangster Chic. Look back to the real deal and you come to a startling realization. These men were men of refined tastes. No teenager gear for them, they indulged in the finest suits and Italian shoes as befits an adult man of means. So strong is this association that Pinstripe suits have been forever branded Gangster Pinstripes. These men knew that intimidation lies not in outrageous appearance, but ability and will. Their appearance was impeccable, and their substance enforced their will. They had no need for pretense and putting on costumes. They took themselves seriously and conveyed this in their dress. Nowhere in their ensemble could a logo be seen. Modern Gangsters, when they mature, also frequently assume more upscale attire, with Air Force Ones replaced by Gators. Pimp culture has always recognized the value of a sharp appearance. They are forged in the mean streets and have no need to pretend at being bad-asses. The confidence rolls off of them in waves and like the heat shimmer on hot pavement; it is almost visible.

Being sharply dressed and well-groomed will take your game to an entirely new level as the indubitable G-Manifesto has maintained here. Building the internal confidence to handle your business no matter what will make you into more than a stuffed suit. Remember the traits that make the Outlaw and the Gangster unforgettable: Power, danger, wealth, intrigue, loyalty, competence, intelligence, charisma and individually-determined morality. Cultivate these in your life and integrate them into your being. They will serve you well. Become genuinely Gangster Chic.

Alpha Dominance ~ The Outlaw’s Son

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Guest Manifesto: Time Is Of The Essence

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Guest Manifesto: Time Is Of The Essence

Click Here for Wristwatches: History Of A Century’s Development

Cartier Ballon Bleu Mens Yellow Gold Automatic Chronograph Watch

G’s know that “Time is of the Essence”, and therefore the display and measurement thereof is crucial to the life, and lifestyle, of a G. There are many (too many in fact) brands of wristwatches for men, and there are too many men who just don’t care what goes on their wrist. This discussion is not for those men.

So you’re a G, or a wannabe G. You’ve got the Kiton / Henry Poole / Brioni / Borrelli / Turnbull & Asser thing down. You’ve got the Cleverly/E. Greene/Gucci/Lobb thing down. You’ve even got the Zimmerli/Hanro/Calida/Sunspel thing down (if you don’t have this down the fly girls will be laughing at just the wrong moment of intimacy). We’ll assume you’ve learned the difference between a .45 and a 9mm, as well as between Benson & Hedges and Nat Shermans or A. Fuente and Romeo y Julieta. Be that as it may, you’re probably still working on how a G puts the time on his wrist. This primer should get you where you need to be.

You’re ready to leave your abode, suited up, and the penultimate accoutrement, after the steel-and-lead, is the wristwatch. Depending on the task, or tasks, at hand, you may be wearing one, perhaps one of many, timepieces. What separates a G from a Joe the Plumber? Exclusivity, Precision, Refinement, and Comfort in All Environments. The same should stand for the wristwatch of a G. While a $40 Swatch can tell time with the same accuracy as a quartz Patek Phillipe (and the only quartz Patek is for women), I wouldn’t suggest a quartz at all. Quartz is accurate, but cheap. Quartz is accurate but battery powered. Quartz is accurate but mass-market. Batteries die. Quartz is disposable. An haute-horlogerie mechanical movement will last forever with proper servicing. Quartz-powered timepieces are simply very expensive, or very cheap, adornment that should be shunned. No further discussion need ensue.

Jadakiss – Happy 2 Be Here

Now, to the matter of which timepiece should, or should not, grace the wrist of a G:
G-Shock – Despite the name, this is a plastic piece of mass-merchandise, albeit a durable and accurate piece of mass merchandise. Thor Hyerdal wore an Eterna mechanical timepiece on the Kon Tiki (quartz didn’t exist back in 1947). NASA’s watch of choice since 1964 through today, is the mechanical Omega Speedmaster chronograph. Paul Newman’s watch of choice – Rolex Daytona Cosmograph automatic Chronograph Chronometer. Enough said.

Click Here for Wristwatches: History Of A Century’s Development

There are certain manufactures of watches that have stood the test of time. They literally manufacture the entire watch, and are known for designing and manufacturing the movement, or the guts that keep the time. Swatch Group is, believe it or not, home to a number of highly respected Swiss manufactures. Richemont Group, another Swiss conglomerate, owns several well-respected manufactures, as does LVMH (owner of Louis Vuitton and Moet). The independent manufactures are perhaps the most exclusive.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Mens Yellow Gold Automatic Chronograph Watch

A note about chronometers: They are often confused with chronographs, timepieces that measure fractions of a second and other time segments (hours, 10-minutes etc.). Chronometers are certified by official agencies in Switzerland and always come with certificates. Typically a chronometer will imply a higher quality movement and higher accuracy, but I’d stack a Patek, Girard-Perregaux, JLC, Grand Seiko, or other haute horlogerie piece against an “official” chronometer any time at all.

A note about case material: Yellow gold, while suitably expensive and flash, is no material for a G’s watch. White gold is subtle, platinum is rare, both are easily mistaken for steel except by those who truly know. I recommend steel as it is durable and subtle. Yellow or pink gold should be worn only with a band of alligator, crocodile, or other rare skin.

Here are the brands that merit our attention:
Audemars Piguet – Royal Oak
Breguet – Type XX chronograph
Girard Perregaux – Laureato
IWC - Ingenieur
Jaeger-LeCoultre –Master Control, Master Ultra Thin, Reverso Duo
Omega – Speedmaster Chrono, DeVille Chrono, Aqua Terra, Railmaster
Patek Philppe – Nautilus. Their other pieces are too delicate for a G’s day-to-day mission.
Rolex – Rolex, while being known on every street corner from Washington Heights to East LA, and everywhere else called earth, is in fact a well-made and solid timepiece. They are, however, overvalued in the market due to self-aggrandizing advertising. Their movements are solid, but I would put Omega’s George Daniels movement head-to-head, with the price/quality ratio favoring the Omega. Nevertheless, Rolex makes a durable watch (600,000 per year, and no, they are not handmade). Get a Sea-Dweller, Explorer II, or GMT.
Seiko – Do not confuse their Grand Seiko and Phoenix lines with the department store quartz varieties. Their high-end pieces are brilliant, but unavailable in the States. Swoop the Phoenix automatic chronograph if you can find it.
Zenith – Chronomaster. This same movement powered the Rolex Daytona for years.

There are many other high quality watchmakers in Switzerland, Germany, and even the States, but these are the names I’d suggest at the outset. So with these watchmakers a G can find (not always easily) the right watch for the right circumstances. Remember, we are focusing on Exclusivity, Precision, Refinement, and Comfort in All Environments.

Any of the above are well made classic machines that will get you everywhere you want to go, but should I choose to rank the above it would be difficult. Yet here are my top 5 G timepieces:
#1 Thee A-P Royal Oak
#2 The JLC Master Control
#3 The IWC Ingenieur
#4 The Omega Railmaster
#5 The Rolex Explorer II

A G does his homework, and I would suggest that you supplement your watch knowledge with information from none other than the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry at

Click Here for Wristwatches: History Of A Century’s Development

Cartier Ballon Bleu Mens Yellow Gold Automatic Chronograph Watch


Steve Lazarus
aka The Greatest
aka The Professor
aka Laz
aka The Laz

Papoose- Computer Love

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Guest Manifesto: Call to Greatness

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Guest Manifesto: Call to Greatness

January 20th and the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. In many respects, the world looked very different from two years ago when the idea of a black President seemed like a distant hope, when a nation was high on credit & flashing bling as if debt didn’t exist.

Back then, the Dow was at 12,580, on the way to 14,000 that summer. Bankers were “balling out”, lip sinking to “bringing sexy back” while bottle service was reaching the apex of America’s nightlife nightmare. General Motors was making money selling cars even while reporting some concerns about “nonprime mortgages” held by its financing division. 50 cent vs. Oprah. And the greatest worries about China and India were that their economies were growing so fast they could overheat.

Fast forward to present:

Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age. Homes have been lost; jobs shed; businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly; our schools fail too many; and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.

Less measurable but no less profound is a sapping of confidence across our land – a nagging fear that America’s decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights.
Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many.

(Obama, Inaugural Address)

“…greatness is never a given. It must be earned.” (Obama, Inaugural Address)

The challenges the G faces are somewhat different in this sobering new landscape, but the fundamentals of the Game still remain the same. The truth is, G’s work well in any given circumstance — Veins of Ice and a diverse skill set unique to upheaval & adversity: agility, adaptability, smarts, smoothness, and belief in greatness. Real Game floats above the fray, Buddhist monk mentals & clarity of focus. International bases of operation on tropical islands with sunshine 365 days a year also play a key part in the Game.

Over the past few years, the U.S. government, originally crafted as a system that would serve the interests of the People, has devolved into a system of plutocracy where corporations control both the government and the People. Our nation’s policies on health, finance, environment, national defense and even education are increasingly slanted towards enriching corporations, usually at the expense of the People.

The only difference between a G and a Wall St. broker is that the latter is Government assisted money laundering, while the former — which gives back to small business — is prosecuted as criminal.

“Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.” (Al Capone)

But with Barack’s message of hope and with a willingness to find meaning in something greater than ourselves, it mandates a shift in the way we think about our goals, our range of action, and our commitment to values beyond self-enrichment. After all, our life on this small bubble is short… what kind of legacy are you going to leave behind?

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those that have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
FDR, Inaugural Address 1933

“A nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous.” Obama, Inaugural Address 2009

With this blessing from two great Presidents, I’m going to take Obama & FDR’s call to action and inject cash back into the economy and to the People who need it. To the struggling exotic dancer trying to make ends meet for college (education); to the Casino’s and Luxury sector hit by slow times (tourism & hospitality); perfect the ‘art of the grease‘ (arts); donate regularly to charity …and what more noble pursuit than that of robbing yuppie drug dealers like a modern day Robin Hood?

Welcome to the new Era of Responsibility, play your part.

I’m thinkin of a master plan
Cause ain’t nothin but sweat inside my hand
Cause everything’s possible, nothing’s impossible
Gotta keep ahead, gotta keep my head

- Tafari
aka By the People for the People
aka Putting the G in Gentlemen

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Guest Manifesto: Tax Time

Barack Obama Inaugural Address (Speech) (1/2)

Barack Obama Inaugural Address 1/20/09 pt. 2

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Guest Manifesto: I’m from the Place where Hardcore is Beautiful

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Guest Manifesto: I’m from the Place where Hardcore is Beautiful

(Click Here for The Top Ten ways to Make Money in a Down Economy)

In ancient times Hannibal gave birth to modern war strategy. Leading Carthage through the Alps and Pyrenees with War Elephants to earn many decisive victories against the Romans, he was calculating and fearless.

In today’s market, skilled marksmen/traders/PE bankers know to be the same. Only the war is not fought with swords and shields, its derivatives, the VIX, and economic data a-la durable goods. If you’re longhorn like Texas, you got impaled. Hopefully for your sake you ultra shorted it with SDS, SKF and DXD. You are not wearing armor to the Punic war, it should be Paul Stewart suits, Gucci loafers and you too can live life. Salvatore Ferragamo ties. I’m just saying, I’m trying to maintain my seat at Da Silvano, it is pike mackerel season.

We all know bloods been spilled and it’s still spilling. 7 MC’s have been put in the line and executed. Here’s where you remember that you were born on The Street. With that as your birth right, you need to remember to flex with the market.

If it’s selling join the herd. If it’s rallying, play your pipe. Don’t be in love with your positions. Keep your love locked down and I mean your bank account. That is why you woke up in this life. It’s what provided the villa in Mykonos to meet Mediterranean chicks while having a meze.

I know the hysteria’s bad, the media can’t keep your name out its mouth. But remember, they chose to report, you chose to scalp. They’re wearing Men’s Wearhouse shirts, not even suits, shirts. You’re killing them scooping chicks at the Conde Nast Travelers Awards after party suited down. They’re writing about places you go. The summation of their life decisions led them to media. You’re trading Tribune leverage loans and Petros Brasileiro LEAPS. Convert vanilla CDS from spread to points upfront.

And when you collect, Nas already told you, take it in blood.

Days of Grace tattooed like Cus D’Amato on my arm.

By: Your Favorite Writer’s Favorite Writer

Az – The Come Up

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