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The “Act as If” Journey in Life

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The “Act as If” Journey in Life

“How I see it
Anything you wanna be you can be it
If your mind can preceive it
And your heart really believe it
Then you half way there and all you got to do is do it
And if you give it all you got there ain’t really
Nothing to it”
– Dead Prez

Many people out there hate on the “Act as If”/”Manifesto Destiny” method of living one’s life. I guess people just don’t like when you try to better yourself and people don’t like change.

“Everybody look at you strange say you changed
Like you work that hard to stay the same
“ – Jay-Z

Well, I am here to say that “Act as If” works. Here are three examples:

Hollywood Agent

Back when I was in college, I took a younger kid under my wing and showed him the ropes. He was a cool kid, and reminded me of myself, so I kind of made him my “little brother”, of sorts. He was really into Hollywood and moved up there right after he graduated.

He got a job in the entertainment industry in talent. He always acted like he was going to be a big shot in HWood. I remember when he first started doing it, people used to hate on him.

Later I heard he became the youngest Agent ever at one of the Majors.

Where is he today?

He now represents one of the actors that I respect the most in the world (and I have respect for very few of them) and is the heir-apparent to run Hollywood. I don’t even have to mention the quality of girls he swoops today.

(Interesting Side Note: Over the last few years, we have been hanging out again here and there. Since he is now the man in Hollywood, he sometimes tries to flow me attitude. I have to slap him down real quick every time. After all, I showed him the ropes when we were young proto-type G’s on the rise. He might be the Prince of Hollywood, but when we are in the same room together, he is still #2.)


I knew another kid in college who was always a little more serious than the rest of us, who were mostly into partying, drugs, traveling and surfing. He got dissed a lot for studying and being organized; things like that. He was a pretty good surfer also, but not near the best.

Where is he today?

I recently re-connected with him. He is now CEO of a major Surf Company (everyone knows what it is). He made it happen.

“If you follow your dreams you can accomplish anything
If you always do your best then your destiny is king
Of the world”
– Dead Prez

Want another example of “Act as If” working?

I would be a prime example (and I don’t mean Prime 112 in Miami Beach either).

For as far back as I can remember, I have always acted like an International Playboy. Even when I was a teenage two-bit Bean flipper.

I would talk about Custom Suits even before I had them. I would talk about Big Bankrolls even before I knew what one was. I would talk about swooping models, even back when I was swooping models. (That last one is a bad example).

Where am I today?

Jet-setting around the world, swooping fly girls, rolling with influential people, chilling on Yachts and Topless Beaches, making money in large amounts, training at the world’s best Boxing Gyms and doing it all in Custom Suits.

International Playboy to the fullest, Oh my Brothers.

Act as If.

“And what you get is what you see
In your mind visually
And manifest physically
If you stick to it shit’ll work out terrificly”

Life is like twistin’ a blunt, it’s how you roll with it
Just figure out what you want and go and get it
anybody tryin’ to stop you
For tryin to do for you
That’s your enemy dun
The sun be right up in your crew”
– Dead Prez

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


Dead Prez – Score

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Guest Manifesto: Never Regular

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Guest Manifesto: Never Regular

“The more you conform, the less likely you are to be truly interesting.” – MPM

Most people focus on role models, but it’s far more effective to do just the opposite. Find anti-models—people you don’t want to resemble. Now, who’s the ideal anti-model? The average guy. Think about it:

They go home to live in a box; they study by ticking boxes; they go to what is called “work” in a cubicle box: they drive to the grocery store to buy food in a box; they go to the gym in a box; they talk about thinking “outside the box”, and when they die they are put in a box.

The collective status quo (school, jobs, a.k.a. the system) wants to box you in. They want you to blend in with the crowd. They want to strip you of your strength, masculinity, and individuality. It’s gotten so bad in recent years that “fitting into the mold” now means physical, mental, and emotional castration. Do everything you can to avoid this. Don’t cave in to the mediocre and the uninspired.

Instead, make a commitment to excellence. Make yourself a standout and command attention. This has its obvious benefits. First and foremost, it signals that you are a person of exceptional ability and high quality. Second, it shows you to be a tastemaker of resolute individuality. Third, it increases your social standing. People want to be near other people who give off positive vibes; a buzzing, effervescent state of mind can work wonders.

“You have approach girls with snap, swagger and energy. You need to have a purpose and pitch something that is exciting, fresh and unique.” – MPM (The Six Elements of Picking Up Girls)

When you make a commitment to excellence, though, you’ll inevitably run into some resistance. But when you’re facing your “competition”, remember this: What fools call a waste of time is most often the best investment. Most “regular” guys don’t have a clue about things like custom suits, swooping model girls, intercontinental travel, speaking multiple languages, gourmet foods, big bankrolls, boutique hotels, swigging Barolo, and smoking Davidoffs—it’s all a little bit beyond their comprehension because it’s fine living in another dimension. Sure, these things aren’t “regular”, but who cares? A preoccupation with fitting in is the main obstacle to a noble, elegant, and heroic life.

“The finest moments in my life have consisted of a Custom Italian suit, a full-bodied red, a key to a penthouse suite in my pocket, a thick bankroll, a booth in a Michelin starred restaurant, a beautiful girl looking at me, hypnotized, and a lit cigarette dangling from my mouth. Moments like these are what Life is all about (and of course what happens succeeding). The rest is just bullshit.” – MPM (Smoking and Liberty for All: Pro-Smoking Quotes)

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I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

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Guest Manifesto: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

There’s a famous latin phrase, Caeser pontem fecit, that translates into “Caesar built a bridge”. Of course, Julius Caesar himself did not build a single bridge. But he did have the vision to do so. This is important because his visionary building ultimately led the Romans to unquestioned military supremacy. We’re talking complete and utter dominance across Europe (not unlike your humble author). Unsurprisingly, Caesar was a leader with superior mental aptitude and unparalleled strategic skills. And in the end that’s what counts most, because it is all a mind game. Inner game and getting your mind right are key.

The alpha animal uses his mind to win the game, not just brute force or physical superiority. The lion in the savannah never has a chance if not for his ability to outsmart the prey by getting close. Otherwise, his superior strength is of little use. Same goes for Game. Humans are obviously the best example of mind over physical superiority. The alpha animal in the human world is rarely the strongest, but is almost always the wisest or most cunning.

“Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up what looks like cunning”– Baltasar Gracián (Brazilian Girls, Los Angeles and Custom Suits)

What is cunning? Cunning is taking vampire naps and re-upping while everyone else is paying up–and then coming in for the kill. Cunning is skipping the treadmills of the “corporate” gym (which is just a place of isolation, anyway) and Entering the Dragon round for round. I mean, “When I look at people on treadmills I wonder how alpha lions, the strongest, expend the least amount of energy, sleeping twenty hours a day; others hunt for them.”

Which brings up an important point: trying too hard. Most guys are much too unnatural and over studied. You have to let it flow. Be natural. Unscripted. Smooth as silk. Girls pick up on G’s because they feel the higher value a.k.a. being Sharp, Urban, and International.

But don’t get too caught up in the details. The overall the truth about being an alpha male is simple: if you try to be an alpha male, you will never be one.

Luckily, some of us just Grew Up Not Giving a F*ck. It’s not complicated. “When you don’t give a f*ck everything starts happening and girls come to you. When you don’t give a f*ck you close hard. My brothers, do whatever you can to not give a f*ck.” Real G’s aren’t needy. They stand on their own, going for Dolo.

Simply put, the men who get along best with women are those who can get along best without them. It’s a well documented, almost zen like phenomenon; the less you need them the more desirable you become. Now that’s cunning.

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