Banksy’s Paddington Bear Accidently Painted Over

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Banksy’s Paddington Bear Accidently Painted Over

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A British man said volunteers clearing graffiti inadvertently painted over a work by street artist Banksy that he was planning to sell for nearly $7,400.

Julian Chatt said the painting of popular children’s book character Paddington Bear with the caption “Migration is not a crime” on a wall he owns was a casualty of the volunteer graffiti cleanup effort in Glastonbury, England, The Guardian reported Thursday.

“I’d spoken to the town council in the past and asked them not to paint over the artwork,” Chatt said to the newspaper. “Sure enough, the last few times the council have been out they didn’t paint it over. But on Saturday morning, I came out of my house and there was this chemical smell, and when I turned the corner Paddington was gone.”


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