Summer Heists

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Summer Heists

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As Spain’s Economy Falters, Bank Robberies Rise

“In recent months, it has become apparent that Spain is suffering from an increase in bank robberies,” said Francisco Pérez Abellán, head of the criminology department at the University of Camilo José Cela in Madrid. “We are seeing people committing offenses through necessity, first-time offenders who can no longer continue to maintain their lifestyle and so turn to crime.” Continue

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Three clever crooks used the classic switcherooo to swipe a black duffel bag loaded with $120,000 of gold, diamonds and cash from a Grand Central Terminal jeweler, officials said today.

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Two employees from My Oro USA Inc. were carrying the 800 pieces of jewelry in a black duffel bag last month when the employee carrying the bag briefly put it down to throw away some garbage, MTA Police said. Continue

First Blood Diamonds, Now Blood Computers?

When the film Blood Diamond came out in 2006, people were startled at the alleged origins of the precious stones from areas of bloody conflict and began asking whether the jewels on their fingers cost a human life. Will consumers soon find themselves asking similar questions about their cell phones and computers?

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In a report released earlier this week, Global Witness claims that multinational companies are furthering a trade in minerals at the heart of the hi-tech industry that feeds the horrendous civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (Global Witness is the same nongovernmental organization that helped expose the violence that plagues many of the sources of diamonds.) However, the accused companies, with varying degrees of hostility, deny any culpability, saying Global Witness oversimplifies a complex economic process in a chaotic geopolitial setting. Continue

Teen arrested in brazen Philadelphia jewelry heist

Police have arrested a teenager for allegedly taking part in a brazen $220,000 watch heist at an upscale Philadelphia department store.

Police say officers arrested a 19-year-old on Wednesday night and charged him with robbery, criminal conspiracy and other charges. Investigators say Williams was one of four men who stormed into the Boyd’s department store in downtown Philadelphia on June 4 and made off with $220,000 worth of high-end watches. Continue

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