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The California Police State: Foie Gras Ban

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The California Police State: Foie Gras Ban

“Banning Foie Gras laws were not created by a man who has swooped fly French girls.” – MPM

The dish in front of me is devastatingly beautiful: a smattering of translucent, barely green syrup; some bits of slightly more solid orange gelée; dainty grapefruit segments; a soft crumble of pistachio mixed with coriander. Grounding it all is a large, barely pink sphere, a full moon of meat butter sitting regally on the plate.

Its days are numbered. In two weeks, it will be illegal to serve foie gras in California — and this lovely terrine will be off the menu at Mezze, where it’s currently served, its key ingredient banned in restaurants across the city.

The arguments surrounding California’s foie gras ban are clear: On one side, animal activists believe that it’s up to the state to protect the welfare of livestock, and that force-feeding birds to fatten their livers for the sake of a gourmet delicacy crosses a line. On the other, chefs and diners argue that some of the most conscientious small farmers in the country raise these birds; if animal welfare were really a concern, activists and lawmakers would do better to start with the real culprit when it comes to mistreatment: factory farms.

Whatever you believe, the fact remains: On July 1, the production and sale of foie gras will become illegal in California.


We have talked about the banning of Foie Gras before.

This is just another retarded California Police State attack on The International Playboy Lifestyle.

I am basically done with California. It is not the best state for an International Playboy to base himself out of.

The Laws are way too constricting.

My business interests are all getting moved out of state.

Which sucks for California, because my tax money alone probably funds two or three public pensions there.

Besides going for an annual pilgramige to Wild Card Boxing Club, Hollywood, CA you wont be seeing me too much there.

Thankfully, I am in a place right now where I can eat Foie Gras till my heart’s content. And I have been.

In fact, last night I had a fly French girl over and busted out some Foie Gras Burgers.


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