Gerald Celente on Dressing Sharp and The Return to Elegance

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Gerald Celente on Dressing Sharp and The Return to Elegance

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We all know that America is in rapid decline. We are probably the fattest country in the world and in addition to that, we probably dress the sloppiest. Hell, I have been saying forever that even Las Vegas is a slobfest these days. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bugsy Siegel are rolling over in their graves.

Start watching at 5:57 (it is actually a pretty good move to listen to the entire interview):

“Look at what happened to this country. The people show up looking like pigs everywhere they go. Casual Fridays? How about everyday sloppy?

What happened to the dignity?

And until the people regain the dignity and respect they are going to be walked over and trampled.”


“As times get tougher and money gets scarcer, one of the hottest new money-making, mood-changing, influence-shaping trends of the century will soon be born; we forecast that this will be “Elegance” in its many manifestations,” he opines. “The trend will begin with fashion and spread through all the creative arts, as the need for beauty trumps the thrill of the thuggish. A strong, do-it-yourself aspect will make up for reduced discretionary income, as personal effort provides the means for affordable sophistication.”


I am glad someone feels the same way I do as it seems like no one else is talking about this.

Look back to old photos of America. Even the poorest immigrants dressed sharp, had respect for themselves, held their head high and had dignity. Today girls are wearing UGG boots and guys are wearing glitter on their shirts and skinny jeans.

We need to return to an Age of Elegance in America.

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2 Comments on "Gerald Celente on Dressing Sharp and The Return to Elegance"

  1. The G Manifesto
    30/10/2010 at 4:26 pm Permalink

    I don’t think this is likely to happen.


    Because Americans get fat from a combination of not enough walking and too much fast food and big portions.

    The entire urban grid of America is built for cars. Isolating, alienating, and bad for the body. Unless you redesigned the entire country (not going to happen) or we run out of oil, Americans will drive their cars into their graves.

    The fast food industry is a worldwide conglomerate. They’ll always offer the tastiest slop at rock bottom prices, using all the chemical flavors they can cook up in their Frankenstein taste laboratory.

    Let’s face it. America is the “trash dump” of beauty and elegance compared to Europe and even East Asia at this point.

  2. The G Manifesto
    Jim Kirk
    31/10/2010 at 8:26 am Permalink

    I’ve been following Gerald Celente for a number of years – he does fantastic interviews every month for a variety of right wing oriented anti-establishment web radio hosts – is an Alex Jones website. Thanks to MPM for increasing his reach. To understand Celente – he has forecasted for quite a few Fortune 500 companies in his time so lending his name and that of the the Trends Research Institute to certain positions gives the position a certain amount of ‘main stream’ credibility – he is one of the few ‘mainstream’ hosts explicitly knocking the fatness and sloppiness of the US population and he is a good communicator to boot.

    @ Samurai – Just to expand on the ‘Trends In the News’ linked in this article with respect to fatness – Celente has opined in his past Journals that people have become so fat it is now ‘bumping people off.’ It is being described as a plague to the point fatness is ‘actively’ killing people. As far as America changing – Celente is speaking to the 20% of the population that still have ears to hear – I think he is half hoping that the fattest 25% of the country just drops dead. His saying is that the only people who will survive the next 10 years are physically, mentally and spiritually healthy – between obesity and the millions of people popping prozac every day – only 20% of the population may ‘survive.’

    I just went to Stop & Shop – around here its probably 10% – or less. Nothing like seeing a 400 pound mother ‘clicking’ at her 4 year old daughter the way you would ‘call’ a horse.

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