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Yoga Game Part One: First Class

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Yoga Game Part One: First Class

So I roll into my first Yoga class. I have no idea what to wear to this gig so I go with the black wife beater, Wild Card Boxing Club t-shirt, Everlast hoodie and Quik boardshorts. You know, the height of Fashion for Yoga G Set. Or at least that is what I think it should be.

As I step into the arena, I mean, the waiting area, I see a fly girl that is as hot as the bullet that went into Abe Lincoln. So what do I do?

I go and sit next to her and say, “hello”.

She smiles and says “hello” back.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and subdued, but I get a good back and forth dialog going on with her. She can tell I am The G.

She is down. I will swoop her after class on the real.

Class starts.

I grab a spot in the back, just like when I was in school, because I have no idea what the f*ck is going on.

This was actually a good move because I can spock all the fly girls in the class. And it is basically all girls.

Minimal guys, only two others. The competition is non-existent. One guy is probably suspect and the other is softer than a soft serve cone in Venice Beach in August.

Street-hardened, well-traveled, International Playboys that survived The Extacsy Wonder Gang Wars, like your humble author, these guys are not.

We bust out the class, and I did pretty well actually. The fly girl teacher asks me, “Was that really your first class?”

When it ends, I feel great. I almost want to yell, “Let’s all get some cocktails and have a smoke!”, but I decide that it would be inappropriate in the Yoga Dojo.

Then the fly girl that I was talking to at the beginning of the class just gets up, rolls up her mat and splits.

What an airball.

Maybe I should have worn a Custom Suit to this gig and sparked up a smoke.

But I really think there is something to this Yoga stuff.

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