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Custom Suit Body Punches

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Custom Suit Body Punches

I bust styles, new styles, standing Strong, while, others run a hundred miles. – Ice Cube

This is an old school G Manifesto move from the Chambers of around the time I started writing The G Manifesto:

Back when I was really making my mark in The Game, I used to stay at a lot of dope hotels, like Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton’s, Peninsula’s and Mandarin Orientals. Not to mention ill independents.

I would usually conduct meetings with a few heavies in the lobby bars over drinks during a few day period.

Of course, I was Suited Down in a different hard hitting combination each night.

As you know, many times these hotels have some pretty dope cocktail waitresses.

I would usually ignore them for the most part, as I was focused on biz and I don’t mean Markie, either.

However, after a few days of the cocktail waitress seeing how I operated, Custom Suited Down, they would usually step to me.

After swooping a few fly cocktail waitresses and finally swooping one super fly cocktail waitress at Lowes in Miami Beach, I realized what was happening:

The Custom Suits were landing on these girls like heavy body punches.

The dope Custom Suit combinations were simply wearing these girls down.

I definitely recommend looking into it.

My Game should be locked in a cell. It ain’t hard to tell.

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