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Russell Simmons’ New Book on being “Super Rich”

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Russell Simmons on being “Super Rich”

Russell Simmons, the legendary co-founder of Def Jam Records has a new book out called “Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All“.

(Side note: I had the pleasure of meeting the other co-founder of Def Jam Records, Rick Rubin, years ago at a party at Barbara Boxer’s daughters house. Class act.)

Here are his Top Principles to Super Richness:

#1 Give Your Talents Until They Can’t Live Without It

“Wake up in the morning and find out what you want to give as opposed to what you want to get,” he says. “Through this practice of becoming a good giver you become a good getter.”

#2 Relentlessly Pursue Your Goals Without Appearing Needy

Simmons’ law of attraction says: “when you chase things, they will always run from you.”

(For those of you following at home, this applies to swooping girls as well).

#3 If You Don’t Love it, Leave it Alone

“People can sell anything,” from bombs to drugs, he says, even though there are very serious ramifications to those actions. “I want to stress is that making money just for the sake of getting paid is a pedestrian activity that you can rise above.”

#4 Let Go of the Results

“You really have no control over the results, you have control over the action, he says. “So make sure you perform your action and your duty well.”

#5 Get Open

“You want to always be open, creative and fluid as possible, and never become rigid, old or tight,” he writes, encouraging readers to let loose and lower your defenses.


Click Here for Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All

Russell Simmons Super Rich Book

Click Here for Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All

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