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The Secret Door Swoop Move

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The Secret Door Swoop Move

Here is a real innovative move that I just dug from the crates of The Chambers of The G Manifesto:

One of my attorneys introduced me to couple of real estate cats who owned this building with a restaurant on the first floor and some office spaces on the second floor.

The interesting thing about this building was that it was previously owned by some Albania or Russian Organized cats (I forget which) and they had a bar on the lowers and a gambling den (maybe some hookys) on the second floor.

Since the second floor was a little vice ridden, they installed a “secret door” that you could access from this little stairway in the restaurant. There was a button you pushed, and then the wall rose straight up. Real smooth.

Surprisingly, the multi-colored striped-shirted real estate cats that bought the building actually had the style and taste to keep the “secret door” which lead now to some office spaces.

When they showed it to me, I instantly rented one of the office spaces. Not to do work of course, but to swoop fly girls.

I would take girls to the restaurant below (which was actually pretty decent with a chef with some pretty heavy Wolfgang Puck pedigree) and say, “Let me show you something.”

I would then lead them up the stairway, walk to the wall, and hit the button for the “secret door”. The key would be to act like nothing was out of the ordinary, just a normal night in the life.

Girls would always be amazed.

I would then show them my “office” and go for the swoop.

It was really that easy.

Everyone should try to incorporate this move into their repertoire.

So forward thinking.

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