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Travel Tip: The Bad Neighborhood Mean Dog Gauge

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Travel Tip: The Bad Neighborhood Mean Dog Gauge

One thing I have noticed during my travels around the world, and especially in South American cities is you can tell when you are entering a bad hood by one full proof indicator:

Barking Dogs.

Buenos Aires PitBulls

(I really had the lightblub go off earlier this year when I was rolling the South Side of Buenos Aires for a month).

There is a positive or direct relationship between the meaner the sounding of dogs barking and the worse the neighborhood.

In an upmarket hood, you are more likely to hear dogs bark like this:

In a heavy duty hood, dogs sound more like this:

This Data can come in handy as you are stumbling around a foreign city, with a head full of drugs and booze as you can avoid getting jacked.

Or on the flip side, it might make it easier if you are trying to cop some drugs.

Either way, pay attention to the sound of the barking dogs.

And watch the closing doors.

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