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Wack Style: Guys And Little Dogs

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Wack Style: Guys And Little Dogs

“That fake Al Capone sh*t we don’t condone. I am about to turn this whole Game into a funeral home”. – Keith Murray

We already know that America is on a heavy downslide.

It always amazes me when I get back to The States from my travels around the world is how many guys in America are walking little dogs.

It’s pathetic, from a Style standpoint, and annoying because, I am trying to get my roadwork in and get to my Boxing Gym. The little dogs are never trained and clog up the sidewalk.

If you think about it (which I try not to), it is either guys actually wanting little dogs as pets, or guys walking the little dogs of their girlfriends as a slave favor.

Both options are despicable.

Keep in mind, I don’t really condone the phoney goateed, sleeve tatted steez cat, thinking he is causing a crime wave with his pitbull either.

But honestly, I feel less nauseous after drinking 20 Goose and sodas and eating 3 quesadillas with extra guac than I do after seeing a guy walking a little dog.

Someone has to put a stop to this.

I am kind of surprised that The Chinese or The Russians don’t just make a move on US now while we are at our weakest.

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And I always thought that girls with little dogs was a big sign that the Apocalypse was coming.

The Rest is Up to You…

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