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The Salsa Swoop Move

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The Salsa Swoop Move

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Here is a new move from the most recent Chambers of The G Manifesto:

First things first, take some lessons and get your Salsa Game up to Par. The beauty of The Salsa Swoop Move is you don’t have to get great at Salsa, you just need to be better than a typical gringo, which isn’t saying much.

Now it doesn’t matter if in is Cali, Cartagena, Barcelona, Miami Beach, Medellin, Republica Dominicana , San Juan or Bayamon, just roll in the salsa spot like the Don Juan behind the Don.

Approach a fly girl or group of fly girls like you normally would rolling Dolo, like Tony without Manolo.

Being an American, sooner or later, the conversation will come around and she will ask you “What kind of music do you like?”

Always respond, “Música Latina, Salsa”.

She will then inevitably ask you if you dance Salsa.

Say, “No, I never have, but I think I can pick it up pretty quick, can you show me?”

She will always say “Of course”.

The trap is now set.

Once you start dancing, you “pick it up pretty quick” and start busting some ill Salsa. Any mistakes only give more authenticity to the move of just “learning it on the spot”.

Once she sees your Salsa Game, she will be amazed, her eyes will dilate, and falling for you, she will have an “A-ha” moment of sorts.

From here, it’s your Game to lose, Oh my Brothers.

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Online Dance School (Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue & Bachata). Learn Dance!

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