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Montreal: Strip Clubs Data Sheet

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Montreal: Strip Clubs Data Sheet

Montreal is a city known for its legendary Gentleman’s Clubs. For the life of me, I am not sure why. And I consider myself somewhat of a Gentleman’s Club Aficionado. You know The G, I am as vicious as the realest you know only difference is consistence I’m considered a pro.

Keep in mind where your humble author is coming from though. I think I have spent too much time in Las Vegas at places like The Spearmint Rhino with 100 girls working at a time, that rolling to the smaller Club de danseuses of Montreal just doesn’t hold the same allure.

Many of the Montreal Strip Clubs are hard to Post and Chop. They aren’t really set up for macking.

I have to conclude that Montreal Gentleman’s Clubs get their worldwide reputation from the activities in the back room. But as you know, The G doesn’t play that.

Anyways, I will break down the Strip Clubs of Montreal for you. Keep in mind, I was looking for a good (Continue reading…)

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