Summertime: Brick and Mortar Street Game

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Summertime: Brick and Mortar Street Game

Here is a great move from the early Chambers of The G Manifesto to give your Street Game/Day Game a little more “punch”:

When most cats out there do Street Game, they find a high traffic spot and bounce around from girl to girl spitting Game.

There is nothing really wrong with this and it can be effective. However, as you should know by now, we do things a little different over at The G Manifesto.

We like to Post and Chop.

One of the best ways to do this, especially for those younger up and coming Proto-type G’s on a budget is to get a friend that works in a high traffic area and you can Post and Chop in front of his place of employment.

I first discovered this move as a youth on the topless beaches of Pays Basque. My friend from Santa Barbara worked at what we called “The Chicken Shop”. Basically it was a spot that served up dope Poulet et pommes frites on the beach.

I would just kick it on the benches outside and spit mad Street Game at the hordes of beautiful post-topless french girls that walked by.

For whatever reason, the fact that I was Brick and Mortar made girls stop at a higher percentage.

Side note:

I was basically funding myself by moving hashish that summer and the summer after. In fact, you could actually call me one of the original “Lifestyle Designers” living on a “passive income”. But that is neither here nor there.

When I returned to America, I worked a similar angle. One of my friends was working at a pizza place in Newport Beach at the beach.

So I again employed a little Brick and Mortar Street Game, and posted up on the stools outside and just chopped with no further adieu. I would charcoal, broil, and foil them at any barbecue.

Again, conversion rates were way higher on the beach girls of Newport.

Add a little Brick and Mortar Street Game to your summer and tell me how it goes.

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