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San Diego: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part II

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San Diego: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part II

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Back before the Economic Crash (BEC), I was rolling down the street in Downtown San Diego going to say “what up” to one of my lawyers. He is also a good friend.

Anyways, I am rolling down the street, Custom Suited Down, smoking a grit, minding my own biz, when a cop car screeches and pulls up to the curb, hand on gun and yells, “Stop Right There!”.

I stop and think to myself, “What the hell is this about? I haven’t been on the Wessyde in 6 months.” Although it literally could be about a host of reasons.

So the cop, starts interrogating me:

“What is your name?” Michael Mason.

“Let me see your ID.” Hand it to him.

“What are you doing?” Going to see my attorney.

etc etc etc

Finally, after 15 minutes of this stuff, he says:

“Damn. I thought you were one of the Arellano Felix guys”, his voice drenched with disappointment.

Basically homeboy thought he had the collar of his career.

He finally let me go.

When I got to my attorney’s office, I relayed him the story.

My attorney friend says, “Really? Yeah, I have been meaning to tell you. Last time I was is Mexico surfing, there were tons of ‘Wanted Posters’ of this cat that looked exactly like you.”

It turns out that there was this young Arellano Felix lieutenant cat, know as “El Guapo” that was wanted by the authorities.

He was known as a reckless smuggler/killer that was dating some Miss Mexico or something.

I guess soon after, he was gunned down, and I haven’t had that “case of mistaken identity” thing happen since.

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