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Montreal: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part I

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Montreal: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part I

As you all know, I was recently in Montreal.

I really loved the place, and Montreal holds a significant place in my future.

However, when I was there, a curious thing happened:

The first night I rolled out, Custom Suited Down, Going for Dolo, I stepped into Cavalli for a cocktails and a little grind session.

The fly bartender girl greeted me with a huge smile and a “Hello again! Great to see you, how have you been?”

Which kind of seemed strange, but I didn’t think much of it, beyond the fact that people in Montreal as nice as hell.

Then a little later, when I went outside for a cancer stick, I started talking to a fly Russian girl who was also smoking.

We rapped out a while, and she asked me my name.

“Michael Mason”, I answered.

She replied, “Oh yeah, we have met before.” and showed her dental work.

I was positive we had never met before, but I didn’t really correct her either.

This kind of stuff continued to happen at least once or twice a night throughout my stay in Montreal.

Upon refection on my plane ride out of Montreal, I can only deduce one thing:

There has to be some extremely handsome, charming, dashing, sharped dressed cat in Montreal who happens to look exactly like me rolling around there.

I am guessing he has to be a club promoter or some other “man about town” by the way everyone seemed to know “him”.


But I guess that is just another reason to like Montreal.

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