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Sergio Martinez Shadow Boxing

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Sergio Martinez Shadow Boxing

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I have mentioned many times before that I have gotten back in to Boxing this year as serious as I have ever been since I boxed Golden Gloves as a young pup. Working out seven days a week, and sparring three times per week.

Along with jumping rope, one of the things that has helped me get back into top form is Shadow Boxing. Watch one of the best:

Sergio Martinez Shadow Boxing

His footwork, tempo and rhythm are excellent. He just keeps his hands so low. But its working for him, so who am I to say anything.

Good video of some Sergio Martinez Hightlights:

The very beginning of the video he does a shuffle left then an off beat, off tempo, perfectly timed shot. Perfectly. One of my favorite moves.

Here is a newer video of Sergio Martinez Highlights with him dismantling Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik and Sergio Martinez KO’s Paul Williams in Second Fight:

Martinez on a heavy roll. (And I don’t mean Beans either).

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In other news, here is an interesting article about Stephen A. Schwarzman:

“The United States is going through a difficult time politically, and having other types of issues that everybody in this group knows about,” Mr. Schwarzman told the conference, adding, “The political calculus of the last two years hasn’t resulted in a winning calculus.”

Among the European assets he’s examining: Irish real estate, which he believes will be soon available at bargain-basement prices as a result of Ireland’s sovereign debt crisis.

“They just set up a massive R.T.C.,” Mr. Schwarzman said, referring to the Resolution Trust Corporation, the government agency that liquidated assets seized during the savings and loan crisis in the United States. “They barely know what they own.”

But he does not like every foreign market, expressing relief that Blackstone stayed away from Spanish real estate in 2006, and noting that in parts of Europe throughout the last few years, “the risk/reward equation was really wrong.”

He also cautioned investors to remain patient in the face of economic unrest, and to wait for signs of improvement until investing heavily in distressed foreign markets.

“You want to wait until there’s really blood in the streets,” he said, adding, “You’re better off paying 10 percent more into a healing situation than trying to pick bottoms.”


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HBO Boxing: Sergio Martinez Interview (HBO)

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