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One Hundred Push Ups In A Row

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One Hundred Push Ups In A Row

A while back, I wrote one of the most innovative pieces of all time on fitness called Entering The Dragon.

I am mildly surprised that it didn’t revolutionize the entire fitness industry. But that is neither here nor there.

Anyways, I recently came across a site called One Hundred Push Ups.

Basically, it is a 6 week program where you progressively do more push ups until you can reach one hundred in a row. Make sense?

Well, I just completed it fool.

I did it with a little “G Manifesto Twist” of course.

First off, I took 8 weeks to complete it. This was mostly because I was Boxing and swimming a lot. And I was hung over tons of days.

Most days are broken up into 5 sets of push ups per day. I would do it like this:

1st set: Narrow Push Up (for lack of a better term).

2nd set: Wide Push Up

3rd set: Incline Push Up

4th set: Decline Push Up

5th set: Standard Push Up

This is a good way to do it. (On the days with more sets, just double up.)

Also, I would do it while I was getting my road work in. I just so happen to be in a city with mad beautiful parks, so I would just stop and knock them out on the concrete.

A couple side notes:

I have been doing push ups since I was a kid. My Dad used to make me do them before going to school each day.

Push ups, Sit ups and Pull ups, have been a staple of my work out routine my whole life. I set my high school sit up record, which still stands to this day.

Always remember to breathe.

The final day was actually pretty core.

I banged out the first 50 pretty easily. The next 20 were tough. The next ten were harder. The next ten were deadly. The next five were mental. The next four were core. The last one, I almost thought I couldn’t do.

But I am not the type to get to the one yard line and not finish.

Great headrush. Like Drugs.

Keep in mind, many people have pulled this off.

But what I would like to know is how many of those cats completed the program while smoking three packs of cigarettes per day, and partying and swooping girls till 7am many nights?

Hell, I was up till 7am swooping a fly French Moroccan Girl the night before I busted the hundred.

May guess would be very few.

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