How to Pick up Girls in a Grocery Store

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How to Pick up Girls in a Grocery Store

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Many people have asked me many times to write something on How to Pick up Girls in a Grocery Store. Truth be told, the reason I haven’t written about How to Pick up Girls in a Grocery Store, is I don’t go “Grocery Shopping” in a traditional sense very often.

For Prosciutto Di San Daniele, I go to my little Italian market. For Fresh Uni, I go direct to local divers. For Steaks, I got juice at the local butchers. For Household Supplies, I order them online (do you really need to pick up out your own box of trashbags?). Pastrami and Rye, I get shipped in from New York. Stone Crabs shipped in from Florida. Jamón Serrano from Spain. Etc.

Reader Coby sent me this link: Pick her up at the Grocery Store.

Here is the article (my comments in Bold and parenthesis):

There’s a reason they created fancy grocery stores like Whole Foods: to bring together good-looking people of the opposite sex in a cozy, appetite-stimulating environment. So if you’re not picking up women along with your fruits and veggies, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to snag a girlfriend (or just a booty-call) by Christmas. Some things to keep in mind:

(I have been to Whole Foods before, and I would hardly call it a great place for model scouting. Generally speaking, most people in there seem pretty un-healthy. Kind of pulls away the curtain from the whole “organic” thing doesn’t it? Either way, I don’t mind Whole Foods for their food, but saying it’s a stronghold for beautiful people is stretching it. Maybe they should have a doorman and a list?)

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Best time to try: Thursday or Friday between 7 and 9 p.m.—when taken chicks are usually out with their boyfriends.

(This might be good advice, but Thursday or Friday between 7 and 9 p.m I am usually having a Vampire Nap, getting ready to go out (in places with later nightlife ie Miami Beach) or just getting to the restaurant on the West Coast.)

Who to look for: A babe who’s still dressed up in her work clothes, and therefore feeling more confident and flirty than she would in sweats.

(This would disqualify Exotic Dancers wouldn’t it?)

What to say: Ask for her help—women can’t resist a man in supermarket distress. You heard spaghetti squash was a good sub for pasta—does she know what it looks like? Which hot chocolate do kids like best? (Because, you know, you like to keep some around for your nephew.)

(Yeah, yeah, questions are always good. I think a better place to swoop girls would be the Vino Aisle. At least then you know she boozes. And you can spit some Vino Game too.)

How to get her number: Don’t. Instead, give her your card and say something adorably self-effacing, such as, “Hey, if you ever feel like doing some charity work and helping a guy learn how to cook, give me a call.”

(Not sure if I agree with this. The whole “Ill give you my card” Game is pretty flimsy at best. I think you need to transition from the Vino to share something in common, then make a plan. Escalate quickly. Its a preferable situation for her to not give you her number, than to think about if some girl from Whole Foods is going to call you all day, like some chimp. Plus, I don’t want just any girl knowing all my info on my card. Unless of course you use some “dummy” card.)

Advanced move: If you live in a relatively small city or town, chat her up the first time you see her, but wait until you bump into her again to give her your number. Of course, that means staking out the store. But, hey, that’s why they added chairs and tables near the coffee bar.

(Everybody these days seems like they are throwing out “Advanced moves”. First of all, there is nothing Advanced about living in a “relatively small city or town”. Its idiotic. (An exception could be made if you are living in a small Basque beach town during summer). Either way, I never go “staking out the store” unless its to pull a heist.)

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The Rest is Up to You…

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2 Comments on "How to Pick up Girls in a Grocery Store"

  1. The G Manifesto
    23/03/2009 at 10:45 pm Permalink


    grocery store is for 9-5er’s looking for girls that want to turn the lights off. Im all about the farmers market. Every city has one. The right produce and lack of clothing go hand in hand during the right seasons. If the talent that day is weak, move on to the farmer’s daughter.


  2. The G Manifesto
    The G Manifesto
    24/03/2009 at 9:39 am Permalink


    I knew I was forgetting something: Farmer’s Markets.

    Great source for produce and fly girls.

    – MPM

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