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Yoga Game Part Four: Yoga Swoop

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Yoga Game Part Four: Yoga Swoop

“I remember you in The Godfather. And I remember you beat up some guy with the garbage cans or whatever the story was, but you’re not a tough guy. You may think you’re a tough guy because you’re wacked out of your mind on coke, but you’re just an asshole in flip-flops.” – Jon Roberts to actor James Caan.

“I didn’t care if what I did was respected by society or not. My idea of a party was a bunch of Playboy Bunnies on Quaaludes in the back room of the Forge.” – Jon Roberts, American Desperado

“He made a new table for us in the middle of the restaurant, and we finished breakfast all by ourselves. I felt invincible. There I was, twenty-two, and I’d just f*cked James Bond’s girlfriend in the toilet.” – Jon Roberts

So I am chilling outside the Yoga class waiting for it to start and I am reading the most “un-Yoga” book of all time: American Desperado.

I am reading about how Jon Roberts, who you may know from Cocaine Cowboy’s Fame is talking about skinning people alive in Vietnam when a fly girl sits down next to me and says, “hello”. I am pseudo-startled and I was so entrenched in reading stories about the correct way to gut someone so their intestines popping out like “Jiffy Pop”.

I say “Hello” back and continue reading.

The fly girl then says, “What are you reading?”

I am thinking to myself, “That is my line!”

And respond, American Desperado, it’s pretty good”.

I put my book down and commence to Game spitting as I can tell it’s on. Although, who knows with these Yoga girls.

Class begins. It’s a “warm restorative class” so I definitely enjoy it.

I am waiting for the fly girl I was talking to before class to just get up and split, but she waits around for me to get all my stuff together.

We walk outside.

“Where do you live?”, I say.

“Just a few blocks that way”, she responds.

“Cool, I will walk you home”, I reply.

“Great”, says with a smile.

We roll towards her house, and I can tell that she is down. However, my Game is way subdued. Minimal aggression. If this was a girl I met at a club, I probably would have swooped her in Public by now.

But instead, I am just chilling, responding with a lot of “yeah, that is so cool” and “yeah, that is so beautiful”. I almost want to slap myself for being such a Yoga dork.

However, I get myself out of my Yoga stupor for a minute, and say, “You should come with me to Sushi on Saturday night”. She thinks that is a great idea.

I walk her to her condo and Number Crunch.

Fast forward to Saturday night.

I use the Three Point First Date Swoop Move to a T.

Finally. The Yoga Monkey is off my back.

There really is something to the Yoga thing.

The Rest is Up to You…

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