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Custom Suits and Dope Shoes: Save Money by Spending Money

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Custom Suits and Dope Shoes: Save Money by Spending Money

When I posted this, Undefeated Gucci Loafers, a lot of people asked me, “But what if I don’t have the money for Gucci Loafers and Custom Suits?”

Here is the thing most people don’t realize: Custom Suits and Dope Shoes actually save you money.

Let me break it down:

You throw down 5 G’s for a Custom Suit.

If you take care of it, you can have it for minimum 10 years (if not a lifetime and hand it down to your little baby G’s if you go that route).

$5,000 / 10 = $500 per year.

Pretty damn cheap.

Now ask yourself, what would you rather have, a Custom Suit, or some crappy off-the rack job by Hugo Boss for $500 where the buttons will pop off after a heavy night?

Same thing with Gucci Loafers, let’s break it down:

Gucci Loafers will easily last you 5 years, if you take care of them and hit up your shoe cobbler on a regular basis.

$500 / 5 – $100 per year.

Now ask yourself, what would you rather have, a dope pair of Gucci Loafers or some weesh Kenneth Cole’s that will fall apart in 6 months?

Side note: It’s a little harder to pencil out handmade shoes, but they are worth every penny.

And here is the kicker.

With all the money printing that Bernake is doing, investing in Custom Suits and Dope Shoes is investing in real assets. So you are actually hedging against inflation.

Trust me, when the apocalypse comes, you are going to want to have some silver, some gold, some emeralds, some diamonds and shooting it out with an AR-15 and taking Thorozine while Custom Suited Down.

For Style Points, of course.

International Playboy of The Apocalypse.

The Rest is Up to You…

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