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Joe Harper’s Blog: President and CEO Del Mar Racetrack

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Is this a great job or what?

First I get a call from Audrina Patridge. Come on guys, you know who I’m talking about. The girl on the beach? The one eating the Carl’s Jr. burger? Yeah, that one. She wants to come to Opening Day and wonders if I could find her a seat. Hmm, where to put her.
I told her where my table was and that I’d be the one sitting next to Bo Derek. Hey, come on, this is tough work. Bo is a commissioner on the California Horse Racing Board. Smart lady and a great horsewoman. (Can you believe I was once in a movie with her late husband?) . . . Two more calls after that.

One from Stacey Keibler, model, female wrestler and Dancing With The Stars finalist and the other from Carrie Prejean, Miss California. Or is it ex Miss California? Whatever, they’re on their way to Del Mar’s opener this Wednesday as well .

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Everyone already knows My Take on Opening Day at The Del Mar Racetrack.

But I figured I would give Joe some props.

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