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Top Ten G Manifesto Posts of 2010

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Top Ten G Manifesto Posts of 2010

2010 turned out to be a pretty good year. Lots of travel, swooping, boxing, personal development, Money, Custom Suits, and swooping. As it should be.

Here are the Top Ten G Manifesto Posts of 2010:

Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way: “Mardi Gras is the flame that burns in the city’s soul, the elaborate overture that tells us what the city is all about. It’s a baroque fantasy, a vibrant flower, a circus, a nightmare, a temptation from the devil.” I would be lying if I didn’t say this was simply the best Data Sheet ever written on New Orleans in general and Mardi Gras specifically.

Buenos Aires and Beeks: Game sold through the narrative. Just a typical funny night in Buenos Aires.

Swooping Fly Girls in the Time of Cholera: I suffer defeat at the hands of Gabriel García Márquez in Cartagena, Colombia. Still waiting for a rematch.

Cracking The West Coast Hipster Girl Code: Go to the dopest block of the coolest hood in almost any city in the world and you will hear the dopest hoods say the same thing, “Sure, that guy Michael Mason, is an amazing International Playboy. One of the best. But he can only pick up high-end girls in top-shelf spots, wearing Custom Suits.” In this one I switch up speeds like Bruce Lee riding the Fuji in the movie.

The Salsa Swoop Move New moves from the newest Chambers of The G Manifesto. I have used this one tons since then.

Language Lessons: One of the best moves you can do to invest in yourself as an International Playboy. A Classic “Win-Win-Win-Win” scenario.

How to Win at The Kentucky Derby: Here I break down a little known move to the public that is has been going on ever since they first put horses on a racetrack and someone said, “I bet you that horse will win!”

The Best Feeling: What makes me feel best? Check it out.

Fame VS Game in Newport Beach: A all-time classic from my proto-type G years. The good old days. I almost became a musician.

Nightlife Generalship and Nightlife Princesses in Barcelona: I come up Aces on my first night in what seems to be many top notch International Playboy’s Waterloo: Barcelona. Deadly Game told through the narrative. One will learn more about Real Game from reading this than any $45,000 bootcamp taught by a weesh guy with multi-colore hair and glittery shirts. But you knew that already.

Las Vegas Broken Down to The Organic Compound: People constantly ask me, so I wrote this so I won’t be bothered anymore. The places I hang out in Las Vegas broken down in a very detailed manner that you will only find on The G Manifesto.

How to Pick Up The Strip Club Waitress: A move not for everyone. But when you pull it off, its stylish as hell.

Hipster VS Douchebag City by City Guide: Where else can you find this kind of crucial info but The G Manifesto?

Brazilian Girls, Los Angeles and Custom Suits: A night broken down that seems to be defining the next chapter of my life.

Decent year all in all. 2011 promises already to be even better. Running up the scoreboard already.

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