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The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2011

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The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2011

Alright. Stop what your doing, because I’m about to ruin the image and style that your used to.

It is time again for The G Manifesto “Best of 2011” Awards.

Once again, these Awards are places or things that I have been to or experienced in 2011. So don’t get itchy if your local dive bar in Denver or favorite P.F. Wang’s in Poughkeepsie didn’t make the list.

First, make sure you check out:

The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2007

The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2009

Best of Boxing 2011 Awards (We decided to break this one out this year).

Here are the rest of the Best of 2011, G Manifesto Awards:

Best International Nightlife City: Montreal, Canada. I am in love with this city. I am not sure of too many things, but this I am sure of: I will spend at least two months this summer in Montreal. Honestly, I think I can swoop a fly girl 8 out of 10 nights I go out there. It is probably closer to 10 out of 10, but I don’t want to sound like I am bragging. I almost slit my wrists for not coming sooner.

Honorable Mentions: Bogota, Buenos Aires, The beach towns and Summer Festivals of Spain

Best US Nightlife City: Miami Beach. Easily the top spot in the USA. Puts the West Coast to shame.

Honorable Mentions: New York City. I had too much success there in 2011 to leave it out.

Most Overrated US Nightlife City: Los Angeles. California has become a Police State, and Wessyde nightlife has gone down the tubes with it. California nightlife needs a whole new start like a person with a severed arm needs a tourniquet and a shot of tequila.

Best Gentleman’s Club City: Montreal. Didn’t really hit up too many Gentleman’s Clubs this year. But I went undefeated in Montreal.

Best US Nightclub: Mynt, Miami Beach. Still holds strong after all these years. Took a loss here, but also had many KO’s.

Best US Nightlife District: Brickell, Miami. Quality of girl is off the charts.

Best US Restaurant for Fly Girls: Cipriani’s. No single restaurant in America holds as many stunners.

Best International Nightclub: Andre Carne de Res, Bogota. I don’t get impressed by nightclubs any more. Well, that’s until I stepped into Andre Carne de Res in Bogota. Place is sicker than a cancer victim.

Best High-Action City: Abidjan , Ivory Coast. It went off the rope earlier this year. I hit a decent Cocoa trade playing the political takeover as well. To be frank though, the time I spent on the horn and researching that trade, it wasn’t that great.

Best Day Game City: Miami Beach. Lincoln road. No question.

Best Beach: El Sardinero, Santander, Spain is more breathtaking than northern California’s coastline. And more striking than La Jolla, California.

Best International Restaurant: La Taberna del Gourmet, Alicante, Spain. The food is so good it made old E-tab and Cocaine buzzes hit me. Seriously, my nose got sweaty while dining here. Ate here three nights straight at one point.

Honorable Mention: Toque and Au Pied Du Cuchon, Montreal. Both these restaurants are straight crack.

Best Trade: The Silver trade. I rode the silver miners up and sold out earlier in the year. And unbelieveably sold out of my paper silver near the top. Super lucky. Now I buy physical on the dips.

Best US Restaurant: Joe’s Stone Crab. Miami Beach’s answer to former G Manifesto “Best of” winner, Galitories. Illmatic. I even got a table on the last day of Stone Crab season with two fly Latinas.

Best International Hotel: Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastián, Spain.

Best US Hotel: The Plaza Hotel, NYC.

Worst US Hotel: Shore Club, Miami Beach. Place has slipped. The service is a joke compared to Las Vegas. Place kind of made me edgy. And that is not easy to do.

Greatest Loss: Joe Frazier. Rest in peace.

Quote of The Year: “It’s so crazy. I am in America. The country that I represent, the Red, White and Blue. I make money in America. I feed the American citizens, I feed the people that are less fortunate in America. Even when I make it rain, I am still throwing money to Americans!.” By Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the post Victor Ortiz Fight presser.

That quote would have been hilarious alone as a joke. But the fact that Floyd was dead serious when he said it not only makes it the “quote of the year” it makes it the funniest thing said all year as well.

Best Movie: The Business. Finally a real International Playboy in a movie. Of course, it wasn’t a Hollywood movie, but that is to be expected.

Best Documentary: Square Grouper by the makers of Cocaine Cowboys.

Best Short Film: I still have soul (HBO Boxing)

Best Actor: Mike Tyson in The Hangover 2

Best Actress: Don’t know. Probably some P0rn girl.

Best Hip-Hop Album: Oneirology by CunninLynguists

Best Hip-Hop Track: Pusha T- Don’t Fuck With Me (Drake Diss) Someone had to destroy Drake. And who better to do it than Pusha T?

“Rappers on their sophomores, actin’ like they boss lords
Fame such a funny thing for sure
When n*ggas start believing all them encores
I’m just the one to send you off, bonjour

Best Break out Hip-Hop Artist: Action Bronson. Bringing back those hard New York Street bangers for your ear drums.

Best Soul Track and Album: Raphael Saadiq, Stone Rollin

Best Blog: Sovereign Man by Simon Black

Best Forum: RooshvForum. The only forum for International Playboys.

Best Heist: The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. We are getting Hustled only knowing half the Game.

Biggest Robbery: Manny Pacquiao’s “win” over Juan Manuel Marquez.

Woman of The Year: My MOM.

G’s of The Year: Miguel Cotto and Nicolas Berggruen. Cotto is an obvious choice. If you are not familiar with Berggruen, you should be. This guy is the ultimate International Playboy/ Perpetual Traveler. Peep the Data Sheet on the cat:

Long before dabbling with blank-check companies, Berggruen had already made enough money to buy all of the trappings of the ultrarich: a Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, a mansion on a private island near Miami, the Gulfstream IV and artworks by Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. Berggruen says that living amid all of that luxury turned into a burden and didn’t make him happy.
Buffett Pledge
“I understand the human instinct to want to create a nest and possess things, to show them off,” he says. “But for me personally, it became less and less interesting.”
So in 2000, Berggruen sold his houses, put his art collection in storage and gave away or sold most of his possessions, including his car. He says his decision to live a rootless existence wasn’t a means of dodging taxes; he says he pays them in the U.S.
The investor, who signed a pledge promoted by fellow billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to donate at least half of their wealth, says he’ll give away all of it eventually.
“Everything I do now is about growing the pot to have more to give away,” he says.
He has never married and says he is not interested in having children. Berggruen has been photographed at charity and fashion events arm in arm with a series of actresses and models, including Gabriella Wright, a British actress.


It looks like his Wessyde Base of Operations is The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills. A place I am not all that unfamiliar with for knocking back some early night cocktails.

He still should bust a pocket square, but no one did it bigger and better than Berggruen and Cotto in 2011.

Already making heavy, and I mean heavy moves in 2012. Should be an even better year.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
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Top Ten G Manifesto Posts of 2010

» 15 January 2011 » In Dope, G Manifesto, Game, Gentleman's Club, Girls, Guide, Nightlife, People, Style » 3 Comments

Top Ten G Manifesto Posts of 2010

2010 turned out to be a pretty good year. Lots of travel, swooping, boxing, personal development, Money, Custom Suits, and swooping. As it should be.

Here are the Top Ten G Manifesto Posts of 2010:

Mardi Gras: The G Manifesto Way: “Mardi Gras is the flame that burns in the city’s soul, the elaborate overture that tells us what the city is all about. It’s a baroque fantasy, a vibrant flower, a circus, a nightmare, a temptation from the devil.” I would be lying if I didn’t say this was simply the best Data Sheet ever written on New Orleans in general and Mardi Gras specifically.

Buenos Aires and Beeks: Game sold through the narrative. Just a typical funny night in Buenos Aires.

Swooping Fly Girls in the Time of Cholera: I suffer defeat at the hands of Gabriel García Márquez in Cartagena, Colombia. Still waiting for a rematch.

Cracking The West Coast Hipster Girl Code: Go to the dopest block of the coolest hood in almost any city in the world and you will hear the dopest hoods say the same thing, “Sure, that guy Michael Mason, is an amazing International Playboy. One of the best. But he can only pick up high-end girls in top-shelf spots, wearing Custom Suits.” In this one I switch up speeds like Bruce Lee riding the Fuji in the movie.

The Salsa Swoop Move New moves from the newest Chambers of The G Manifesto. I have used this one tons since then.

Language Lessons: One of the best moves you can do to invest in yourself as an International Playboy. A Classic “Win-Win-Win-Win” scenario.

How to Win at The Kentucky Derby: Here I break down a little known move to the public that is has been going on ever since they first put horses on a racetrack and someone said, “I bet you that horse will win!”

The Best Feeling: What makes me feel best? Check it out.

Fame VS Game in Newport Beach: A all-time classic from my proto-type G years. The good old days. I almost became a musician.

Nightlife Generalship and Nightlife Princesses in Barcelona: I come up Aces on my first night in what seems to be many top notch International Playboy’s Waterloo: Barcelona. Deadly Game told through the narrative. One will learn more about Real Game from reading this than any $45,000 bootcamp taught by a weesh guy with multi-colore hair and glittery shirts. But you knew that already.

Las Vegas Broken Down to The Organic Compound: People constantly ask me, so I wrote this so I won’t be bothered anymore. The places I hang out in Las Vegas broken down in a very detailed manner that you will only find on The G Manifesto.

How to Pick Up The Strip Club Waitress: A move not for everyone. But when you pull it off, its stylish as hell.

Hipster VS Douchebag City by City Guide: Where else can you find this kind of crucial info but The G Manifesto?

Brazilian Girls, Los Angeles and Custom Suits: A night broken down that seems to be defining the next chapter of my life.

Decent year all in all. 2011 promises already to be even better. Running up the scoreboard already.

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


Mic Geronimo – Shit’s Real

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The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2009

» 02 January 2010 » In Boxing, Crime, Dope, Food, G Manifesto, Game, Gentleman's Club, Girls, Guide, Luxury, money, Nightlife, People, Style, Travel, Wine » 17 Comments

The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2009

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Here are the 2nd G Manifesto Awards. The 1st G Manifesto Awards, are here: The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2007. I missed 2008 as I was busy swooping girls and had a little street War to contend with at the time. (Also check out the Outlook for 2008, where I was like the Nouriel Roubini of this Game s*it, of sorts).

Again, these Awards are places or things that I have been to or experienced in 2009. So don’t get itchy if your local nightclub in Cleveland doesn’t make the list.

Best International Nightlife City: Buenos Aires. Sure the place is slightly overrun by Bankers and everyone is starting to go there, but the nightlife, fly girls, hours of operation, Vino and steaks make the place worthwhile.

Best US Nightlife City: New York City. Hands down. Honestly, though, it is more by default. Still, I have never been on VH1, but I Love New York.

Best Gentleman’s Club City: Las Vegas. Where else can you pull three fly exotic dancers out of a club before the ice starts melting in your first Goose and Soda?

Personally, being Beyond Undefeated in Las Vegas doesn’t hurt my opinion of the place. Notwithstanding, the Ed Hardy shirts, which is saying a lot.

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Best Comeback City: New Orleans. My love affair with New Orleans is well documented. This year was the first year since Katrina where the swagger seemed to return. Do as a G does; visit often and drop CASH.

Best High-Action City: Tijuana, Mexico. I wouldn’t exactly call it a love affair with Tijuana, but I have spent mad time there and turned mad dollars there. The place is actually a lot safer now than the papers would lead you to believe.

Best Gentleman’s Club: The Rhino. Still the Idol, the highest title, and numero uno like Special Ed.

Best Day Game City: Buenos Aires. The volume of fly girls for Street Game makes it hard to ignore.

Best Beach Locals: The Somali Pirates. These guys made the boys from The North Shore and The Bra Boys seem tame. They made mad dough, raged hard, protected their coast, swooped mad girls and even caused real estate bubbles in other countries. Hell, I have been seriously considering rolling down there and joining the fun. I wonder if there are some un-crowded points to be had to the brain?

Best International Restaurant: Restaurante Arzak in San Sebastian. Spain is really kicking out the best grinds right now. And Restaurante Arzak is top rank. I am frothing at the mouth thinking about it. Will be there again in May.

Best US Restaurant: Galatories. The best goddamn restaurant in America. I love how they even make President’s wait for a table.


I get top tier service.

Honorable Mention: Gramercy Tavern. I have to include this spot because of the first class treatment, pro-bono wine pours and the sweet breads. Nothing about it the meal was “so-so”, more like “fabuloso”. Additionally, I was politicking with this fly chick and digging her moves because she smooth and she choose to pay dues.

Best International Hotel: Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France. Decadence since 1928. I really like the indoor pool surrounded by tromp l’oeil murals of the Versailles gardens.

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Best US Hotel: The Waldorf Towers, New York. The one bedroom Grand suites with the separate entrance are style and elegance defined. They are not cheap (about 5k), but they really do pay for themselves.

Best Fight: Juan Manuel Marquez VS Juan Diaz. Marquez proves once again how he is The G in a come from behind devastating knockout of an 80’s baby.

Also worth mentioning: Marcos Maidana destroying Victor Ortiz, Miguel Cotto’s gutsy win over Josh Clottey and Manny Pacquiao’s defeat of Miguel Cotto (fight was more competitive than many would believe).

Most Masterful Performance: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. VS Juan Manuel Marquez.

Best Blog: Roissy in DC. I would have said The G Manifesto, but that would have seemed rigged, right? In all seriousness, Roissy kicked out gem after gem almost every day of the year and truly transcended.

Best Forum: RooshV Forum. If you like traveling and swooping fly foreign girls, then this is your forum.

Best Blog to Book: “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” by RooshV. Here is the review: Roosh V’s New Book: A Dead Bat in Paraguay

Fighter of the Year: Manny Pacquiao. Nothing really else needs to be said.

Upset of the Year: 4-1 Underdog Sugar Shane Mosley’s destruction of Antonio Margarito. Shane fought a perfect fight, great jab, perfect straight right over the top, fought dirty and fought at the perfect distance. Ring Generalship personified.

Greatest Loss: Arturo Gatti. Alexis Arguello. Vernon “The Viper” Forrest. Sol Price. Rest in Peace.

Best Movie: Rise of the Footsoldier. Best movie of the Decade, in fact.

Best Hip-Hop Album: Four way tie. Wale’s Attention Deficit, AZ’s Legendary, Clipse’s Til the Casket Drops, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II

Best Hip-Hop Track: I Hate My Job, Cam’ron. Nothing captured 2009 better than Cam’s “recession rap” track when most American’s were coming out with a pitiful rookerful of money.

Funny too.

Ayo I’m lookin’ for a job, ain’t nobody hiring,
Then I ask the boss, “when y’all doin’ firing?”

Great sample from Barbara Mandrell’s “Sleeping Single In A Double Bed”.

Best Break out Hip-Hop Artist: No, not Asher Roth or Drake. It’s Black Milk. “Losing Out” was enough to do it.

Best Soul Track and Album: Maxwell – Pretty Wings and BLACKsummers’night. The cat was gone for eight years. No wonder this decade was terrible. Come to think of it, anyone seen D’Angelo?

Side note: Keep an ear out for Sade’s Soldier of Love on 2010.

Best Artist: Doze Green. Reach out to me, I want to hook some pieces.

Best Actor: Mike Tyson in The Hangover.

Best Actress: Not sure. Probably some P0rn girl.

Best US Race Track: The Del Mar Racetrack. Once again, The Del Mar Racetrack is Southern California’s saving grace.

Best Heist: The Dinnertime Bandit said it best, “Without a shadow of a doubt, the $65 million heist in London in August. They weren’t the most intelligent criminals, but for absolutely balls, and thinking big, they get the rewards.”

Woman of The Year: Ashley Alexandra Dupré. It is truly amazing how this girl has kept her mouth shut (so to speak) for the entire year. She deserves all the props in the world, and a shining beacon of hope for her self-absorbed peers of her generation.

Honorable Mention: Sonia Sotomayor

G of the Year: Joaquín Guzmán Loera. No one did it bigger in 2009 than “El Chapo”. Untouchable like Elliot Ness. Hell, he even came in at #701 on Forbes’ list of richest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $2 billion. A low estimate if I have ever seen one.

Till next year.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
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The Greatest Trade Ever: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How John Paulson Defied Wall Street and Made Financial History

Man Oh Man-Curtis Mayfield &The Impressions-1965

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