The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2011

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The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2011

Alright. Stop what your doing, because I’m about to ruin the image and style that your used to.

It is time again for The G Manifesto “Best of 2011” Awards.

Once again, these Awards are places or things that I have been to or experienced in 2011. So don’t get itchy if your local dive bar in Denver or favorite P.F. Wang’s in Poughkeepsie didn’t make the list.

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Here are the rest of the Best of 2011, G Manifesto Awards:

Best International Nightlife City: Montreal, Canada. I am in love with this city. I am not sure of too many things, but this I am sure of: I will spend at least two months this summer in Montreal. Honestly, I think I can swoop a fly girl 8 out of 10 nights I go out there. It is probably closer to 10 out of 10, but I don’t want to sound like I am bragging. I almost slit my wrists for not coming sooner.

Honorable Mentions: Bogota, Buenos Aires, The beach towns and Summer Festivals of Spain

Best US Nightlife City: Miami Beach. Easily the top spot in the USA. Puts the West Coast to shame.

Honorable Mentions: New York City. I had too much success there in 2011 to leave it out.

Most Overrated US Nightlife City: Los Angeles. California has become a Police State, and Wessyde nightlife has gone down the tubes with it. California nightlife needs a whole new start like a person with a severed arm needs a tourniquet and a shot of tequila.

Best Gentleman’s Club City: Montreal. Didn’t really hit up too many Gentleman’s Clubs this year. But I went undefeated in Montreal.

Best US Nightclub: Mynt, Miami Beach. Still holds strong after all these years. Took a loss here, but also had many KO’s.

Best US Nightlife District: Brickell, Miami. Quality of girl is off the charts.

Best US Restaurant for Fly Girls: Cipriani’s. No single restaurant in America holds as many stunners.

Best International Nightclub: Andre Carne de Res, Bogota. I don’t get impressed by nightclubs any more. Well, that’s until I stepped into Andre Carne de Res in Bogota. Place is sicker than a cancer victim.

Best High-Action City: Abidjan , Ivory Coast. It went off the rope earlier this year. I hit a decent Cocoa trade playing the political takeover as well. To be frank though, the time I spent on the horn and researching that trade, it wasn’t that great.

Best Day Game City: Miami Beach. Lincoln road. No question.

Best Beach: El Sardinero, Santander, Spain is more breathtaking than northern California’s coastline. And more striking than La Jolla, California.

Best International Restaurant: La Taberna del Gourmet, Alicante, Spain. The food is so good it made old E-tab and Cocaine buzzes hit me. Seriously, my nose got sweaty while dining here. Ate here three nights straight at one point.

Honorable Mention: Toque and Au Pied Du Cuchon, Montreal. Both these restaurants are straight crack.

Best Trade: The Silver trade. I rode the silver miners up and sold out earlier in the year. And unbelieveably sold out of my paper silver near the top. Super lucky. Now I buy physical on the dips.

Best US Restaurant: Joe’s Stone Crab. Miami Beach’s answer to former G Manifesto “Best of” winner, Galitories. Illmatic. I even got a table on the last day of Stone Crab season with two fly Latinas.

Best International Hotel: Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastián, Spain.

Best US Hotel: The Plaza Hotel, NYC.

Worst US Hotel: Shore Club, Miami Beach. Place has slipped. The service is a joke compared to Las Vegas. Place kind of made me edgy. And that is not easy to do.

Greatest Loss: Joe Frazier. Rest in peace.

Quote of The Year: “It’s so crazy. I am in America. The country that I represent, the Red, White and Blue. I make money in America. I feed the American citizens, I feed the people that are less fortunate in America. Even when I make it rain, I am still throwing money to Americans!.” By Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the post Victor Ortiz Fight presser.

That quote would have been hilarious alone as a joke. But the fact that Floyd was dead serious when he said it not only makes it the “quote of the year” it makes it the funniest thing said all year as well.

Best Movie: The Business. Finally a real International Playboy in a movie. Of course, it wasn’t a Hollywood movie, but that is to be expected.

Best Documentary: Square Grouper by the makers of Cocaine Cowboys.

Best Short Film: I still have soul (HBO Boxing)

Best Actor: Mike Tyson in The Hangover 2

Best Actress: Don’t know. Probably some P0rn girl.

Best Hip-Hop Album: Oneirology by CunninLynguists

Best Hip-Hop Track: Pusha T- Don’t Fuck With Me (Drake Diss) Someone had to destroy Drake. And who better to do it than Pusha T?

“Rappers on their sophomores, actin’ like they boss lords
Fame such a funny thing for sure
When n*ggas start believing all them encores
I’m just the one to send you off, bonjour

Best Break out Hip-Hop Artist: Action Bronson. Bringing back those hard New York Street bangers for your ear drums.

Best Soul Track and Album: Raphael Saadiq, Stone Rollin

Best Blog: Sovereign Man by Simon Black

Best Forum: RooshvForum. The only forum for International Playboys.

Best Heist: The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. We are getting Hustled only knowing half the Game.

Biggest Robbery: Manny Pacquiao’s “win” over Juan Manuel Marquez.

Woman of The Year: My MOM.

G’s of The Year: Miguel Cotto and Nicolas Berggruen. Cotto is an obvious choice. If you are not familiar with Berggruen, you should be. This guy is the ultimate International Playboy/ Perpetual Traveler. Peep the Data Sheet on the cat:

Long before dabbling with blank-check companies, Berggruen had already made enough money to buy all of the trappings of the ultrarich: a Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, a mansion on a private island near Miami, the Gulfstream IV and artworks by Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. Berggruen says that living amid all of that luxury turned into a burden and didn’t make him happy.
Buffett Pledge
“I understand the human instinct to want to create a nest and possess things, to show them off,” he says. “But for me personally, it became less and less interesting.”
So in 2000, Berggruen sold his houses, put his art collection in storage and gave away or sold most of his possessions, including his car. He says his decision to live a rootless existence wasn’t a means of dodging taxes; he says he pays them in the U.S.
The investor, who signed a pledge promoted by fellow billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to donate at least half of their wealth, says he’ll give away all of it eventually.
“Everything I do now is about growing the pot to have more to give away,” he says.
He has never married and says he is not interested in having children. Berggruen has been photographed at charity and fashion events arm in arm with a series of actresses and models, including Gabriella Wright, a British actress.


It looks like his Wessyde Base of Operations is The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills. A place I am not all that unfamiliar with for knocking back some early night cocktails.

He still should bust a pocket square, but no one did it bigger and better than Berggruen and Cotto in 2011.

Already making heavy, and I mean heavy moves in 2012. Should be an even better year.

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
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16 Comments on "The G Manifesto Awards, The Best of 2011"

  1. The G Manifesto
    18/01/2012 at 9:21 pm Permalink

    Heck, thanks for the Raphael Saadiq recommendation. Had me hooked on the first 15 minutes.

  2. The G Manifesto
    19/01/2012 at 5:19 am Permalink

    This list is too Miami-heavy. I lived there for 8 years and visit at least once a year and I know it isn’t much compared to NYC, Madrid, hell… Even Managua is funner than a night at Mint.

    Joe’s Stone Crab? Maybe 15 years ago. I’ll take a TX steak house any night over that overrated dump.

  3. The G Manifesto
    The G Manifesto
    19/01/2012 at 8:33 am Permalink

    Mikeraw –

    “This list is too Miami-heavy”

    I guess that would make that it isn’t too “Wisconsin heavy”, since I spent about 3 Months in Miami last year and zero in Wisconsin.

    Bust out a “Best of” list for Wisconsin though. I will be sure to read it.

    “Even Managua is funner than a night at Mint.”

    Bust out a list of nightclubs that are better than Mint around the world.

    I will be sure to check it out.

    “Joe’s Stone Crab? Maybe 15 years ago”

    The place has been around 100 years and just suddenly peaked 15 years ago?

    And now it sucks?

    That makes sense.

    What do you attribute this to?

    The Stone Crab harvest?

    I would be interested in you busting out a list of better Seafood restaurants in America and better restaurants that serve Stone Crabs.

    – MPM

  4. The G Manifesto
    19/01/2012 at 6:21 pm Permalink

    You break it down with the hip hop. I would think with your travelling in america latina you would have a bit to say about reggaeton.

  5. The G Manifesto
    19/01/2012 at 9:24 pm Permalink

    Whoa! Tranquilo chico!

    This is your blog, so by all means, opine to your heart’s desire, but as a former resident of Miami I objectively recognize that it’s an overrated city; Dirty, presumptuous, disorganized, and expensive. And even though I don’t live in WI, I partied Tucker Max style in Madison… something about gringas not seeing Latin Americans up there on a daily basis… but we digress.

    Just off the top of my head, I can think of better times at Millenium in L’viv and Asia de Cuba in BsAs (by the way, just a few doors down from Asia is one of the best steakhouses on the planet. Forget the name, though.) than at Mint. But then again, fuck clubs. I have very little patience with them. I do grant you day game on Lincoln Rd, though.

    And Stone Crabs? I stand by my earlier statement, though I should specify that I refer to the declining quality of the patrons, which has a lot to do with the overall experience. Better seafood in the Americas? Hell, you don’t need a fancy setting to enjoy the freshest and most succulent lobsters off your favorite beaches in Central and South America. But this is, after all, a matter of taste… so yay Joe Stone Crabs!

    I don’t pretend to be a “G” or whatever you call yourself, man, and I do work for the Man and report to superiors while at the same time having traveled the world since my infancy, but if you’re gonna give back to the people, objectivity can go a long way.

    Having said that, I do respect a lot of your other recommendations and occasionally get some insight from your blog. Who knows? We may even cross paths some day… If you happen to be in Seoul next week, then drop me a line. And if you have anything to share on Barra da Tijuca, then it’ll come in handy come the second half of FEB.


  6. The G Manifesto
    The G Manifesto
    20/01/2012 at 10:39 am Permalink

    mikeraw –

    Fair enough.

    “I can think of better times at Millenium in L’viv and Asia de Cuba in BsAs (by the way, just a few doors down from Asia is one of the best steakhouses on the planet. Forget the name, though.) than at Mint.”

    So now you are comparing international nightclubs to Mint. I had a feeling you wouldn’t be able to come up with a single better example of a nightclub in America.

    “Hell, you don’t need a fancy setting to enjoy the freshest and most succulent lobsters off your favorite beaches in Central and South America.”

    Again, you can’t name a specific place and again pull the international card when comparing to an American restaurant. I figured as much.

    I am really not trying to slap you around so much, but so many people, like you did, love to criticize, yet can’t come up with a single place that is better.

    A lot of yapping these days, not a lot of concrete info.

    ” I partied Tucker Max style in Madison”

    You revealed your unfortunate demographic here.

    – MPM

  7. The G Manifesto
    20/01/2012 at 12:33 pm Permalink

    I partied in Madison in my early twenties… that’s the only reason I brought up TM.

  8. The G Manifesto
    The Specimen
    20/01/2012 at 4:23 pm Permalink

    Yo MPM,

    I know it’s a lot of doubters and haters, but to me this is the most on point blog on the net in terms of how to live like a boss. Keep up the good work.

  9. The G Manifesto
    20/01/2012 at 8:21 pm Permalink

    damn MPM you “slapped around” (as you would say) mikeraw pretty bad.

    it seems you are always having to slap around people on this site.

  10. The G Manifesto
    Vic M
    21/01/2012 at 11:56 am Permalink

    A beautiful KO by Mike Tyson Mason

  11. The G Manifesto
    The Rationalist
    22/01/2012 at 9:23 am Permalink

    LA is definitely overhyped. Need to make it out to Montreal one summer and hit the spots you recommended.

  12. The G Manifesto
    23/01/2012 at 1:18 pm Permalink

    THE BUSINESS ? What ? your 6 years late that was out in 05 bro . . .

  13. The G Manifesto
    The G Manifesto
    23/01/2012 at 1:59 pm Permalink

    I don’t watch a lot of movies.

    – MPM

  14. The G Manifesto
    23/01/2012 at 6:32 pm Permalink

    Hey G,

    Just because you asked for a better seafood restaurant than Joe’s I’m going to be lazy and mention Le Bernadine in NYC.

  15. The G Manifesto
    25/01/2012 at 8:21 am Permalink

    Great Review G. I especially like the music review. Have you heard Kendrick Lamar’s “Section 80” or any of Curren$y’s mixtapes or Pilot Talk Albums? I think you might appreciate them since your a fan of Hip Hop.

  16. The G Manifesto
    Dirt Man
    25/02/2012 at 12:57 pm Permalink

    I’ve been meaning to make it to Montreal, now I have to go. Great list man. Now I have more places on my list. If you need a food taster on your next trip to Spain, let me know…

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