The G VS The Pickup Artists II

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The G VS The Pickup Artists II

The Pick up Artist phenomenon has gathered tons of speed over the last few years. Ever since “The Game” by Neil Strauss came out, every guy who never had success with girls, are now hitting up Nightclubs from Sunset Strip to Miami Beach spitting Game.

Personally, I love it. I think it is great that “regular guys” are learning The Game. Like I have mentioned before, it’s a Modern day “Revenge of the Nerds”. And I think that most Pick up Artist Theory can be very effective when used properly. Furthermore, I can’t really say enough about the Theories of Social Dynamics that the Pick up Artist have come up with.

But, there are some very distinct differences between The G and The Pick up Artists. This is not a diss in any way specifically to The Pick up Artists and the Pick up Artist community in general. I personally have met many prominent Pick up Artists and they always seemed like cool cats. But, I wanted to make the difference between G’s and Pick up Artists as clear as an un-muddied lake, as clear as an Azure sky in deepest summer.

So let’s get things nice and sparkling clear:

Style (and I don’t mean the guy who wrote “The Game” either.)

Pick up Artists: Ridiculous Fuzzy top hats, suspect designer jeans, Christian Audigier Shirts, Smet (or whatever is the “party shirt” de jour). Store bought trendy crap. Contrived “rebel” look purchased from corporations using sweat shop, third world, child labor. Wristbands and other wack jewelry. The Mall.

The G: Expensive, Sinister, Hand tailored Custom English or Italian tailored suits. Saville Row. Milan. Naples. Rome. Etro. Gucci loafers. Jermyn Street for custom shoes. Dunhill Lighters. Ozwald Boateng. Brioni. The Height of G Fashion. G’s dress like how men are supposed to dress. My Grandfather always told me; “Style and Taste are for men. Trends and Fashion are for the ladies.” G’s stick with Style and Taste.


Pick up Artists: Solid foundational stuff but much too unnatural and studied. Canned routines. Demonstrations of higher value. Negs. Approaches “sets” and picks up on girls. Local.

The G: Natural. Unscripted. Smooth as silk. Girls pick up on G’s because they feel the higher value. International.

Target Girls

Pick up Artists: Ex-sorority middle America. Status Quo. Girls who look ok now, but have bad genetics. Girls Gone Wild.

The G: Model Girls. Extremely wealthy high-society girls. Daughters of CEO’s of The Fortune 500. International girls. Exotic Dancers. Sophistos. Daughters of Crime Bosses. Nightlife Princesses. Playboy Playmates (just to balance it out).


Pick up Artists: Never successful with girls prior to studying The Game. Suburbia. Places you have never heard of or places you would never go in your right mind.

The G: Has Swooped girls from the cradle. Urban environments, stunning beaches with water the color of Curacao liqueur, worlds best cities, and places you want to spend the rest of your life in.

(Click here for Tafari’s Guest Manifesto: Pick Up Artists vs. The G)

Party pics

Pick up Artists: Can’t get enough of getting in nightclub “Party Pics” that are put on crappy websites.

The G: Avoids all cameras. (Unless its pictures with Liberal Politicians, Civil Rights Leaders, or Muhammad Ali. And you have all copies.)

Soundtrack to life

Pick up Artists: Not sure. Crappy Pop? Emo? (whatever that is.) Goggly Gogol? Johnny Zhivago? The Heaven Seventeen?

The G: Curtis Mayfield. Issac Hayes. Mid-nineties “Golden Age” NYC Hip-Hop. Jazz. Soul. Blues. Frank. The glorious 9th by Ludwig Van. Angel trumpets and Devil trombones.


Pick up Artists: Preach a no drinking policy when picking up on girls. But I am sure gets plenty of Bottle Service.

The G: Top shelf booze. Clean Vodkas with soda and a lime. Big Reds. Spicy Zins. Absinthe. (Cuidado with the Absinthe). Cold Sake. Moloko-Plus. Vellocet or Synthemesc or Drencrom. Whatever is the national drink of whatever country you are currently peeling girls in.


Pick up Artists: Mystery, Neil Strauss, Mehow, etc.

The G: Our Mothers. Our Fathers. Our Godfathers. Our Grandparents. Revolutionaries. Bugsy Siegel.


Pick up Artists: Who knows? Accountants? Office workers? Regular guy jobs?

The G: Heistmen. Standover men. Clockers. Leveraged Buyouts. High Finance. “Gray Market” Commerce. Developing. Import-Exports. International Business. Submarine brokering (serious, I know this Russian cat on the Sub-flipping tip. Tells me is pretty lucrative too.) Impeccable Hustles. Mansized Crasts for the big, big, big money.


Pick up Artists: Non-smokers.

The G: Chain smokers. First rate cigars. Chronic sometimes. G-13. Lebanese Blond.


Pick up Artists: Acronyms. “Stacking”. “Peacocking”, IOI’s “Sargeing” Etc.

The G: Language colored by many travels. Argot of the street. Lexicon of the true Game.


Pick up Artists: Loves to roll with a “wingman”.

The G: “Wingman” not in the G’s vocabulary. Too “Top Gun” (gayest movie of all time). Goes for Dolo. Or with a G Manifesto Certified Running Partner.


Pick up Artists: Probably against.

The G: Never uses drugs to inebriate girls, and considers doing so, a horrible crime. Takes drugs himself, if the situation absolutely calls for it.

Street Cred

Pick up Artists: None.

The G: Thorough in every Borough, and double all across the Bubble.


Pick up Artists: Swears on never buying girls drinks, paying for dinners or spending money on girls.

The G: Has class and has connections to the old-school, so in the right moments buys deserving girls drinks. Is CASH rich, so paying for a dinner doesn’t hurt Bankroll. Loves haute cuisine and realizes it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful girl next to you while wacking down some Jamon Iberico, cold Albariño and imported cheeses. Understands that having a beautiful girl in tow will only get The G better service, comped meals and more props next time he rolls to the spot.

Which brings us to the main difference between the philosophy of the Pick up Artists and The G Manifesto:

Pick up Artist Theory helps you pick up girls, The G Manifesto is The Guide to Getting More out of Life.

A higher level of The Game, if you will.

Sure, swooping girls is 99% of life, but I want the freshest, most marbled cuts of Toro too.

Winner and still Undisputed Champion…The G Manifesto, by Second Round KO (only because we carried them a round).

The Rest is Up to You…..

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Seventh Letter
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Canibus – Second Round KO

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly Live

Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman

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24 Comments on "The G VS The Pickup Artists II"

  1. The G Manifesto
    11/09/2008 at 9:25 pm Permalink

    outstanding post mate… keep em coming.

  2. The G Manifesto
    Cote D'Azur
    12/09/2008 at 9:15 am Permalink

    “Loves haute cuisine and realizes it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful girl next to you while wacking down some Jamon Iberico, cold Albariño and imported cheeses. Understands that having a beautiful girl in tow will only get The G better service, comped meals and more props next time he rolls to the spot.”

    All i can say is “eh oui” {rocking the final summer months of Southern France}
    – Next stop: Tokyo (with the Fly French Model)
    – Next Stop: Bali (with the fly Spanish/Brzilian girl) /// or /// Next Stop: Ibiza (with the fly Asian girl) – mix it up and the local girls swoon (and your import girl melts – win-win) you heard it hear first…………

  3. The G Manifesto
    12/09/2008 at 9:42 am Permalink

    It seems like the PUA is the college football player of seduction, where the G and related archetypes are the NFL players of the game. Where the PUA might be a big fish in a small pond scoring at will in the local field, most of them can’t graduate to the pros with canned material, negs and mechanical DHV.

    Thanks for clearing up the differences.

    Have fun.

  4. The G Manifesto
    Dick Goodnuts
    12/09/2008 at 10:11 am Permalink


  5. The G Manifesto
    Alex De Large
    12/09/2008 at 1:10 pm Permalink

    Horrorshow, droog.

  6. The G Manifesto
    12/09/2008 at 1:19 pm Permalink

    Tonight, we pull a mansize crast!

    Great post. Been reading for a while. Keeps getting better and better.

    “Ridiculous Fuzzy top hats” – great diss on you know who.

  7. The G Manifesto
    T. AKA Ricky Raw
    12/09/2008 at 1:40 pm Permalink

    All the canned material and routines suck, but the one good thing about the PUA’s is that they can be a good stepping stone for someone with absolute zero game on the way to real game. A dude’s gotta crawl before he walks, and some of the hard-luck cases I see these PUA gurus take on would not be able to go from total herb straight to a G manifesto level. The problem is when that pickup artist level is the final goal and not a means to an end. That’s wack.

  8. The G Manifesto
    Mr Crown
    12/09/2008 at 1:53 pm Permalink

    Fine installment. My compliments sir.

  9. The G Manifesto
    13/09/2008 at 3:34 am Permalink

    this is what i needed. never could really identify with the whole pickup-thing.
    g’s up.

  10. The G Manifesto
    13/09/2008 at 4:24 am Permalink

    *Re-enactment* Pick-Up Artist is stunned after Round 1… fumbling through his field guides, his face frowns in frustration as there is no chapter on ‘G’

    Confused, he stumbles through the posts referenced in Round 1, but he’s losing focus. The familiar mantras and acronyms aren’t there. He can’t spit rhymes (but vows to memorize them now) or know how to “pack heat” (why would I want to bring a ‘toaster’ to the club he mumbles to himself).

    “What is ‘G’!!” he hollers with arms raised against the deafening roar of the crowd. But its too late, the bell rings and Round 2 commences. In the distance you can hear Tafari laughing …or maybe it was the crowd in the arena, still chanting, almost in unison, “G’s Up, Ho’s Down” while you motherfuckers bounce to this

    Sinister MPM, sinister…

    Bloody, yet hospital clean.

  11. The G Manifesto
    14/09/2008 at 2:45 pm Permalink

    Yo nice work, G’s are naturals where pick up artist have to learn from books, nothing wrong with that though at least they have some balls, not like most dudes these days who’ve been raised by the internet and can holla at girls without a computer near them.

  12. The G Manifesto
    Interested Female
    23/09/2008 at 5:32 am Permalink

    Very well done. In researching for a friend working diligently in teaching “pick up artistry”, I came across the G Manifesto and chose to read this comparative article. I found it quite true and entertaining. It is important to pass on to my friend to hopefully enlighten and enrich men with enough potential to become a G. Quiet strange, but my friend qualifies as a G, yet teaches pick up tactics and uses such vernacular.

    Perhaps this is related to the many men I’ve interviewed, upon their completion of this pricey series of conferences and coaching sessions, who probably wouldn’t endeavor to become Gs, as they are entirely and eternally content with good girls with bad genes.

    There are a few exceptions, those with true G idolization and no desire for real relationships in the near future…they should be led to their fullest potential too. Thanks…

  13. The G Manifesto
    26/09/2008 at 1:12 pm Permalink

    Actually, I was wondering what “Mystery” is hiding under all that weird shit he puts on his head. What’s with the giant goggles that sit on his head? Is his Bi-Plane waiting just outside?

  14. The G Manifesto
    Interested Female
    01/10/2008 at 4:10 am Permalink

    Not too sure about the headgear…I’ll ask him for u. Usually flair can take u places!

  15. I really like this manifesto. Especially one thing strikes me.

    The PUA mentality is flawed in a sense that the PUA views the world through his PUA goggles only. Everything that does not fit into this view will be discarded. That, in a sense, reverts the PUA wannabe into a good old… AFC. Why trade one set of limiting beliefs for another? Of course, no wannabe PUA will agree with me here 😉

    I don’t think of myself as a PUA, in fact… I focus only on pleasure. Like you, I go for the best I can find. Not to validate myself, … but because life is short.

    In many aspects, your manifesto translates very well to my own philosophy and teaching in natural seduction. For years now, I have gone out with guys, and banned nick-names and winging all together during my workshops or nights out… I openly tell women about the PUA lifestyle, and casually seduce them as we talk about how cool it is to strive for something better.

  16. The G Manifesto
    The G Manifesto
    21/01/2009 at 9:01 pm Permalink

    Anders Tryka (Seduction Expert),


    Bruce Lee didn’t only use one style of Kung Fu, right?

    – MPM

  17. Exactly,

    You will want to understand the basic mechanics of attraction, seduction, communication, connection or whatever we should call it these days. Once you have that down, you will want to stay the course rather than become a slave of some stupid 5 million steps attraction model. But PUA’s, being men, learn sequentially and for some reason fail to free their persona from the crutches of the “attraction model” of choice, once they have integrated the learning they need.

    That’s why I love this post – there’s a sort of no bullshit vibe to it. One that many of the younger members of the PUA community could really learn from. I’ll definitely carry that thought with me (and link to this article) in future work.

  18. The G Manifesto
    19/03/2009 at 2:37 pm Permalink

    Dude G is so fucking gay i mean being a gentleman is one thing but this G bullshit is such wannabe douchbaggery “drink top shelf liquors, first rate cigars, bugsy siegel is my hero man, i mean i think the pickup game is just as lame with all the peacocking and wingman cliches but bragging because your wingman is a running partner doesnt change the fact that G is the same PUA bullshit with a fancy watch

  19. The G Manifesto
    20/03/2009 at 11:10 am Permalink


    Who talked about fancy watches?

  20. The G Manifesto
    20/10/2009 at 9:30 pm Permalink

    Tell it like it is, brotha!

  21. The G Manifesto
    25/10/2009 at 3:42 am Permalink

    dude you sound really pretentious. You have to wake up and realize that all of the things you talk about are just human constructs with no real meaning. Who cares whether you wear this or are into that, what matters is that you are authentic and true to yourself no matter what that may entail.

  22. The G Manifesto
    09/12/2009 at 12:17 am Permalink

    Players (read chochs) are desperate to spit game.
    G’s live game.

  23. The G Manifesto
    09/12/2009 at 9:21 pm Permalink

    I smell narcissistic personality disorder.

  24. The G Manifesto
    19/04/2011 at 8:17 pm Permalink

    It’s funny to see that all of the things you said about Pick up Artists luckily isn’t true anymore.

    PUA’s dress normal now, talk normal, try to do as little “canned” routines as possible. (Though to be honest, going up to a girl and saying “Hey”, is a routine, asking for a number is a routine, pulling her home is a routine, you might not be conscious of it… but it still is a routine. Everyone has their own routines.)

    PUA’s buy girls drinks (Just not as an opener to buy “attention”).

    You can’t say ALL pua’s don’t do drugs/drink/smoke… some do, some don’t. Though going out sober will make you remember more shit, thus learn more. So it’s advised to go sober…. though drinking is fine.

    Smart PUA’s advise being “discreet”, as to not make woman feel like sluts and giving their friends shit to gossip about, so they avoid all cameras too.

    Jobs is stupid too…. some PUA’s are lawyers, doctors, etc. Some are jobless…

    Soundtrack to life…. dude… seriously? Not all PUA’s are the same. If you add up every piece of music a PUA listens to then you’ll have every genre in that list.

    “Never successful with girls prior to studying The Game…..” yeah sure… that’s why they get in the game.. to seek help. There are a handful who were good “naturals” and wanted to become better… or wanted a clear understanding on what they were doing so they became PUA’s.

    “Suburbia. Places you have never heard of or places you would never go in your right mind.” haha… seriously? The most famous/best PUA’s live in the world’s biggest cities. Las Vegas, London, etc

    Heroes…. sure, I’ll give you that one. Top PUA’s are still praised and seen as Gods.

    Slang…. yup I’ll give you that one too…. though many PUA’s advocate losing the shitty terms as they’ll only alienate you from other people who aren’t PUA’s. Obviously not what we want.

    PUA’s and G’s both want everything out of life… PUA isn’t just about getting girls but getting a life… social life, activities, woman, etc.

    The only true difference I can see is that G’s are obsessed with money and being “high rollers”…. PUA’s don’t give a shit. PUA’s go into the more spiritual side of: “Don’t care what other people think of you”, and: “Destroy approval seeking behavior”.

    This includes getting mad props for having an expensive car, big house or a playmate model on your arm.

    Hope this gave you some clarification.

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