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The G Manifesto Tour 2012 Update

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The G Manifesto Tour 2012 Update

Time for an update:

January: San Diego, CA, Coronado, CA, Miami Beach

February: Palm Beach, Florida, Miami Beach

March: Hollywood, CA

April: Hollywood, CA, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

May: San Diego, CA, Norte Baja, Mexico

June: Montreal, Canada

July: Montreal, Canada

August: Montreal, Canada

September: Montreal, Canada, Chicago, IL

What’s up?

Not a bad year so far. Hitting Switches.

I am something like Nicolas Berggruen, only with way less CASH.

Had probably the best summer of my life this year. And Fall is shaping up to be pretty damn good if I do say so my damn self.

I have an invite for The Playboy Mansion for Halloween on the docket, so we will see if make a move on that. Even though I hate all American Holidays.

Playa Del Carmen and Hollywood Data Sheets on the way soon.

And the greatest Breakdown of Montreal ever in the history of the Internet.

Stay tuned.

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