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Vortex Zones in Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

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Vortex Zones in Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

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Roosh just had a recent post called Your Duty as a Man. This part caught my attention:

There is one spot in the bar that has your best odds for sleeping with a high number of quality girls. The way that that spot’s strengths and weaknesses combine with your strengths and weaknesses create a special zone where your game will be more effective than any other spot. It is your duty as a man to find out which spot that is and commit the time to reaping the rewards that it contains.

I have been meaning to write on the subject for years. (And although it might seem like it is some “other sh*t” it is really some “next level sh*t”.)

International Playboys refer to these “spots” that Roosh is referring to as Vortex Zones in Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs. Vortex spots are places where you can just post up Custom Suited Down and straight chop fly girls. The advantage of Vortex Points is you don’t have to walk around chasing girls; instead, you “position” yourself in an establishment and let the prey come to you.

Think of the mighty Leopard (conincidentally, the most effective hunter in the jungle, percentage-wise), he kicks back, handmade loafers up, while smoking a grit and pounces on his prey. Or waits in the weeds in the “traffic lanes” (we have discussed this before in regards to Gentleman’s Clubs) and then makes the kill. You want to do the same thing here.

Recognizing these Vortex Zones however is somewhat tricky as every spot is a little different.

Here is a little EZ guide to help you recognize these Zones:

1. One of the main “Traffic Lanes” or Vortex Points we have discussed before is from the entrance of the spot to the Bar. Or from the Bar to the Bathroom. Post and Chop accordingly.

2. Stairways inside Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs are more often than not, Vortex Points of sorts. Dig in at the top or bottom of the stairwell and enjoy the free leads. For whatever reason, fly girls are always going up and down stairs at nightlclubs. (Side note: Sometimes over-zealous bouncers hate when you do this. Grease them.)

3. On “U Shaped Bars” the Vortex Points are always the corners. These are similar to the center squares of the chess board. Control them.

4. On “L Shaped Bars” the Vortex Point is also the corner. This is akin to the “center of the ring in Boxing”. Keep everyone at the “end of your punches”, so to speak.

5. If the establishment you are in has a “resident Bean Flipper” or “resident Beek Twister”, the area where he is flipping is undoubtedly the Vortex Zone. Make sure you kick it with him and cook leads.

Once you locate these Vortex Zones, protect them like an old neighborhood street corner.

Except when you see me roll into the spot.

Because I am going to tell you to step off.

Click Here for A Dead Bat in Paraguay by Roosh

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