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South Beach: Lion of Lincoln Road

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South Beach: Lion of Lincoln Road

“If your trap is attractive enough, the turbulence of your enemies’ emotions and desires will blind them to reality.”Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

“Fortune pays you sometimes for the intensity of her favors by the shortness of their duration. She soon tires of carrying any one long on her shoulders.” – Baltasar Gracián (Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer), 1601-1658

After straight up detonating Fort Lauderdale with my friend who runs a Hedge Fund for a few days, I get dropped off in Miami Beach.

I feel lethal, manic, on the verge of frenzy. I am foaming at the mouth. My nose is starting to bleed. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.

I throw down my luggage in my apartment, hang my Custom Suits and I get the call:

This Super Fly Argentinian girl, who I met at Mint and haven’t swooped yet, wants me to meet her at her clothing store. She is getting off work soon. And she and her Brazilian girlfriend want to roll out with me. There are innuendos of a Ménage à trois. The evening has promise.

I jump in my steam shower for a dose of aqua-therapy. When I step out, a Custom Suit literally appears on my body. I shadow box for a bit. I am ready.

I step out and roll into the CVS on Lincoln Road to grab some chicle. I roll in the line to pay, and a Fly Blonde Russian girl on her cell phone looks at me and mouths “Hi” to me. How often does that happen when a girl is talking on the phone?

I pay for my gum and step outside and light up a grit. I am feeling invincible. I have been sparring a lot. It tends to do that to me.

The Fly Blonde Russian walks out and continues up Lincoln. I quicken the pace, and open: “Do you know which way Sushi Samba is?”, I ask her. (Of course, I know where it is, but it was the first thing that came into my mind.)

“Hi. I do. It is just up there.”, the Russian girl says pointing up Lincoln.

“Wait, my name is Michael Mason.” I say and give her a “two-kisses” greeting. I spit some Street Game and Number Crunch, as I am supposed to meet the Argentinian and Brazilian girls.

Game is on though.

I keep heading up Lincoln and get a text from the Argentinian:

“Are you coming?”

I jump up on the planters of Lincoln Road with Undefeated Gucci Loafers on and yell to no one in particular, “I am Young, I’m Handsome, I’m Fast, I’m Pretty and Can’t possibly be beat!”

Most people ignore me, but some tourists look at me strange. I have a fleeting thought and quickly dismiss them as from Red States.

I need to settle down though and light another smoke. I am checking my phone and smoking, when a Fly Cubana Girl rolls up on a bicicletta. (She is 21 years old.)

She asks me for a cigarette.

Looking down at my phone, I ignore her for a few beats (real artistic), and say, “Sure.” Hand her one. Then say, “You need a light?”

“Yeah”, she says. I bust out a sick reverse Zippo trick for style points.

We start talking. She is fly. Mad fly. No make up on. But then again, I have a thing for Fly Cubanas.

I start walking with her as she rides her bike. She is kind of hipstered out. But still, stunningly fly. You know the type. Since it is kind of awkward talking to her while she is riding her bike, I say, “Let’s have a seat over here”.

I start rapping out in Spanish and English mixed with her and she tells me she is breaking up with her boyfriend.


I am still supposed to meet the Argentinian and the Brazilian (and I get another text), but I want to hedge my bets like only a true International Playboy does. I tell her to go home and change clothes and meet me at Sushi Samba as I have to go to a “business meeting” right now. She is down. When we part (two kisses salutation) I tell her, “Remember, high-heels and a skirt.” She replies, “I know, you don’t have to tell me.” with a pretty girl’s smile. And I haven’t seen a smile that pretty in a while. My nervous system goes haywire for a split second. A drag of nicotine sparks my synapses and mellows me.

My mind is the enigma filled with broken pictures. The spiritual International Playboy can see clearer now.

I move up Lincoln and get another text from the Argentinian. I respond back, “Almost there”.

I finally get to the Argentinian and Brazilian. They are looking dope. But everything is off. I can’t get the young Cubana out of my mind.

I split as they are both being too difficult.

I roll into Sushi Samba and lock the place down as per usual. I met a cool Argentinian kid from Cordoba at the bar and we both start spitting mad Game at all the fly girls rolling by.

I shoot a text to the Cubana:

“Buisness meeting went perfect. Come meet me at Sushi Samba to celebrate”. (Smooth text).

She responds back right away, “Yaa! Getting out of the shower. See you there soon.”

It’s on. Got to like a girl that loves your success. And Glad I hedged my bets like Kyle Bass.

When she arrives, she is a vision of youthful beauty. She looks like a Cubana Pin-Up Model (which actually happens to be her job). We enter through the side door, as I have the doorman on lock. Her her vibe goes from romantic expectation to dreamy absorption to erotic playfulness quicker than a Salsa dance in Havana.

She has shed the hipster clothes and looks stunning in high heels like all Miami girls do.

We hit it off in dope style. She digs the young-dashing-handsome-mysterious-false grinning-soft spoken-with a wild side-well dressed-millionaire-smuggler type vibe that I give off. Like all Miami girls do.

She knows the DJ and tells him to play this track, which just came out at the time:

She dances by herself for me as every guy in Sushi Samba is checking her out. I stand at the bar, smoking a grit, Custom Suited Down; the envy of every guy in Sushi Samba.

She can really dance.

We get a few more drinks and split. She gives a little resistance, but I come with the “Above is the black poison clouds, You only got one life so enjoy it now” type illmatic Futuristic Game that even top players will finally catch on to in 5-10 years. So I’m not really sweating it.

On my exit, I shake a bunch of hands; guys giving me props, and people I know.

Am I Apostle or Beast? Either way, I am Colossal on Streets.

We get to my apartment. The key goes in the door and

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


M83 ‘Midnight City’ Official video

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Vortex Zones in Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

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Vortex Zones in Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs

Click Here for A Dead Bat in Paraguay by Roosh

Roosh just had a recent post called Your Duty as a Man. This part caught my attention:

There is one spot in the bar that has your best odds for sleeping with a high number of quality girls. The way that that spot’s strengths and weaknesses combine with your strengths and weaknesses create a special zone where your game will be more effective than any other spot. It is your duty as a man to find out which spot that is and commit the time to reaping the rewards that it contains.

I have been meaning to write on the subject for years. (And although it might seem like it is some “other sh*t” it is really some “next level sh*t”.)

International Playboys refer to these “spots” that Roosh is referring to as Vortex Zones in Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs. Vortex spots are places where you can just post up Custom Suited Down and straight chop fly girls. The advantage of Vortex Points is you don’t have to walk around chasing girls; instead, you “position” yourself in an establishment and let the prey come to you.

Think of the mighty Leopard (conincidentally, the most effective hunter in the jungle, percentage-wise), he kicks back, handmade loafers up, while smoking a grit and pounces on his prey. Or waits in the weeds in the “traffic lanes” (we have discussed this before in regards to Gentleman’s Clubs) and then makes the kill. You want to do the same thing here.

Recognizing these Vortex Zones however is somewhat tricky as every spot is a little different.

Here is a little EZ guide to help you recognize these Zones:

1. One of the main “Traffic Lanes” or Vortex Points we have discussed before is from the entrance of the spot to the Bar. Or from the Bar to the Bathroom. Post and Chop accordingly.

2. Stairways inside Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs are more often than not, Vortex Points of sorts. Dig in at the top or bottom of the stairwell and enjoy the free leads. For whatever reason, fly girls are always going up and down stairs at nightlclubs. (Side note: Sometimes over-zealous bouncers hate when you do this. Grease them.)

3. On “U Shaped Bars” the Vortex Points are always the corners. These are similar to the center squares of the chess board. Control them.

4. On “L Shaped Bars” the Vortex Point is also the corner. This is akin to the “center of the ring in Boxing”. Keep everyone at the “end of your punches”, so to speak.

5. If the establishment you are in has a “resident Bean Flipper” or “resident Beek Twister”, the area where he is flipping is undoubtedly the Vortex Zone. Make sure you kick it with him and cook leads.

Once you locate these Vortex Zones, protect them like an old neighborhood street corner.

Except when you see me roll into the spot.

Because I am going to tell you to step off.

Click Here for A Dead Bat in Paraguay by Roosh

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


Leopard double kill

Stone Rollin’ – Raphael Saadiq

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How to Swoop 100 Fly Girls Per Year

» 13 January 2010 » In Game, Gentleman's Club, Girls, Style » 11 Comments

How to Swoop 100 Fly Girls Per Year

Click Here 007 Lifestyle – Living Like James Bond!

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(Here is my Facebook, New Twitter and The G Manifesto Facebook Page)

Once again, it’s the late night opium den patron, watching Exotic Dancers shaking, midsection got the 8 in, Savile Row pimping, with that International Playboy system diction, spitting the non-fiction, without contradiction, never wearing “Affliction”, till I get the crucifixion and my drug addiction causes my dereliction in every jurisdiction with benediction.

Often times, people come up to me on the streets when I am Custom Suited Down, handing out $5 bills to little kids in my neighborhood (old-school G Move) out on twenty-two Heartache Avenue and ask me, “Yo Michael, How do you swoop 100 girls per year?

Great question.

And, since I am sick of people asking me, here is how it’s done:

2 Fly Girls per week

First thing you have to realize is that swooping 100 fly girls per year, is only swooping two fly girls per week. Once you wrap your Rasoodock around it, it doesn’t seem that difficult anymore, right? Hell, these days my Game is so strong, I could probably wear off-the rack suits, be a boring non-smoker, and stand on my head and still pull it off. Initiative comes to thems that wait.

Roll out
I don’t really feel bad for most guys who don’t swoop 100 girls per year. 99 times out of 100, they simply don’t roll out at night often enough. Me? I steady go out 3 to 5 nights per week, suffering the tortures of the damned. Tortures of the damned.

I swoop fly girls, puff Heaven Haze, not just the weekends, that’s seven days.

If you don’t have that passion like Gary Vaynerchuk, it makes it very hard to Crush It.

Deniece Williams – Silly

Custom Suits, sharp as a Miyamoto Musashi’s Katanas
The next thing you need to do is dress mad sharp. Hell, I have Custom Suits in my wardrobe that if I put them on a mannequin in the middle of top tier nightclub they would swoop 50 top notch girls per year on their own.

Dressing sharp will make swooping the girls easier, obviously, but more importantly, you will have Style while you are swooping (and I don’t mean that bald Pick up Artist who wrote The Game either). It is pointless to swoop mad girls in glittery Ed Hardy shirts and suspect designer jeans with rhinestones. Because, when all is said and done, you are still wearing glitter and rhinestones.

So, wear gear that hits hard like Macho Camacho and Vargas, find your targets, and peg the market.

Pull Vicky Christina’s
If you want to swoop 100 plus girls per year, you need to take the pressure off and Pull some Vicky Christinas. Click here to read how.

The Gap Band – I Found My Baby

Las Vegas
At some point in the year, you are going to have to hit up Las Vegas. The reason? You need to roll thru a place where you can go “Murder Machine” and swoop like five girls in a night. There is no place is easier to swoop five girls in a night than Las Vegas. Most times when I do this, I just keep my door to my Salon Suite at Wynn propped open. Otherwise, I am struggling with that damn room key all night. Lately, I have been considering asking Steve Wynn to put in a revolving door for me.

Swooping five girls in a night just makes your life a lot easier, like some of the tips in Tim Ferris’s The Four Hour Work Week. Maybe I should write a book titled, “The Five Fly Girls Swoop Night”.


Also, did I mention I am Beyond Undefeated in Las Vegas?

Minnie Ripperton (Inside My Love) – Proof That Angels on Earth do exist.

Stick and Move like a Young Muhammad Ali
You are going to have to move cities often and stay nimble, like your humble author, if you want to swoop 100 fly girls per year. Many American cities can get cooked pretty quickly. And, forget it if you are hitting up a town. Hell, I can cook a place like Laguna Beach in just a few weeks and have every guy in the town wanting my blood spilled. Do like Muhammad Ali and I do: Stick and Move.

Gentleman’s club
Little known fact: The one who controls the top Gentleman’s Clubs in each city is usually the top Playboy in each city. (Unless, of course, the guy who controls the Gentleman’s Club works at the Gentleman’s Club.)

The reason? The top G at the top The Gentleman’s Club swoops fly girls on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. These are nights that most run of the mill “players” stay in. Most weeks, I will have three or four girls already swooped by weekend time.

Then I can focus on the real important things in Life on the weekend like: huff cigarettes, watch Hagler VS Hearns and Gatti VS Ward for the millionth time, kick back, relax, lamp, give back to the people, get fitted for Custom Suits, help with International Disasters, scheme on new Heist ops, count money rolls till my money counter malfunctions, and swoop more fly girls. The rest of my time I just squander.

Un-Pick up Girls
When you swoop 100 fly girls per year, you can’t have girls play you close like Nutella plays toast. You have to learn how to Un-Pick up Girls.

I am actually working on this new futuristic Game Technique, that is wrapped so tight that the drug dogs can’t smell it, where you swoop a girl and Un-swoop her almost simultaneously.

The whole relationship with the girl gets caught in a time space continuum and the swoop frames are incredibly collapsed. Real post-apocalypse type stuff with a new twist. So dope that even Alicia Keys won’t be telling my secrets.

It’s so innovative that the world might start spinning the other direction. Creating a whole new market like G Manifesto Hall of Fame Member, Marc “The King of Oil” Rich.

I will un-wrap it, break it down and bag it up when I conclude my research. Baggies and Blue Tops, Purple Tops, Red Tops, Push Drops. (Trust it will be Puro, un-cut raw, and no Arm and Hammer.) You won’t be able to feel your face.

Sometimes, I feel like I am the Jonas Salk/ José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha of this Game Sh*t.

Side note:

Teddy Pendergrass, Rest in Peace. Huge loss, and true G.

I floated some CASH to Haiti. If you want to do the same, Click Here for The Red Cross. A huge part of being a G is helping those in need.

And treat every fly girl you swoop like a lady.

Click Here to Download The G Manifesto’s Free Gentleman’s Club Report (pdf)

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life

Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World’s Best Market

The Temptations – Treat Her Like A Lady

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