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Don’t let it go to your head, Young G

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Don’t let it go to your head, Young G

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So, you have been reading The G Manifesto for a couple of years.

Things are going well:

• You have been flipping bricks.

• You got an ill crew of Cycos.

• You are Pulling Vicky Cristina’s like they are going out of style.

• Your suit collection is illmatic and you have a trip planned to Savile Row.

Southern California Girls on Tuesday, Nightlife Princesses on Wednesday, Exotic Dancers on Thursday and Platinum Diggers over the weekend at The Del Mar Racetrack.

• How much better can it get? You got the leather and the wood kit all up in the whip.

• You are defeating the DJ, and brushing aside the male model, and the Plastic Surgeon.

• You even KO’ed a Ed Hardy wearing Reality TV star in front of one of Brent Bolthouse’s wack clubs.

• You walk around with a G in your pocket at all times and got the Dunhill lighter for mad smokes.

• Every silicone dream in Las Vegas all of a sudden thinks you are handsome.

• You are starting to make payoffs. And the older crews are giving you mad props.

• You and Standing Over your rivals.

• You collecting dough, for sho as you sip the Mo, and you are hitting the ho you never hit befo’.

• Hell, you even planned a Art Heist for three months and pulled it off.

• You have bags filled with jewelry stashed in the kitchen.

• You have a bowl of coke next to the bed.

• You are treated like a movie star with muscle. You have it all.

• You have no worries.

• You are invincible.

You have arrived.

Now is exactly the time to worry Young G:

• This is when the drug use starts taking over.

• This is when you start getting sloppy, and forget to take the drugs and heaters out of the car.

• This is when one of your crew gets popped and might flip (usually it’s the one who should have never been in your crew).

• This is when the Feds have you on their radar.

• This is when real gangsters and Jackals smell blood.

• This is when the real Standover men introduce themselves to you.

• This is when you lose a load and the older G’s aren’t so friendly anymore.

• This is when it is time to travel.


One swoop doesn’t make you the shit
Stay true to who you are don’t never forget
Keep your feet on solid ground
Cause what goes up, must come down

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