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Blueprint for a Perfect Thursday Night in Montreal

» 18 March 2013 » In Game, Guide, Nightlife, Travel » 3 Comments

Blueprint for a Perfect Thursday Night in Montreal

After 4 months in Montreal, I perfected a Blueprint for a Perfect Thursday Night in Montreal.

Here it is:

1. Go through some Nightlife Preparation.

2. Hit up New City Gas. Like I said before, I am rarely impressed by nightlife venues anymore. New City Gas impressed me. Make sure you get there early, which is something not exactly easy for me to do. This place is mad packed with fly Montreal girls dress up real fly. Spit some Game at this spot and get a couple of girls to meet you at:

3. L’Atelier d’Argentine. This place is mad fly on Thursdays. Fly hostesses, fly girls inside and dope Argentinian food. How can you go wrong? The place also has two bars to sit, eat, post and chop.

4. Cavalli. Next, hit up Cavalli. Thursday nights are their best nights.

5. If you can’t make it happen at any of the above three spots, your problems don’t end there. (No shame, I had nights where I bricked at all three). My advice if you still need to swoop? Hit up the Strip Clubs. Or a little Street Game.

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Montreal: Bars and Nightclubs Data Sheet Updated

» 12 December 2012 » In G Manifesto, Guide, Luxury, Nightlife, Travel » 18 Comments

Montreal: Bars and Nightclubs Data Sheet Updated

On my first trip to Montreal, I wrote up a Montreal, Canada: Nightclub and Restaurant Data Sheets. Look at this as an update after spending 4 months in Montreal this summer. Again, this is easily the best info you will find out there. When I was in Montreal, a lot of the stuff you will find on the Internet actually steered me wrong. But I am here for you, keeping in underground for you and ripping the lid off the wack info that is out there, Oh my brothers.

I hope you guys appreciate this, hell, I would have given someone 10k in a brown paper bag if they would have given me this Data Sheet before I arrived in Montreal.

Wood 35 – This place gets a lot of high marks from people. I think it sucks. I actually called it “Brick 35”. It is unfortunate because “on paper” it seems it would be good. There are fly girls, but the set up is atrocious. All these standing tables make the place too “static”. No Vortex Zones. No “swirl”. One of these days, I am going to have to jump back into the Nightclub Game, this time as an owner or investor and show everyone what time it is. I guarantee I would be the top Nightclub Owner in the world in 6 months. I am not trying to brag or boast, the competition is just that wack.

New City Gas – As you know, I don’t get impressed by nightlife venues very often. Last year I was impressed by Andres Carne de Res in Bogota, Colombia. Well, New City Gas impressed the hell out of me. Thursday nights are pretty damn mindboggling on the outside terrace. The place holds mad fly classy girls. It is almost hard to deal with. The only problem is you have to get there kind of early for happy hour, and as you know, The G doesn’t do happy hour. That sh*t is for corporate stiffs, not International Playboys. Still, this place is as ill as a convict that kills for “phone time”.

Santos – This is another place heavily hyped by people on the Internet. It pretty much sucks. I went here a bunch of times because I lived pretty close, but it never really holds top quality girls, has a lot of guy and a lot of tourists f*cks. Overrated. This place comes weak like FEMA during Katrina.

Buonanotte – Buonanotte is a super well known high-end nightlife fixture. Many people go bonkers about it. I think its ok. It often gets super crowded and hard to operate. Fly girls though. Douchebag turf. I had the bouncers on lock, so it was easy for me to pop in and out. I often popped out. And when I say that, I am not talking about how Jon Roberts talked about the correct way to gut someone so their intestines popping out like “Jiffy Pop” in American Desperado, either.

Koko – Now this place is mad fresh. The outside terrace is unbeatable. I had this whole place on lock. I was destroying this place in June so bad that I was contemplating building a conveyor belt from the terrace to my bedroom in my crib to shuttle fly girls. But then at the end of June/early July, they closed the terrace. I think for noise reasons or something. I never really got a straight answer. Which really sucked because I was gutting this place on a nightly basis. It still remained a great spot the rest of the summer, but nothing like June. After the terrace closed, I used it more to take girls as I had the bouncers on lock and I could roll in at any time even with huge lines. And I don’t mean Beaks, either. Place has some Underworld figures hanging out. So I fit just right in. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Tokyo – Another place that is heavily hyped on the Internet. I stayed away for a while because outside of The G Manifesto, the info you get on the Internet sucks. It is almost a “reverse barometer”. But my curiosity got the best of me and I stepped in one night. I stepped out soon after. F*ck this place, yo.

Philemon – I used Philemon many times. People love it. I thought it was decent and functional. Not a great place to meet girls but a good place to take them. Upperclass crowd. Usually more guys than girls. Good staff that always took care of all my needs. Probably could have swooped a few of the girls that worked there, but I was clocking a bunch of girls out of there, and didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak.

Bar Blizzarts – This place has been around for a long time, but I didn’t really feel it. It is quite possible I went on the wrong nights, but I walked by many times and didn’t seem to have any real punch.

Bar Korova – Another hyped place. It sucks. Wack spot. Wack people. F*ck this place too, yo.

Rosalie – Now this place is dope. Wednesdays are sick. Almost too much of a good thing though. This was where I took a loss to George St. Pierre. I like Saturdays more. More chill, but still fly girls. Easier to operate. And swoop. You know how I gets down.

Macaroni – Didn’t feel this place. Nice terrace, but not holding fly girls.

Time Supperclub – This place is pretty fresh. Swooped some real fly girls out of this joint. It is a higher end crowd, although the first time I went (during Montreal Grand Prix), I saw a girl kick another girl. Like a full on “high kick”. Trippy. This place kind of has a “local crew” that kind of operates out of here with some Underworld aspect to it too. Tread lightly as I think beefs could be easy to come by.

B-side – Hipster joint. Whatever.

Muzique nightclub – I stepped in here once I think. Nothing special.

Ivy nightclub – Skip it.

Le Salon Daomé – Never went, but wanted too.

Wunderbar – In W hotel. I historically hate fake boutique hotels like The W, and my hatred for them is well documented, but this place is ok. Super fun during Grand Prix for private party. Other than that, didn’t utilize too much.

Hotel del la Montage – Rooftop bar. Cool place to take a girl. Other than that, not really dope.

Laika – Airball.

Burgundy Lion – Pub with a strong reputation. A girl took me here one time on the way back from a dope sushi meal. It’s ok. I never went after. Is right across from Joe Beef, so you could package the move if you want.

House Nightclub – I have this place in my notes but for the life of me can’t remember anything about it. Must have sucked.

Club 1234 – Never went in, but did meet some fly 18 year olds in front of it while they were waiting for some guys. They were mad fly. Younger girl spot I think.

Velvet – in Old Port. Pretty loose. In cave-like downstairs. You can meet girls here, but there was something about the place that didn’t vibe with me. Guys were kind of dorks. Maybe I don’t like caves.

L’ confessional – Plays dope music. Crowded and small but pretty dope. Good place to take a girl after a grind in Old Port and then rachet it up a notch on the road to “swoop land”.

Taverne St. Sacrement – The owner is cool as f*ck. Although he tries to get me super wasted and throw my Game off. Good food too.

Cavalli – I have a love/hate with Cavalli (and I don’t mean that place Love-Hate in Miami Beach, either). I loved it on my first trip so I went here many times last summer. Overall, I think the place is overrated. The DJ sucks. Hard to really “lock and load”. The staff is nice though and there are fly girls. Lot’s of dorks. There are supposedly some “working girls” here, but I never noticed any or was ever solicited. Keep in mind that I always heard there were “working girls” in Cavalli from civilian girls, so the info is highly suspect.

Hotel Le St-James – Real high-end, oh my brothers. Classy. Smooth. Good place for a strong cocktail. The prices keep out the riff-raff.

St. Paul Hotel– Hambar. The first time I went to Montreal, they had an old-school classy bar that I thought I was going to utilize a lot. They revampted it into a more modern bar. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I preferred it old-school. Still, a good spot to take a girl. All the girls that worked there loved me so I can’t hate.

Baldwin – One of these “cocktail mixologist” type bars. Real popular. Better during the week to bring a girl. I did swoop a Model girl out of here though. Weekends I never really went, although one time I walked by in early September, and there were like 20 guys in line. I shouldn’t have to tell you I “walked on by” like Isaac Hayes. There are some real good restaurants on the same block or two so this is a real good package move. I will bust out those restaurants in my coming soon Montreal Restaurant Data Sheets.

Globe – Heavily hyped, but not bad. Some real fly girls. Good to package with Koko, as in come here before going to Koko. Never ate here. I don’t like eating at super trendy spots.

La Porte Rouge – Hipster bar.

Circus – After hours. I went here a few times. There are some fly girls. It gets deep quick here though. You can pretty easily score drugs here. Although I wouldn’t know anything about that. Probably better to take two girls here that are real live wires. And then take them back to your crib.

Bily kun – Famous. Overrated.

Diable Vert – Supposed to be good. It sucks.

Candi Bar – Supposed to be good. It sucks. Did an “about-face” before I could by a drink.

UN Nightclub – Somehow I never made it in here even though it was close to my crib. It is open weird nights so make sure you check that before you go. I saw some fly girls roll in though.

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Riga, Latvia: Nightclub Data Sheets

» 23 November 2010 » In Guide » 5 Comments

Riga, Latvia: Nightclub Data Sheets

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Here is the info you can’t find anywhere else (I really wish someone else had written this before I went). I will break down the main Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants in Riga, Latvia. Following this guide will prevent you from many scams and potential beatdowns. Trust me, I made almost every mistake in the book in Riga, Latvia. And yes, I do accept thank you cards.

I Love You Bar: The place was pretty heavily hyped to me by people before I went to Riga, Latvia. In my opinion, the place is pretty weesh. Every time I walked by the spot, it was dead. And I checked the place out on Friday, Saturday and some weeknights. It’s possible that this place is mindblowing at 3:30am on a Tuesday or something and I missed it, but I highly doubt it.

La Belle Époque: This place was heavily hyped also. La Belle Époque is a pretty cheap college bar, but it’s pretty wack. I would skip it unless you want a cheap beer. Minimal girls.

Skyline Bar: This is one of the supposed “crown jewels” of Riga Nightlife. Higher end scene, sweeping views of the city etc etc etc. I thought the place sucked. Mostly UK tourist fools. Expensive. Not worth it, except for the view. Which is not unusual for places known for the view.

Essential: This is the main dance club in Riga. There are a lot of fly girls here although I only stayed a few minutes (I was with a fly girl from Riga, and she wanted to stop by to see her friend). I can’t really speak on the place, but there are horror stories about rip-offs in this place.

Push: Another big club similar to Essential. I never went.

Babylon: This place has “scam” written all over it. Even from the outside. Steer clear.

Scandal: This place is dope. Decent DJ, smoking room upstairs with a second DJ, high energy and tons of fly girls.

Kalku Varti: Dope spot that kind of gets rolling late night. Definitely worth checking. No scams here.

A13: Can be a scam joint, I think, although I was never scammed here. Enter at your own risk.

Shot Bar: Heavy scam spot. Fly girls. You make the call.

Cuba Cafe: Dope spot to start off the night. Good intel from the bartender girls.

Celsjus: Younger crowd, fly girls, and possible beefs with large Russian cats. Fun spot.

Studio 69: Another big club in the Essential and Push vein. I never checked it. Only Friday’s and Saturday’s I think.

Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta: Pretty dope spot, all locals. Cheap club that lacks a little punch. Downstairs is open on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Blow Style: Greatest name ever for a bar/clip joint. Never rolled in, but I contemplated stepping in and getting scammed just because the name is so dope.

Guaja: Tiny cafe good for a little grind session or a double espresso.

Black Magic Bar: Place that is Black Balsam Bonkers. Seemed kind of touristy so I never stepped foot.

Milk: Local spot outside the old city. They typically don’t let tourists in. This rule did not apply to your humble author. Good on Wednesday’s.

Carpe Diem: Good restaurant for an upscale grind.

Restaurant Bergs: Located in the Hotel Bergs, this place is dope. Kaspars Jansons, who I am told is one of the hottest chefs in the Baltics, man’s the stove. It was also designed by Latvian architect Zaiga Gaile, who I am told is one of the hottest architects in the Baltics. And I went here with one of the hottest girls in the Baltics so it all worked out for me.

Fabrikas: Stoney spot on the other side of the Daugava.

Macaroni Noodle Bar: Sushi spot that a lot of Latvian girls hyped to me. Riga girls love sushi. I didn’t step to any sushi in Riga though.

Dada Restaurant: Good mid-day grind spot.

Lido: Good Latvian food.

Steakhaus: Overpriced Latvian take on a Texas steakhouse. Real weird. Not bad for a cocktail with a couple of fly Latvian girls though.

Double Coffee: Multiple locations that doesn’t only serve coffee. Decent, not great grinds. Had some fly Russian girls step to me in this place, so I can’t hate it.

That is all I can remember off the top of the dome piece (I know I am forgetting a ton of spots, mostly because I don’t speak Russian or Latvian too well, so it was hard for me to remember the names). If you have any questions about some other spots, leave a comment and it might joggle my memory cord.

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