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Southern California 7-11 Beach Town Swoop Game

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Southern California 7-11 Swoop Game

When you are a young up and coming G on a Budget in Southern California Beach Towns you need to focus on four places to swoop fly girls:

1. House Parties (although the California Police State has cracked down on these heavily since the “bad old days”, rendering them almost insignificant.)

2. The Beach (Although, I am not talking Topless Beaches here.)

3. Taco Shops (Click Link for the full breakdown)

4. The 7-11

7-11’s hold mad fly girls regardless of the beach town in Southern California. Every girl rolls by at some point in the night.

Here is how to run younger G swoop Game at the 7-11:

Post and Chop

Swooping fly girls at the 7-11, is just like mountain climbing: you have to put your time in.

What my old school crew and I would do is park the drop top Cadillac at our local 7-11 and just post up. Thankfully, there was a bar next door to our local 7-11 so girls would always come out of the bar to buy smokes or some crap.

We were just like crocodiles in wait for zebras, girls would come up and we would bite like the crocs do in The Gremeti River, Serengeti, Tanzania. “Crocodile Game” if you will.

Chronic Smokes and 40oz Dreams

In between girls rolling up, my crew and I would just chill, take monster hits of Chronic and take huge pulls of well concealed 40 oz bottles.

You would be surprised how many fly rich beach girls would open us with, “Do you have any more weed?”

Game on. Then we would just transform into the Original Game Spitta.

It amazes me how you hardly ever see young G’s chilling out in the open smoking Chronic and Drinking Malt Liquor any more. I really don’t know what is wrong with kids these days. Maybe it’s the video games. Maybe it’s Facebook. Who really knows?

Either way, if I saw kids posting, smoking and drinking at a 7-11 today, I would probably throw them on the pay roll and mold them for the future.

We can always use more International Playboys of The Apocalypse.

Anyways, I am starting to confuse myself.

Before I get too off track, here is a little story from back in the day when fly girls hit me on the Pager like my name was Stojaković to explain how it’s done:

I was chilling with my clicka at our local 7-11 smoking Chronic and drinking St. Ides when we saw a super fly girl get into an argument with her boyfriend outside the bar next door. It got pretty heated and the guy walked away in a huff.

The girl was older (about 27-28 I am guessing) and a mad fly blonde girl. Dressed to the nines.

The super fly girl rolled up to the 7-11 and she walked right past us and ignored my advances.

My homeboys were heckling me because I blew it. Or so they thought.

I just leaned back against the Cadillac and re-sparked up another Chronic Roach.

When she came back out of the 7-11, mashing a pack of cigarettes, she used The Greatest Opener of All Time on me.

“Do you have a light?”, she said.

“Sure”, I replied while clacking my Zippo.

I could tell she was pretty heated from the argument with the guy earlier, but she had a very seductive and enchanting look in her eyes.

As I killed my Chronic Jay, she asked me with dilated pupils, “Do you have any more weed, I could really use some right now”.

Although we were all holding Chron (as always), I replied half jokingly since she dissed me earlier, “I do, but it is at my crib close by.”.

I thought she was going to laugh and diss me again, (keep in mind this girl was hotter than Venice Beach asphalt in summertime in a long form fitting dress and high heels) but she said, “Let’s go. Your driving.” and threw me her keys.

I looked at the keys: Porsche

Smooth. (And not one of those lame ones. A legit one. Payed for by her boyfriend no doubt).

I grabbed her hand and I replied, “Let’s roll” and started walking away while giving a wink to my crew who all were flabbergasted.

We rolled to the G-Spot, for a smoke session and swoop session. Illmatic.

Still maybe the best blower of my life. (And not to sound cocky or anything, but she has long competition to be measured up against, so to speak).

She needed me to drop her and her ride off, so we split.

As we pulled out of my block, I passed my friends rolling back from the 7-11 and gave them a loud honk as they gave me the “jealousy finger”.

We rolled a few miles into the sickest houses in the hood by the beach. I am talking don’t even step unless you have $3 mill min. (And that was in those days, nowadays, some go for $25 mill an up, of course).

We pulled up to a super sick crib and she said, “This is it…”

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California Game VS Florida Game for International Playboys

» 31 August 2011 » In Dope, G Manifesto, Game, Girls, Guide, Nightlife, People, Travel » 13 Comments

California Game VS Florida Game for International Playboys

One thing I have noticed during my life, in “The Life” is that many Playboys from California rarely go to Florida and most Florida Playboys I know rarely if ever go to California.

I am not sure why this is; however I have noticed that usually when California Playboys go to Florida they usually don’t do too well and vice versa. California players get blindsided by the late nights and lack the multi-lingual Game that is necessary in South Florida. And most Florida players are stylistically “off” when on the Wessyde and they have logistical troubles when they try to close in Southern California.

However, you already know that your humble author has swooped mad fly girls from Prospect Street in La Jolla to Prospect Ave in the Bronx. And I have peeled fly girls from the Calles of “Los” all the way to The East Coast. And I have swooped Nightlife Princesses from Hells Kitchen to Hollywood. And I have pegged the market on fly model girls from Melrose Ave in Los Angeles to Meridian Ave in South Beach.

So I know what I am talking about.

I estimate there are maybe 10 guys in the world can run heavy Game in both California and Florida. And I am 3 of them. And I probably know the other 7 personally.

So, being that I am the most qualified guy out there to write this comparison Data Sheet, here it goes:

(Side Note: for purposes of this Data Sheet, when I refer to “California”, I am really referring to the Southern California Mega-Plex ie Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. And when I am referring to “Florida” I really mean South Florida ie Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Miami. San Francisco is its own animal and I don’t do North Florida.)


There is no doubt that Southern California and South Florida both have mad fly girls. Actually, both places serve up some of the best quality in our rapidly deteriorating country. Generally speaking, the comparison is pretty much a wash because superiority is more determined by the individual International Playboy’s taste. Personally, the Latinas of South Florida get the nod from me. Also, I give a big edge to South Florida in terms of approachability. South Florida girls always leave the door open. They are also comparatively more open to fun. (California girls are not slouches in this department either). I attribute this to the warmer weather, humidity and Latin influence.

Granted, I swoop the top girls in both spots, but it seems like I have to work a little harder to get the same results in California.

Girls Edge: South Florida


It’s kind of funny to compare Southern California and South Florida in terms of competition from other players. It seems like you see the exact type of guy in both places, only in Florida, it is usually a lower budget version of the same guy you will see in California and there are less of them.

For instance, you might see that idiot with a goatee and sleeve tattoos in Newport Beach and see that same idiot in Fort Lauderdale only he will be a cut rate version of the Newport Beach guy. Or you might see three moronic West Coast Hipster fools in LA at the spot and see one of them in Miami. Except that the one in Miami will have less going for him. Those two “tough guys” mad dogging at the bar in San Diego? You will see the same two in Hollywood, FL but they will have less bite.

Sure, the comp can be pretty heavy from some of the Latin Playboys in Miami, but the sheer volume of girls seems to offset it.

Competition Edge: South Florida (because it’s weesher)


Florida gets the edge with way more of a surplus of hot girls to smooth cats. California is pretty comp heavy. The only places in California where you get good ratio’s are events like Grammy parties, Oscar gigs, special parties and the like. In Florida, you get more girls than guys even if you walk in cold to a boutique hotel bar.

Ratio Edge: South Florida

Nightlife vibe

Surprisingly, to most people, South Florida has a way more laid back nightlife vibe. More freedom and less rules. Southern California has all but become a police state with its open container laws, anti-smoking laws and last call laws. Plenty of drugs in both, although it seems easier to cop drugs cold in South Florida than Southern California.

Just because Dr. Dre once said, “California, knows how to party”, doesn’t really hold water in real life. (Keep in mind, Dr. Dre also said, “I still express, yo, I don’t smoke weed or cess” and then came out with an album called “The Chronic”. So his credibility is highly questioned.)

Nightlife Vibe Edge: South Florida


Girls have good style in both. Again, however, the Latinas in Miami tilt the favor to South Florida as they are in non-stop high heels and skirts and dresses. And the Russian girls and Models push it over the top. California comes off a little weesh with girls wearing too many flip-flops, Ugg Boots and sweatpants. Too much West Coast Hipster crap as well (which has really been gaining tons of speed in the last 16 months).

South Florida also gets a huge edge at the beach. Girls just flow bikinis in South Florida. Girls in California bust too much of that “girl board short” crap. And they cover up real quick. South Florida girls just roll in their bikinis. They go topless as well. Which is huge in my book.

Then again, I really like topless girls.

Guys have terrible style in both. But who cares about guys?

Stylistic Edge: South Florida

User Friendliness

Travel times can be devastating in Southern California. South Beach with its ease of usage gets the nod here. A top playboy in South Beach is swooping more fly girls than a top playboy in Hollywood on a day to day basis.

User Friendlyness Edge: South Florida

International Girl factor

South Florida wins this one again. In a month, in South Florida you can swoop mass amounts of Venezulanas, Colombians, Brazileras, Peruanas, Cubanas, Bulgarians, Latvians, Moldovans etc etc etc. It would take you 2 years to achieve that in Southern California.

International Girl factor Edge: South Florida

Boxing Gyms

It’s all about the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood and the 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach. I am inclined to give the edge to Wildcard, however the history of the recently re-opened 5th can’t be denied.

Boxing Gym Edge: Draw


It’s no secret that I love Gulf Stream in South Florida and I love Del Mar in San Diego. Anyone that has been reading The G Manifesto knows that I got to go with Del Mar. Plus, in Southern California you have Santa Anita and Hollywood Park.

Racetrack Edge: Southern California

International Reputation

I have said it before, and I will say it again, California is the greatest marketing scheme ever created. Saying you are from California holds more weight than a coke scale when traveling Internationally. Florida, not so much.

International Reputation Edge: California

Geographic Location for Travel

South Florida with two International Airports (FLL and MIA) and multiple countries within a three hour direct flight gets a huge edge over Southern California’s terribly set up airports. Orange County and San Diego are black holes as far as international travel.

Geographic Location for Travel Edge: South Florida

Sometimes I wonder why I base myself out of Southern California, especially considering that it is way more expensive than South Florida.

It might be time to switch up speeds like Bruce Lee riding the Fuji in the movie.

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Orange County’s Top Bachelor

» 19 December 2009 » In Game, Girls, Travel » 10 Comments

Orange County’s Top Bachelor

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I hate Orange County.

But that is neither Chronic Haze nor Rival’s Graves.

Let me tell you a little story:

A few years ago, I knew a cat that was voted Orange County’s Top Bachelor by the major weesh Orange Curtain publication. Cover shot, full color spread, article, you know, the works.

And truth be told, the guy had some Game. Smooth cat, strong swoop resume (albeit local), flipped bricks on the low, successful legitimate brick and mortar biz, fly crib in Newps, fat pocket etc.

But that is really the whole thing; just because someone has Game doesn’t mean they can go up against your humble author. I have made a career out of treating even legit “players” like Manny Pacquiao treated Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton.

Anyways, unfortunately for Orange County’s Top Bachelor, I didn’t really like him.

One night I saw his main girl (fly, rich, smart, parents with cribs on Spyglass and Lido Isle etc) at a bar in CDM.

I Cold Swooped her cold.

Had a full relationship with the girl; first kiss, first swoop, argument, got back together, and break up, all taking place in under 6 hours.

G Manifesto Tip: Always collapse time frames.

The papers the next day read: Michael Porfirio Mason KO over Orange County’s Top Bachelor.

Once Orange County’s Top Bachelor found out I swooped his girl and twisted his wig, he tried talking trash about me. I approached him like a an old-school Gentleman. He backed down.

Now, I come from the streets, the underworld and the boxing world. So my question is this:
If I defeat Orange County’s Top Bachelor, doesn’t that make me Orange County’s Top Bachelor?

Shouldn’t that crappy publication come calling to me and throw me on the cover? (I would respectfully decline, of course.)

Either way, I have one more question for “players” that go against me:

Would you rather be cremated or buried?

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Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
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