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South Beach: Lion of Lincoln Road

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South Beach: Lion of Lincoln Road

“If your trap is attractive enough, the turbulence of your enemies’ emotions and desires will blind them to reality.”Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

“Fortune pays you sometimes for the intensity of her favors by the shortness of their duration. She soon tires of carrying any one long on her shoulders.” – Baltasar Gracián (Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer), 1601-1658

After straight up detonating Fort Lauderdale with my friend who runs a Hedge Fund for a few days, I get dropped off in Miami Beach.

I feel lethal, manic, on the verge of frenzy. I am foaming at the mouth. My nose is starting to bleed. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.

I throw down my luggage in my apartment, hang my Custom Suits and I get the call:

This Super Fly Argentinian girl, who I met at Mint and haven’t swooped yet, wants me to meet her at her clothing store. She is getting off work soon. And she and her Brazilian girlfriend want to roll out with me. There are innuendos of a Ménage à trois. The evening has promise.

I jump in my steam shower for a dose of aqua-therapy. When I step out, a Custom Suit literally appears on my body. I shadow box for a bit. I am ready.

I step out and roll into the CVS on Lincoln Road to grab some chicle. I roll in the line to pay, and a Fly Blonde Russian girl on her cell phone looks at me and mouths “Hi” to me. How often does that happen when a girl is talking on the phone?

I pay for my gum and step outside and light up a grit. I am feeling invincible. I have been sparring a lot. It tends to do that to me.

The Fly Blonde Russian walks out and continues up Lincoln. I quicken the pace, and open: “Do you know which way Sushi Samba is?”, I ask her. (Of course, I know where it is, but it was the first thing that came into my mind.)

“Hi. I do. It is just up there.”, the Russian girl says pointing up Lincoln.

“Wait, my name is Michael Mason.” I say and give her a “two-kisses” greeting. I spit some Street Game and Number Crunch, as I am supposed to meet the Argentinian and Brazilian girls.

Game is on though.

I keep heading up Lincoln and get a text from the Argentinian:

“Are you coming?”

I jump up on the planters of Lincoln Road with Undefeated Gucci Loafers on and yell to no one in particular, “I am Young, I’m Handsome, I’m Fast, I’m Pretty and Can’t possibly be beat!”

Most people ignore me, but some tourists look at me strange. I have a fleeting thought and quickly dismiss them as from Red States.

I need to settle down though and light another smoke. I am checking my phone and smoking, when a Fly Cubana Girl rolls up on a bicicletta. (She is 21 years old.)

She asks me for a cigarette.

Looking down at my phone, I ignore her for a few beats (real artistic), and say, “Sure.” Hand her one. Then say, “You need a light?”

“Yeah”, she says. I bust out a sick reverse Zippo trick for style points.

We start talking. She is fly. Mad fly. No make up on. But then again, I have a thing for Fly Cubanas.

I start walking with her as she rides her bike. She is kind of hipstered out. But still, stunningly fly. You know the type. Since it is kind of awkward talking to her while she is riding her bike, I say, “Let’s have a seat over here”.

I start rapping out in Spanish and English mixed with her and she tells me she is breaking up with her boyfriend.


I am still supposed to meet the Argentinian and the Brazilian (and I get another text), but I want to hedge my bets like only a true International Playboy does. I tell her to go home and change clothes and meet me at Sushi Samba as I have to go to a “business meeting” right now. She is down. When we part (two kisses salutation) I tell her, “Remember, high-heels and a skirt.” She replies, “I know, you don’t have to tell me.” with a pretty girl’s smile. And I haven’t seen a smile that pretty in a while. My nervous system goes haywire for a split second. A drag of nicotine sparks my synapses and mellows me.

My mind is the enigma filled with broken pictures. The spiritual International Playboy can see clearer now.

I move up Lincoln and get another text from the Argentinian. I respond back, “Almost there”.

I finally get to the Argentinian and Brazilian. They are looking dope. But everything is off. I can’t get the young Cubana out of my mind.

I split as they are both being too difficult.

I roll into Sushi Samba and lock the place down as per usual. I met a cool Argentinian kid from Cordoba at the bar and we both start spitting mad Game at all the fly girls rolling by.

I shoot a text to the Cubana:

“Buisness meeting went perfect. Come meet me at Sushi Samba to celebrate”. (Smooth text).

She responds back right away, “Yaa! Getting out of the shower. See you there soon.”

It’s on. Got to like a girl that loves your success. And Glad I hedged my bets like Kyle Bass.

When she arrives, she is a vision of youthful beauty. She looks like a Cubana Pin-Up Model (which actually happens to be her job). We enter through the side door, as I have the doorman on lock. Her her vibe goes from romantic expectation to dreamy absorption to erotic playfulness quicker than a Salsa dance in Havana.

She has shed the hipster clothes and looks stunning in high heels like all Miami girls do.

We hit it off in dope style. She digs the young-dashing-handsome-mysterious-false grinning-soft spoken-with a wild side-well dressed-millionaire-smuggler type vibe that I give off. Like all Miami girls do.

She knows the DJ and tells him to play this track, which just came out at the time:

She dances by herself for me as every guy in Sushi Samba is checking her out. I stand at the bar, smoking a grit, Custom Suited Down; the envy of every guy in Sushi Samba.

She can really dance.

We get a few more drinks and split. She gives a little resistance, but I come with the “Above is the black poison clouds, You only got one life so enjoy it now” type illmatic Futuristic Game that even top players will finally catch on to in 5-10 years. So I’m not really sweating it.

On my exit, I shake a bunch of hands; guys giving me props, and people I know.

Am I Apostle or Beast? Either way, I am Colossal on Streets.

We get to my apartment. The key goes in the door and

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The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
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AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
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M83 ‘Midnight City’ Official video

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Montreal: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part I

» 30 January 2012 » In Game, Girls, Nightlife, Style, Travel » 4 Comments

Montreal: A Case of Mistaken Identity Part I

As you all know, I was recently in Montreal.

I really loved the place, and Montreal holds a significant place in my future.

However, when I was there, a curious thing happened:

The first night I rolled out, Custom Suited Down, Going for Dolo, I stepped into Cavalli for a cocktails and a little grind session.

The fly bartender girl greeted me with a huge smile and a “Hello again! Great to see you, how have you been?”

Which kind of seemed strange, but I didn’t think much of it, beyond the fact that people in Montreal as nice as hell.

Then a little later, when I went outside for a cancer stick, I started talking to a fly Russian girl who was also smoking.

We rapped out a while, and she asked me my name.

“Michael Mason”, I answered.

She replied, “Oh yeah, we have met before.” and showed her dental work.

I was positive we had never met before, but I didn’t really correct her either.

This kind of stuff continued to happen at least once or twice a night throughout my stay in Montreal.

Upon refection on my plane ride out of Montreal, I can only deduce one thing:

There has to be some extremely handsome, charming, dashing, sharped dressed cat in Montreal who happens to look exactly like me rolling around there.

I am guessing he has to be a club promoter or some other “man about town” by the way everyone seemed to know “him”.


But I guess that is just another reason to like Montreal.

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Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
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Yuna – Someone Out of Town

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Montreal, Canada: Nightclub and Restaurant Data Sheets

» 26 December 2011 » In Dope, Game, Girls, Guide, Nightlife, Travel » 10 Comments

Montreal, Canada: Nightclub and Restaurant Data Sheets

Back in September I went to Montreal for the first time. You could say I am in the middle of a love affair with that city to say the least. Although my love affair will be put on hold till summer.

Here are some spots to hit up like an Everlast punching bag:

Cavalli – 2040 Peel
Good spot to swoop fly girls at, get there on the earlier side of things. Straight murdered this joint.

Wood– 3500 St. Laurent
Worth checking.

Wunderbar – 901 Square Victoria
In the W Hotel. Not bad, even though I historically speaking hate W Hotels. Upstairs lobby bar is a better move for an early night smooth cocktail.

Restaurant Holder – 407 McGill St
Fresh spot in Old Montreal.

Toqué! Restaurant – 900, Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle
Mindblowing food. Maybe 2nd best restaurant I ate all year.

Au Pied de Cochon – 536 Avenue Duluth
Mindblowing Foie Gras go off. Foie Gras to the brain.

Cherry – 417 Rue Saint Pierre
Dope nightclub. Very friendly girls to say the least. Real good move on a Thursday night. Door might be slightly tricky for the less connected.

Buona Notte – 3518 St. Laurent
Worth a look-see.

Ferreira Café -1446 Rue Peel
Portuguese Restaurant

Muzique – 3781 St. Laurent
Nightclub. Once had a “NO FAT GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!” party. Source

Ivy – 3556 St-Laurent

MACARONI BAR – 4448 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Never went but could be worth a shot.

Radio Lounge -3553 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Tokyo Bar – 3709 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le LocaL – 740 Rue William Montreal
Dope restaurant. Fly girls.

Hotel St. Paul – 355 Rue McGill
Dope Hotel bar. Smooth meeting spot. Functional.

Bar Confessional – 431 McGill St

Circus – 915 Saint Catherine
Late night spot. Could be a good option in a pinch. Never went.

Tonic Club Lounge – 2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Club Wandas -1310 Boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest
Gentlman’s Club. 1-0 with 1KO here.

Other spots to consider:

Med Café

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Peep Bourdain’s new episode on The Layover on Montreal:

“This is a great country because of this city. Without Montreal, Canada would be hopeless. It’s where the cool kids hang.” – Anthony Bourdain

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


Au Revoir Simone Shadows Music Video

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Undefeated Zippo Lighters

» 27 November 2011 » In Dope, G Manifesto, Gentleman's Club, Girls, Guide, Luxury, Nightlife, Style » 8 Comments

Undefeated Zippo Lighters

A while back we talked about Undefeated Gucci Loafers. Today we are going to talk about what any G worth his salt has: Undefeated Zippo Lighters.

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Zippo lighters.


Great question.

Well, first off they are American Made since 1932. And even though the government and the TSA have tried to destroy a great American company, the company still stands. (Make sure you check out Travel: Zippo Lighter Travel OtterBox Waterproof Case ).

Secondly, they are guaranteed for life.

Thirdly, they make you look even more smooth when you smoke.

And Fourthly, they make that distinct “ping” noise when you open and shut them which is known to put girls under the ether.

Anyways, recently I purchased two new Zippos:

Click Here for Zippo 20903 Gold Floral Flush Lighter Great American Made

And this one because it is kind of obnoxious:

Click Here for Zippo Dancer Pocket Lighter

Pretty smooth.

With the Gold Floral Flush Zippo Lighter, I went 2-0 with 2 KO’s in Montreal, and 1-0 with 1 KO in NYC.

So all in all, the lighter is 3-0 with 3 KO’s.

Keep in mind, I have swooped girls on other nights with this lighter, but these are “fresh swoops”. I am not trying to “pad the record”, so to speak.

With the Zippo Dancer Pocket Lighter, I went 1-0 in NYC, and 1-0 in Los Angeles.

So the Exotic Dancer Zippo’s record stands at a respectable 2-0, with 2 KO’s.

Pretty remarkable actually.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t even used the Exotic Dancer lighter in a Gentleman’s Club. Yet.

But I am pretty sure it will work well.

Hell, if I had known how good these Zippo’s were going to work, I would have paid double.

Actually, make that triple.

But no need to bite my steez, there are plenty of dope Zippo’s out there to match your Game.

Click Here for Zippo 20903 Gold Floral Flush Lighter Great American Made

Click Here for Zippo Dancer Pocket Lighter

On another note, here is the state of America:

Tough little kids.

Here is how you can help:


The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


Jim Klimek – Lighter Tricks

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San Diego Late Night Taco Shop Game

» 20 June 2011 » In Game, Girls, Guide, Nightlife, Travel » 7 Comments

San Diego Late Night Taco Shop Game

When you roll south of The Orange Curtain, there is one type of Game that regins supreme: San Diego Late Night Taco Shop Game.

In fact, because of the Police State that California has become, it is a great move to skip the Nightclubs and Bars in San Diego altogether, and just hit up The Taco Shops (The Del Mar Racetrack is of course, acceptable) late night. Especially if you are a player on a budget.

Late Night Taco Shop Game is a specific skillset and is a great Budget Game move for playboys low on scratch.

Side Note: Oftentimes, The G Manifesto is criticized for only having high-end Game moves. Sure the high-end Game moves are the best you will find anywhere, but I disagree. In fact, I challenge anyone to find a better resource for Budget Game moves than The G Manifesto. Check the archives, there are tons.

Here is what you need to do:


After the bars close, and you roll up in the candy painted drop top Impala, tripping off pisto in the cup to the Taco Shop, come with mad swagger. Chingón. Keep in mind, this is not the kind of swagger you need for Miami Beach. Think less Muhammad Ali and think more Julio Cesar Chavez:


When you see the fly girls in line waiting to get their California Burritos, place their order for them. Speak Spanish for Style Points. You need to show them you know “what up” with the taco shop Game. Alternative opener: ask them “Have you ever had an Al Pastor before?”

Then work it from there.



Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to go Custom Suited Down for Taco Shop Game. I mean, of course it works, however, you might be well advised to take off the shirt and the jacket and just roll slacks and the wife beater. This way, you won’t squirt any guac on your Custom jacket when you bite into your three rolled tacos with extra guac.


If you see some firme hynas open, make your move. Many people use Late Night Taco Shop Game as a last ditch effort, and guys get aggressive. Tons of cats start pitching Beaks and Beans at girls. Counter that aggression with aggression of your own. Surgical Mayhem, if you will.


When you are spitting top flight Taco Shop Game, you need to watch for rival crews and clickas. I could literally write volumes of stories about Taco Shop brawls I have witnessed or have been a participant.

Here is a good one from back in the day:

One evening, I was chilling at a famous Taco Shop in La Jolla, post Chronic Jay. I was keeping it real, enjoying a Carne Asada Burrito, when at the same time, a crew of three Mexicans (not Eses, think more rich TJ heads, possibly Narco Juniors) and two local guys from the LJC walked in at the same time.

I wasn’t really paying attention, but they started beefing. The La Jolla heads where getting all “locals” vibe on the Mexican cats and trying to get them to back down. Suddenly, one of the TJ cats grabbed a Carnitas Burrito and slammed it straight into the mug of the bigger of the two LJ guys. Guacamole, Salsa and Shredded Pork went flying everywhere and splattered all over the menu board.

I was pretty high, but I was quick enough to jump on the table and avoid the melee that proceeded to incorporate chips with cheese and guac, rice and beans, flying saucers, Pollo Asado, mad salsas and mad guac all over the place, not to mention punches. Two of the cats were even rolling around in the stuff of the floor and the place became a full-on messy Mex-fest.

Realizing that my only way out, and avoid carne, salsa an guac all over my clothes, I jumped from table to table and hopped out the door with the food fight/fisticuffs in full swing.

I even still had half my Carne Asada Burrito still in check. And not a drop of guac on me. Smooth.

So watch the fights when you are spitting Taco Shop Game, some of them can be way more sinister.

Side note:

The G Manifesto might be taking a new direction with these super specialized innovative Game styles. These days, I feel so far gone, that I am almost on my way back.

Click Here for The G Manifesto’s The Tijuana Report: There is a War going on Outside

Click Here for Cocaine Trafficking in Latin America

Click Here for Narcocorrido: A Journey into the Music of Drugs, Guns, and Guerrillas

Lately, I have been spending my days swooping on topless girls at the beach, so I am not really sweating all this.

The Rest is Up to You…

Michael Porfirio Mason
AKA The Peoples Champ
AKA The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
AKA The Voodoo Child
The Guide to Getting More out of Life


Mr.shadow – crazy ass mexicans

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